“Colt .45”

"Colt .45" (courtesy of CrossFit I-5)


15 – 18 – 21

Pistols (alternating legs)
Over Head Squat (115/85)


*Scaled progressions will be posted on the white board

Post results to comments.


"Assisted Pull-up" with Jami Tikkanen – video [wmv] [mov]



28 Responses to ““Colt .45””

  1. SpeedyJ

    5:38(Rx)..Colt .45 was good to me this morning..loved it!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:16 (115/assist pistols)
    SPLIT SHORTS– middle of WOD 9inch rip. Major distraction..almost quit workout (modest)..spent about 2 minutes deciding how to deal with it. Impressed that I went on to finish WOD. Each time I did OHS it would rip a little more; glad shorts had built in netting/underwear.
    Great job Fam, Aida and rest of 8:30am! Congrats to Lisa on her first double unders.

  3. George

    6:30 (Rx pistols but #65 squats – too light on weight for first attempt at this exercise – will increase weight next time).

  4. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    10:49 (Plate Assisted Pistols, 65#)
    Pistols are no fun. Great job, 9:30!

  5. BJules

    Wow Colt .45, wow! You owned the WOD this morning!
    8:50(45#, plate then bench)
    Thanks for all the coaching G!

  6. Chrissy

    8:43 (40#, Pistols on box)
    Speedy J – one word – WOW!!! I think you were finished when I was starting my set of 21!!

  7. Teach

    Does this mean I get the title of Colt .45 from Janet?? 🙂
    Great job 4:00 group!
    Jen C – way to fight for that heavy weight!
    Fun battling Silverback and T.I. today!!!

  8. FPR

    Beth, you’re a beast too!! Damn!!
    I’m a little jealous..haha

  9. Speedy J

    Colt .45 is yours Beth!! We need to battle this out one day, under 5 min…good job! You probably hit all those overhead squats unbroken – easily!

  10. Kaylynn

    17:06 (bench pistols/35#–15#last set)… 🙁
    Overhead squats are my nemesis! Thanks for helping me get thru it Teach!

  11. Ramrod

    Fell down like 3 times on the pistols trying to compete with speedy and FPR’s times. That wasn’t happening though. Good job ladies. And congrats to Lisa for getting double unders today!

  12. Babs

    5:49 (pistols with band assist, 25#)
    Hey, Chrissy, what’s with this 5:30am stuff?

  13. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    11:38 (35)/seated pistols.
    First time for pistols, & PR with OHS! New to Atomic, & got a bonus today of an official nickname! “Southpaw”. You’ll see it a lot!

  14. G

    14:13 (Rx) – Should have taken today off but Love me some pistols. However, this was a very humbling WOD. Lots of broken sets on 2nd and 3rd rounds on the OHS. Thanks for patiently coaching me through it Bobo. I’ll keep working on my left hand. You are right, that weight and volume clearly exposed the weaker hand. Bill G…good pacing with you again, Sir!
    Teach you owned this one and, IMO, also Speedy J/Colt45 who was pretty close. I bet 5 minutes is right around CF badazz Kristan Clever’s time domain!

  15. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight Michael Ellison!
    Good to see TI, Renae aka”Southpaw”, Patti, Lisa G aka”Chip” and Joe P back in action!
    Kelli C, your sister will like the Stryke Fresh Jersey Cow’s Milk from YonderWay Farms!
    @B-Jules, way to keep moving this morning!
    @Kaylynn, glad you came to take on your weakness!
    @Easy Rider, haha! Perhaps, you should get you some MMA style shorts or cut a slit on the sides of your board shorts 🙂
    @Fam, by all means you should practice with that new way of using the band assist. That vid is helpful for the shoulder ROM/rotation under the pull-up bar.

  16. chrissy c

    Babs – Works got me tied up at night a lot – have to come before work now. I like the mornings! Different deal with these Pacemakers – they keep me on my toes!! Miss seeing ya though! I always check your time though to see how much you beat me by!! 🙂

  17. Teach

    Mighty groups tonight at the box!
    Kaylynn – way to work hard on those OHS!
    Sunil – squat therapy will be your BFF! Stick with it and you will see great returns on the effort and dedication you have. Arnold can attest to that 🙂 also, some new shoes will help as well!
    Good to see Schubert back in action!
    Fast ladies only group at 7:00 tonight! Patti and Babs rocked it out. Good to see Danielle aka “Dano” and Lisa aka “Chip” join this evening!
    G- you’ll get the OHS. Way to take some coaching and really try to work on the technique tonight! 🙂

  18. Jen C

    14:16 (75#, pap)
    This was a tough one! Thanks to Silverback for suggesting I go heavier. And, thanks to the 4pm crew that got me through to the end…it truly helped! Nice meeting you Southpaw!

  19. Schubert

    Pistols suck. The cybrog in the video made it look so easy.
    I used a pole for balance and ended up scaling to the bench for some of the last round.
    80# OHS were tough on the last set.
    Thanks to everyone that cheered me on as I finished up.

  20. Southpaw

    Thanks, Jen C, the pleasure was mine! You did great, & I was so impressed with your OHS! Way to hang in there! And I appreciated being made to feel so much like one of the crowd. AND I really appreciate all the much needed encouragement! Thanks Guys!