“Elevate Your Mind”


Agility Drills



5 Rounds

  Hamstring complex

  Knee to wall



10-8-6-4-3-3-3 (30 Minutes)

Front Squat

Pigeon stretch between sets



1000m run for time 


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Paul B!

36 Responses to ““Elevate Your Mind””

  1. Chrissy

    Form was better today!
    1,000 m run: 4:20

  2. Jared Meier

    Bummed thought I hit 235. Turns out not only did I not hit that mark; I cant add as well. I blame it on run made me delirious.

  3. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    95-100-105-115-120-125-135(1), 4:23
    I only got one of the 135# squats but Iā€™m choosing to look on the brighter side. My last one rep max was 125 so Iā€™m up 10 pounds in weight! YES. And I ran much better than I thought I would. The two days of rest and bathing in IcyHot were so worth it. šŸ™‚ Great sharing a bar with you, Khara! Awesome job, 9:30!!

  4. FPR

    115-120-125-130-135-140(1)-ran out of time for the last set of 3

  5. George

    115 – 135 – 145 (2) 135 (4) – 135 – 135 – 135 – 135 (3:31)

  6. Disco D Nicole

    1000 m run 5:36
    I was feeling tired today, I did not have the push today…..

  7. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    1000m run 4:30
    Great job Dawn you made it look soo easy!
    Nice pacing with you till the end Khara! Thanks for the push!
    Great work 9:30!!!!

  8. Jack Rabbit

    Thanks for the help Ramrod!

  9. Dawn

    85-105-125-145-155-160-165(1)Failed on the last set, but passed my pr of 145.
    working my way up to running the distance with the rest of the class, jogged 400 m (2:39)
    Great job 0930, thanks for the encouragement Jen, Khara and Ivanna.

  10. Khara

    My legs felt like lead during that run for whatever reason, as always, great to pace with my ZEN JEN!!
    And as always, awesome fighting the bar with you Triple B.
    Great work 0930!!

  11. chrisb

    135-155-175-185-195-205(2)-195. 4:04. Enjoyed working out with you as well C-note.

  12. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)


  13. Gina

    4:30 run
    I’ve tried 3-rep @ 160 at least 3 diff times. Glad to finally make it! Thanks Gracie for the shout outs during that last set!!

  14. The Nomad

    Thanks for the tip on the front squat, Nate. Enjoyed sharing the bar with you Ben.
    Struggled today…wasn’t at 100% today…hoping I feel better tomorrow.

  15. Ace

    Happy Birthday Paul!
    4:03 (which I thought was pretty good for just under 250 lbs…)
    Good group at 6 as usual. Thanks for the feedback Nate. It was good sharing a bar with you Easy Rider! See ya’ll next week.

  16. Steve

    4:09 minutes for 1000 m

  17. Keith Fogle

    Happy Birthday Paul!!

  18. the situation

    135-140-145-145-150-150-no more time
    run 3:48….good running Slim
    Awesome job 0930…

  19. G

    FS 10-8-6-4-3-3-3
    Thank you for the very helpful cues and push Coach Nate! Also, thanks to G2 for the push on the last set.
    3:42 for the 1000m run, I wrote 4:42 but then realized I was at El Capitan’s tail the entire time and he finished at 3:37. Definitely fast people and great energy at 5pm with HeMan as the leader of the pack. I was staring at the backs of Nomad, Bill G, TimboSlice, Old Hickory and Ben “El Capitan” the entire time….and a special mention to Joe F who flew right past some of us after the second loop. I hung on the boys’ pace for dear life that it gave my lungs that old familiar “Fran” burning sensation.
    Great group with Tammy and Kaylynn who had fast times as well!

  20. Mike B

    Didn’t get deep enough on the last rep of 185.
    Calves started cramping on me during the run so I had to stop and stretch/massage them for a moment. I was hoping for a better time, I guess there’s next time.

  21. G

    Awesome baseline tonight Craig!!! Glad you are engaging immediately via the blog! See you Thursday.
    Welcome back C-Note! So glad to see you post again!
    Good to see Will, Victor, Jared M, George C, Dawn, Jack Rabbit, Dani, Nick K, G2, Trish, Ashley O, Jo C and Gary B back in action!
    Silverback, I have never heard anybody run that fast with loud flopping foot steps before. Coach Nate and I can hear you way before we could see you around the corner and we were both wondering what the sound was. You are something else!
    Ace, nice job on the run!
    Maricel….traveling WODs are available…no excuses on your long Vegas weekend!
    B-Jules, I just read Crystal Nelson’s blog. Very nice, I’m stoked for ya!
    Alice and MasterG, can our competitors ask for your FB friendship so that they can view your Team Guerrilla Warfare albums?
    Paul B, hope you had a fun birthday!

  22. G

    Latest Newbie, Craig’s comments below was posted on last Sunday’s post.
    Did my baseline today in 5:09 Rx. Excited for the program! – from Craig Wakefield

  23. Teach

    No box today šŸ™ but managed a 3 miler this afternoon. I think my body kinda needed the flush!
    See you all later this week!

  24. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Front squats
    1000m run:
    Bloody goblet squats from yesterday!