“35 Cards of the Apocalypse”

Valentines Day

Warm up

400m Sandbag run (70)(50)



10 reps Medball push and squat



Shuffle the deck and draw the top 35 cards….


EMOTM perform the number of reps on the card (Face cards 10/Aces 11, Joker 10 burpees)

if you cannot complete the required reps in one minute it is a miss.

Annotate misses as your score.


Hearts – Pull-ups

Diamonds – Goblet Squats

Spades – Crossfit Push-ups

Clubs – KB Swings


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Chi !!

Lisa G
Happy Birthday Lisa G!

40 Responses to ““35 Cards of the Apocalypse””

  1. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Happy Birthday Lisa and Chit!

  2. ingrid

    congrats to the winners and to all who competed.
    Happy Birthday Chit and Lisa G.May He keep you and bless you especially today.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!Give Love,Get Love,Show Love and Spread the LOve,for each one of us is loved.Have a blessed day.

  3. Chrissy

    1 miss on the last round. Couldn’t get all 20 pull ups in. Push ups on knees/26#KB

  4. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Ladies!
    (44#)..enjoyed the am workout, even the bonus’s..thanks coach Jim!

  5. dianna

    some F-U-N
    1 miss (26#) kpu, purple band
    HBD my girl Chit!
    happy day to Lisa G
    Congrats to all weekend guerillas!
    <3 ACF

  6. Silverback

    53# KB
    Nice to meet you Dennis & Peter. Keep up the good work! This stuff gets easier as time goes by…OK, not really, but you get used to the discomfort.

  7. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!!! Have A Great Day!!!!!!!
    This WOD was kind of fun but hard….
    (26#kb, kpu, 2″ band)

  8. mario c

    mario c
    0 misses! 18#KB; green band – my last pull up on the last round was mighty squirrely but G gave it to me.
    Highlights of the workout.
    While I was shuffling my way through the 400 meter sand bag run UNweighted, Chris passed me carrying 70 pounds on his back. Afterward, I asked him if next time he might be kind enough to give me the courtesy of a little longer head start, hehe!
    I used a 20# medicine ball during the med ball push and squats. Not being one to brag, that is all I’ll say about that. The performance speaks for itself, hehe!

  9. Silverback

    Chief, why did you hold back today? I’ve seen you squat while pushing down on a 450# loaded barbell many times…

  10. chrissy c

    Oh, I forgot, I used the thin white band for my pullups. And 40# on the sandbag run.
    Crap! Chief bested me again! I only used a 14# ball on my med ball push and squats. Darn! Next time!

  11. Teach

    44# – no misses
    Spirited times at 4:00 today! Had a great time with everyone 🙂

  12. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    3 miss (35#) fun run with T-Rex post WOD
    Thanks G!

  13. Khara

    1 miss, last round, ARG!!! Missed it by 4. #35.
    Good to have my girl diana back with me today!
    Happy birthday CHI and Lisa!!!
    Thanks G for all the smirks and smiles as the card was about to be flipped. 🙂

  14. The Force (Kendra)

    No misses, barely. 35, black band. Nothing like watching Billy enjoy a cold beverage while doing burpees, pushups, goblet squats, and pullups.

  15. The Force (Kendra)

    Oh, also if anyone wants a tshirt from the team competition I have a womens medium that can be yours if you want it.

  16. MLB

    53#-0 misses
    Small but good class at 6pm, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and Happy Bday ladies!!!

  17. G

    Good to see Jared & Melanie Rossi, Lloyd, Diane, Sherna and Sirun back in action!
    Chrissy, I think you fit right in with the pacemakers.
    Welcome on your first WOD with ACF Daniel G and Shawn G, our visitors from Beaufort, SC!
    Great job on the hard work by all! I actually enjoyed drawing the cards and Jim’s evil added bonus was just enough to make the 35 minutes fun!

  18. Kari

    25#sandbag,18# KB, KPU, RR
    1 miss on round 34 16/22 Goblet squats
    4pm was a class full of rock stars! Thanks for the rep reminders G!

  19. T-REX

    35#, 1 miss – last round short of 3 Pullups (I can relate Khara!). Post-wod 800m “fun run” w/ ZenJen 🙂 Kendra, my Comp M shirt is too small/short too, but I sported NEwayz