“Kicked In The Shin”


KB Swings
Ball Slams

For Time

200m Run
  25 Pull-ups
400M Run
  25 Pull-ups
  50 CF Push-ups
800M Run
  25 Pull-ups
  50 CF Push-ups
  75 Squats
1 Mile Run
  25 Pull-ups
  50 CF Push-ups
  75 Squats
 100 Sit-ups

Post results to comments.

Pat Team Venum DL
Congrats to Pat aka "Wolverine", who finished 1:45:53 on his first 1/2 marathon!

Team Venum
Also, congrats to Team VENUM.  They took second place in the Standard Division with an epic battle for first at our Team Guerrilla Warfare in January.  Left to Right:  Aida "FPR", Juan "BB4 Mexicutioner", Pat "Wolverine" and Kenny "T.I."  (photo courtesy of MasterG)

48 Responses to ““Kicked In The Shin””

  1. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    44:37 RX
    Strong 5:30 crew. Now that its over.. fun WOD. Way to go RX Cody a.k.a. Dbl D. Good to see the Mexicutioner, Speedy J and Macho in action.

  2. JackRabbit

    Congrats Wolverine that is awesome!
    Forgot to post yesterday…
    Did a home workout
    100 situps
    Walking Lunges and Pushups
    100 situps

  3. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    I hate running, so I’m making myself come to this one…only Coach Jim could have created this torture!!

  4. Speedy J

    34:24 Rx..Juan always makes me push a little faster – thank you! Great WOD!!

  5. T.I.

    Thanks for keeping me moving Ramrod! Great job FPR!

  6. ingrid

    51:13 purple band assist PU.
    Thanks Aida for not letting me reach an hour,I would have rested more;think I found my rhythm.
    Thanks Coach R.

  7. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Great job, Pat!
    46:47 (RX)
    I have never longed for a pull up band or knee push ups more in my life. Stuck with it though and I feel good now. 🙂

  8. FPR

    34:32 (Rx)
    Thanks for pushing me TI. Sorry coach Daniel, I was really trying to finish under 34, but I seriously couldn’t move any faster on the sit ups 🙂
    Loved this one!!
    No problem Ingrid….Awesome job Tara!

  9. Tara

    Wow what a wod today! Thanks FPR, especially for your words of encouragement and that push. Thank u coach R too because like u said the workout was long today.

  10. Kelli

    What a doozy to come back to…. This is why I love & do cross fit….a daunting challenge, but feels so good when I’m done! Thanks Daniel for keeping me going!

  11. Ramrod

    Just want to say great work to everyone who fought through this workout this morning! FPR don’t even stress about it your running is getting alot better! And good job to the Mexican cowboy (T. I)
    Alternate WOD again
    50-40-30-20-10 double unders
    4-8-12-16-20 burpees

  12. Barbella

    I honestly forgot my time…Ramrod feel free to post if you even remember..geeze.
    49 minutes…I think?!?!? All I know is it was the longest WOD I have ever done/taken.

  13. The Nomad

    43:09 RX
    I liked this WOD. Off to DC. See Y’all in week.

  14. Logan

    39:16 Rx
    Without the warm up that would have been very hard.

  15. Silverback

    34:58 (Rx)
    Great battle with Toddsky & Teach for the 2nd day in a row. Hope we’re done with pull-ups for a couple of days…

  16. todd

    I think silverback and Juan timberlake are sharing the same coconut milk-filled syringe. Hook a brutha up!

  17. Gina

    48:3? (green/blk band, knee pu)
    Loved the WOD – just what I needed! Also, did all runs unbroken, which is a huge PR. The push-ups are what killed me.
    JohnnyB – thanks for the video!

  18. Disco D Nicole

    Wow, what a WOD !!!!!!!!!
    49:13 (2″ band, kpu)

  19. JackRabbit

    Awesome JOb today everyone!
    Tabata Workout
    45 sec on
    15 sec rest
    Doing some travel WODS since I am housebound. Can’t wait to get back into the box.
    Thanks Arnold for my WOD today! 😉

  20. wolverine

    33:33(rx) Good race Joe! Thirteen miles is easy compared to crossfit, anyone here can do it!

  21. andi

    Noon worrkout and I am barely able to post now. Seriously, who pissed Atomic CF off? Back in the day…todays warm-up WAS the WOD.
    That said…
    42:30 with a green band

  22. Barbella

    I just remembered…FIDDDY:12 / green band
    just love the body weight WOD’s
    Great Team Pic VENUM! Congrats Pat!

  23. Teach

    Wow…. That last mile might have been the slowest mile ever! Sheesh. Managed a bloody rip on both hands… Thanks G and Coach Jim for the mid-WOD tape assist! I did do Butterfly pull ups for all but 4. I’ll pay for that tomorrow!
    Great job 4:00 group! I’m liking our 4pm vibe the last couple days!!! Great to see Arnold today 🙂

  24. MLB

    Alternate WOD with the wife.
    20min partner AMRAP
    10 pushups
    10 squats
    10 burpee pullups
    10 sits
    14 1/2 rds total

  25. Kari

    1/2 reps (RR and KPU), full run distance, and 100 Sit ups!
    Hard, but felt good at the end!

  26. G

    45:10 (Rx) – CF push-ups were hard and the mile run was slow. This WOD was a lot harder and definitely slower than my Murph by 5 minutes!

  27. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD tonight, Penelope!
    Great to see Kelli, Dennis O, BRev, Brian B, Kari, Jen C, Mimi and Lingo back in action!
    @Tara, from your comments yesterday….some WOD and/or movements you become better and faster. CrossFit will and should never be easy or from Sunday’s article “difficult easy.”
    Good job being accountable Jack Rabbit and MLB!
    @Nomad, have fun! See you next week!
    @Arnold, looks like fun but I will be participating CFH’s girl’s challenge that same day, May 7th.
    JohnnyBaad Nuts, thanks for posting the video. It’s your turn next =)

  28. Tara

    What vitamin or protein drink can I take to make me stronger and faster so I can one day do Rx? When I see the Rx, I think to myself maybe I’ll get that in 20 years, but then I say in 20 years I may be too old. Can’t win!

  29. G

    @Tara, no magic pill. Your loads on some of the olympic weightlifting and power movements have gone up, right? You have moved up to the green band on pull-ups. You accomplished 65# push overhead at the TGW event. Things have time frames, some milestones will surprise you. I see your progress…hope you do, too.
    Rx doesn’t make you who you are. It’s the work the put you into it that defines you.

  30. Tara

    Thank u! Today was super hard. Had to switch from green to black. That’s ok. I know your right:-)

  31. FPR

    I’ll be there with you G!! Can’t wait for another 100# sandbag carry…haha

  32. Lingo

    Tara – hang in there. We all get frustrated sometimes (at least I do);
    we can be our own worst critics. Keep coming back and working hard!
    35:00. 1/2 reps (ugh), green band, full run.

  33. Lingo

    Oh! Going to FPR’s homeland for vacation, and would love if someone could find it in their ACF-enlarged hearts to recommend some travel workouts (no equipment). I wouldn’t want this hard work to go to waste.

  34. Teach

    @Lingo – Google “Eva T’s WOD Compilation” and it should be the 1st result from a Crossfit message board…it’s a great list of WOD’s with little to no equipment!

  35. 007

    45:17 Good WOD for getting back into the cardio swing of things