ACF:  Forge The Tools To Battle Your Demons

"The battle for my inner strength and the fight for possibilities without limits is real – and my opponent is within. The person I want to be is worth fighting for.   In one year at Atomic I have changed. My limits are tested daily.  Atomic has given me an arena to battle my demons and have equipped me with the tools to make it a fair fight." – quote from an email from John O'Malley, Atomic CF athlete.  Thanks John! 


Attention all CrossFitters! 

The CF Games Season is upon us, and ACF is happy to announce that in true CrossFit style the Sectionals are open to all CrossFit athletes willing to participate!  ACF will be hosting the Sectional Workouts every Wednesday Night (Open Gym 6-8pm) and Saturday (starting at 7:30am) for 6 Weeks. We are open to all CrossFitters in the Houston area looking for a place to perform and validate their sectional WODs. These WODs will be judged. Range of motion and movement standards will be strictly enforced.  

What does this mean for you?

1) When the games site opens next week, register as an Open Sectional Athlete (one time $10 fee; NOT $10 per workout)
2) During the registration process, opt-in for the ACF Team provided ACF is your home box. (No additional Charge)

a)  The team can be as large as we want.  So EVERYONE who signs up for Sectionals should register as a team member.  Don't worry if you don't think your times will be good enough.  The top 3 men and top 3 women will count each week regardless of how you performed the prior week or following weeks. You just have to complete all six workouts for your times to count towards our team's total for Regional qualification.  So if you have a great WOD and kill it, but the next week, not so much…it's OK; we can still use your awesome time, provided you finish all six weeks(Rx)!  The more we have competing…the better our chance to get a spot in Regionals!  

b)  Individuals can participate as a member of a team and if they qualify for Regionals on their own, they can choose weather they want to move forward as a member of the team or as an individual. However, their performance CAN and WILL count toward or team's position.

c)  Finally, if you were an Rx Athlete for Team Guerrilla Warfare you better sign up!

3) Each sectional WOD will be announced on Tuesdays @7pm beginning  March 15th – So the First Sectional WOD will be held March 16th/19th. Second Sectional WOD March 23rd/26th etc…. 
4) Each workout will be charged in accordance with your membership…Unlimited is included in your monthly fees.
5) Non-ACF members or athletes will be charged a $10 fee instead of our normal $20 drop in rate. (This is an ACF Judging Fee not related to the Official Games Site).  Non-ACF athletes, please call ahead of time (281-794-6698) to give us a heads up.
6) Weekend WODs will not be team WODs during this period. The WOD for Saturdays will always be the section WOD regardless of whether you are registered or not!
7) If you cant make it to ACF for a Sectionals WOD you still need to perform the WOD to stay eligible. You can do this either at another CF Affiliate or take a video and upload to the Games Site (More details on video submission coming soon)

Open Sectionals will not interfere with any ACF workouts. You can sign up and workout as usual even if you are not signed up for sectionals.

CFG Open

More information is available at


  1. G

    @Arnold…this is my question to the CFGames Site admin and apparently they had a lot of the same questions from others. They are working on it (see below from the FAQ). We will let you know when you can join the “Atomic CrossFit” Team soon.
    “I registered as both an affiliate and as an athlete (or spectator) using the same email address. Why am I having problems logging in or accessing my accounts?”
    Their Response: This is a known issue. We are working hard to get this resolved. If any action is required by you, we will update this FAQ accordingly, so check back soon.

  2. SpeedyJ

    Just read about the $2011 to the best time each week for individual and team…nice!

  3. Fight Club

    G – I signed up as an athlete but every time I try to “Join A Team” it just sends me to the top of the page. When I view the Atomic Team, I see Billy, Scott, Jim, etc. Did anyone else run into this problem after paying and the trying to join a team?

  4. G

    @Fight Club, I just invited you to join our team. Check out your account at the CFGame Site. Thank you!

  5. G

    Also, their system may take a few moments to refresh and show updates. Athletes should be able to join a team. Either way, if you all are having problems just post here and I will go to our CFGames account and invite you.

  6. Ace

    G – I signed up and sent a request to added to the Affiliate Team – Atomic Crossfit. However, it is showing that there are no other members on this team yet… Did I do something wrong?

  7. G

    @Ace, I’ll approve your request tonight. They are working on a few glitches and hopefully by end of this week everything is smooth sailing. Thanks Ace!!

  8. Speedy J

    Officially signed up and have requested to be on Atomic’s team!

  9. The Nomad

    Made it official. Signed up today. Hope my times will help

  10. G

    Awesome Nomad!
    BIG thanks to those who have signed up so far.
    Keep in mind the specifics below directly quoted from the CF Games Rules…
    “Each athlete is required to submit their own result on the Games site. In that process, they will indicate that they performed the workout at that registered affiliate. This will trigger an automatic notification to the affiliate to validate or reject the submitted result.
    There must be one judge per competitor for a valid performance.”
    Wednesday Open Gym for the Sectionals WOD is from 6pm – 8pm.
    On Saturday, we will run heats to ensure that the Registered Open Sectionals athletes will get 1 judge each in accordance to the rules. If you have any questions, shoot me an email, text or call me.

  11. G

    Kristina!!! Sweet angel!
    I know you are! Go get it girl!!! Miss ya! Hope Colorado is ready for you!

  12. Keith F

    @Peter — everyone is having problems with the website — hopefully the wod will be posted soon.

  13. Keith Fogle

    Finally, here’s the first wod:
    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
    30 Double-unders
    15 Power snatches
    The Power snatch loads are as follows:
    Men and Masters Men 45-49, 50-54: 75lbs/35kg
    Women and Masters Women 45-54: 55lbs/25kg
    Masters Men 55-59, 60+: 65lbs/30kg
    Masters Women 55-59, 60+: 45lbs/20kg
    The deadline for submitting results is supposedly going to be extended…