5 rope ascents
50 situps
500m run


21 – 15 – 9
Power Clean (105)

Run 800M

9 – 15 – 21
Push Jerk (105)
Toes Through Rings


Post results to comments.

Women Of The 2010 CrossFit Games from Boomer Alred on Vimeo. (video courtesy of Boomer Alred)

35 Responses to ““Dristan””

  1. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    20:38 RX
    Gas tank was on low today,.. felt like I was running on fumes. Great wod, good job Logan and rest of 8:30. Way to persevere Ralph and Master G, and then to follow WOD with burpees.

  2. Macho

    Silverback plays angry birds in portrait mode. I’m just sayn’

  3. Billdozer

    18:20(RX) I was debating this one since I have an ankle the size of a baseball from a possible Puerto Rican scorpion bite. But I really like power cleans and push jerks, so the pros outweighed the cons. Run took me way too long, or else I might have been close to The Mexecutioner. Good to be back

  4. Ramrod

    Alternate wod
    1k run/50 single arm snatch/ 750m run/35 snatch/ 500m run/20 snatch
    14:56 (40#)
    Congratulations to barbella on getting her first kipping pullups today!

  5. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    27:30 (75#)
    Pull ups took forever, toes through rings took forever. Everything just took too long. Good workout though!
    Great job, 9:30!

  6. FPR

    Yeah Billy….sorry! I forgot to warn you about those…haha
    15:49 (75#) Loved it!!!
    Awesome job 830!

  7. Disco D Nicole

    23:12 (50#,2″band,knee-up)
    Good WOD !!!!!!
    Great video Grace……

  8. Tara

    I guess my gas tank was on it’s all time low. Either that or I had lead in my shoes. I felt like during the pull ups I was pulling myself plus another person up. The green band was not easy. When will it get easier?

  9. JohnnyB

    25:07 (RX)
    I’m quite delirious after the WOD!
    Thanks Teach, CoachG, & Todd.
    Great Job everyone!!
    Fun WOD….:)

  10. T-REX

    25:15, 75#. wasnt feeling it today! Esp on the rope, I really felt like a Trex with weak little arms trying to pull my body weight up!

  11. DirtyD

    23:09 (45# 4″band, knee-up)
    some consistent training would help.
    thanks, Teach for not letting me sandbag, er, ring row,

  12. chrissy c

    Way to go Barbella!! You’ll be getting that black beanie in no time!!
    27:19 (45#/thin white band/400m run/feet to bar – sometimes feet to air) Toes through rings just not happening today!
    Love the rope climbs!
    Yes Bryan – 400m!!

  13. G

    Welcome aboard Amber and Wade! Amber did her intro with Coach JB on Sunday and Wade did his intro with Coach Daniel this morning.
    @Macho, rumor has it that Silverback was the mastermind behind the angry birds peace treaty

    @Disco D
    Good! I thought it was an awesome video to get my Atomic Chicks pumped up! All you, ACF gals, are the heart and soul of our box!
    @T-Rex, you’re a funny girl! You’ll get the rope next time!
    Great to see Billdozer, Dr. Peter, Tyler, Wingman, Kate O, DNeely, HeMan, Lisa G “Chip”, Gina, HTB, Felix, Weezy, 007, Silverback, Toddski, Nomad and Joe F “The Irishman” back in action!
    Congrats to Barbella on her milestone on kipping pull-ups, thanks to the awesome coaching of Coach Daniel!
    Congrats to the following Rope Climb Milestones achievers today:
    Slim, Rocky Top, Joe P, Matt H, Junior, Gina, Keith, Craig, Felix
    The Studs today who climbed the rope without using their legs, even if they had the option to use them, were Playboy, 007 and The Irishman (Joe F).

  14. Will M

    26:49 (Rx) Holy Sh*t my forearms were shot from the ascensions. The run took it outta my ass, too.
    It was GREAT meeting the Wolverine behind the stud that is Tyler. I see where he gets that drive.
    Great WOD. My hands hurt all day today. 🙂 I eat the pain.

  15. G

    18:29 (75#) – Thanks for the push Teach! Hernan The Barbarian, it was nice having you at the 5pm Peanut Gallery, kept me going, haha!
    Gas tank was not so bad, however, the forearms felt like exploding.
    Loved the warm-up and the WOD!!!! Thanks Jim! Let’s do this again.

  16. G

    @Will M, “I eat the pain” – haha! Written/spoken like a true crossfitter!

  17. Speedy J

    Only one to do scaled rope at 5pm :(..got about two half climbs to make one whole..OMG – defeated!! Thanks for trying Todd and Grace, can only get better.
    16:01(75#)..forarms – ouch!

  18. Gina

    28:47 (75, Ring knees to air/elbow area)
    WOD was ugly, but I did finally get two rope climbs in the warm-up! Thank goodness for knee-highs.
    Thanks Grace & Teach for the push/encouragement/you will not stop pep talks!

  19. Barbella

    23:56 (65#,green band)
    Yea–kick A$$ kipping P/UP ~~The ‘toes through rings’ was the key for me! Thx to T.I., Weezy, Ramrod & esp CHIEF!! Finally a milestone…wayyy overdue.
    And good to have U back Ramrod!! ;o)

  20. G

    @Speedy J
    Cyborgs always conquer when they go back out to fight again. Looks like a Sunday session with the rope is in order =)
    We have three more waiting to be installed, so you’ll have plenty of choices.

  21. MLB

    14:51 (Rx)
    Great pacing with you Joe aka “The Irishman”
    Coach B, you are my muse!!!!

  22. Schbuert

    28:07 70#, Blue Band Pull-ups, Toes vaguely in the vicinity of the rings.

  23. mario c

    mario c
    almost forgot to post.
    16:54 scaled to rounds of 10-5-3; 45#; green band. 200 meter shuffle.
    Hey Sheryl,now remember you promised to wait about a week before you start kicking my ass with those pull ups!

  24. Teach

    16:16 (75)
    Well, that’s what a weekend of gluttony does to you 🙂 paid for some poor nutritional choices today!
    Good times with the 4:00 group today! I even got to workout with the Barbarian! Thanks Silverback for yelling at me during the rope climbs…it only took like 5 times for it to sink in!
    Great work by everyone tonight!
    Patti- you’ve got a great start to a kip!!
    Good to see Tosha tonight!
    O’Malley’s nickname might have to be “spider monkey” after seeing those rope climbs!
    Face, you were true to form tonight…lots of great “faces”

  25. G

    Congrats on the milestone on the rope climb Nate! I thought that you’ve done one before Monday.

  26. Bobo

    forgot to post last night.
    17:46 RX.
    that was pretty tough. wheels came off on the last round. i think it took about 6 minutes.