30 Burpees for time


For time complete the following:
  100 Situps
    mandatory rest 3 minutes
  100 Double-unders
    mandatory rest 3 minutes
  100 Ring dips
    mandatory rest 3 minutes
  100 Wall Ball (20)(14)


Post results to comments.

Six Swinging Kettlebells & A Snatch
Team Guerrilla Warfare's SIX SWINGING KETTLEBELLS & A SNATCH was sporting nice shirts with a pretty creative play in words as their team name.  This team had a blast competing at the event last month!

Left to Right:  Logan, Doug M aka "Ace", Greg Scheinman and Susie Tannery of CF1525.

6 SKB & A Snatch Ace overhead   6 SKB & A Snatch Logan DL

Ace (left) and Logan (right) were captured above demonstrating full range of motion on their movements!

29 Responses to ““Stingray””

  1. Speedy J

    30:02(purple band)..thanks G for the bounce tip, head lean and full orange stripe hit..dips took forever but feeling better. Have a great weekend everyone..off to Austin!

  2. Junior

    36:54 (purple band)…yes, wall ball 10ft not 9 1/2 ft. Thanks Grace.
    Have an awesome weekend.

  3. The Nomad

    Hotel WOD:
    2000m Row
    100 CF Push Ups
    100 Sit Ups
    100 Squats
    2 mile run

  4. SpeedyJ

    Sorry I could not stay to support..always have to run and get to shaping young minds..

  5. Billdozer

    32:14(RX-GHD Situps) Tried to catch Aida on the Wall Balls, but she was too much for me today. Good group at 8:30 as always.

  6. FPR

    32:05 (Rx-GHD sit ups) Ring dips were no joke
    Billy kept me moving today for sure….good battle!
    Great job 830!

  7. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    38:49 (singles, band assisted ring dips)
    I can’t count haha, thanks Billy. Great job, 9:30!!

  8. Special K

    34:23 (singles, green band ring dips)
    First time to do band assisted ring dips, so I’m pretty damn happy, don’t care how long it took me!! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!!

  9. Disco D Nicole

    30:?? (singles,para dips, #6 wb)
    Have great weekend everyone!!!!!

  10. Ruel

    38:11(32rd,68bard, 14wb)
    Tough work out…. Good job everyone….. Have a good weekend..

  11. Bobo

    30:08 RX – 70GHD 30SLSU
    a bit short circuited after that one.

  12. Barbella

    I forgot my time again…good grief.
    36:12 maybe? (BARD)
    Bouncing Billy was fun to watch – I am a visual person so it actually helped alot!

  13. mario c

    mario c
    warm up – 15 burpees:
    30:00 Scaled this way:
    50 sit ups – mostly crunches
    300 singles
    40 blk band ring dips
    25 wall balls 10#

  14. chrissy c

    Warm Up – 26 Burpees… somebody stopped the clock on me – figuring nobody could be THAT slow on burpees?!?! 🙂 Gave me extra energy for the WOD though!!
    35:20 (300 singles/black band asst ring dips/10#)
    I’m shot!

  15. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    37:58 (Yellow band RD, 14# WB)
    Many thanks to Ramrod, HeatherD, & Dr. Pete for pacing the last 50 wall balls for me.

  16. JohnnyBAAAD

    41:? can’t remember..
    Thundercats rocks!
    Nice working out with y’all guys today!
    Bill, Letting you know how thankful we are for the teaching, “Maraming Salamat”( Thank You)
    I speed off with a happy face, my ring dips is a little bit ok… hahahaha
    Thank you my MAFIAS! LOL
    Of course, CoachG! 🙂

  17. Alice S

    Almost didnt make it this morning…. Was exhausted from work!!! Thanks to Master G’s push… Really glad I came …felt much better after the WOD!!!!
    40:???- made sure I counted right!!!! Lol!!!
    Great job Thundercats!!!! Thanks Billy for the tips to MasterG on OHS!!
    Thanks G!!!
    Have a Great weekend ACF!!!!

  18. Peter

    26:48 (RX) GHDs
    Great workout.
    Good job Old Hickory!
    Way to push through.
    Nice finish Scott. Almost caught you.

  19. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    38:09 (35 band/singles)

  20. Nisha

    36:29 (singles, green band, #10)
    Way to push through the end Keith…
    Nice to meet you Jessica and Robert..

  21. Keith Fogle

    (singles, 67 RD /33 band assist RD)
    Thanks for the push Jim, Grace, Ramrod, Playboy, and whoever else was there…this was a tough one, great wod!! My arms feel like jello 🙂

  22. Toddzilla

    Was fun to witness Ramrod do an unofficial :53 100 DU’s.
    Musta been the rope… 🙂
    Good job to all!

  23. Ramrod

    25:46 rx 50/50 ghd and abmat
    Thanks Todd for the rope!
    Post wod handstand walks with TC, lol good times to say the least!

  24. G

    34:29 (Rx w/50 GHD & 50 Abmat Sit-Ups)
    Jim, thanks for the push on the ring dips!
    Also, thanks for the push on the Wall Ball, Jim and Ramrod.

  25. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD Andre and Ryan!
    Welcome on your first WOD Jessica N!
    Good to see Fight Club, Wingman, Sniper Josh, Dr. Peter, Contra, The Situation, Braveheart and Weezy back in action!
    Yes, full orange stripe hit is where it’s at for Rx on the Wallball. It’s a lot harder! Fam and FPR were also hitting the 14# ball in the center of the orange target. Good job!
    @Nomad, you made up a good travel WOD!
    @Chrissy, my bad….you don’t make a lot of noise when you perform burpees, thought you were done :}
    Way to hang tough on the ring dips and wall balls
    @Alice, LOL!….good to know you are keeping track. A big part of crossfit is staying mentally sharp and alert by keeping track of your reps and rounds in the middle of an intense WOD rather than just going for faster time.
    Toddski and Silverback also did their handstand walk. Ramrod made it look easy. I think TC was surprised that he could do it =)….I wasn’t =D
    Hung out and had a few laughs with the 6pm Peanut Gallery (TC, Nisha, Ramrod, OMG and Rocky Top) for a bit. Lingo kept taking his shirt off and on and off again.

  26. Will M

    36:?? 300 SU, Blue Band Dips
    Just know that even with a 1″ blue band, I still got destroyed by the ring dipperoos.
    Thx SpeedyJ & Grace for the help on my WallBalls… tried to use more pop from the legs than not. See y’all Sunday. Chew on Pain.

  27. FPR

    @Grace, Ramrod made it look easy bc he was practicing all day…I gave him some pointers….hahaha!!

  28. Lingo

    Hey Grace – Would have posted earlier, but I was too busy looking in the mirror.
    32:36. 300 singles, dips with the PVC pipes and 20″ box, 10# wall ball.
    Coach Jim, thanks again for the push. I thought that wall ball was going to finish me.