“The Microcosm”

Max DUs in 2 minutes

12 Mutant-Makers (155)(105)
   200m run
9  Mutant-Makers (155)(105)
   400m run
6 Mutant-Makers (155)(105)
   800m run

* Mutant Maker = Squat Clean to overhead (Thruster style).  Bar touches the ground every rep.


Post results to comments.

Jamie Junior Black Beanie
Congrats to Jamie aka "Junior" on getting her black beanie a few weeks ago!


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Ben K El Capitan Texas Independence Relay Mar2011
Congrats to Ben K aka "El Capitan" on participating the Texas Independence Relay this past weekend!  Ben's total mileage in his group was 18 miles maintaining a good 8:30/mile pace throughout.

31 Responses to ““The Microcosm””

  1. Billdozer

    10:59(RX) Great group at 8:30 this morning, stayed with Speedy the whole way and then made a final push to get her by 4 seconds. Nice job with the 155 today Juan. I tried to get 200 double unders but I was distracted by Juan’s short shorts and i only got 187.
    Also, great job with everyone at 8:30 who worked on some skills post WOD, great to see the dedication.

  2. ingrid

    attempted 13 DU and I was soo short of breath.I wasn’t sure I could do the WOD.
    Billy you make DU look so easy,you almost look pretty doing it:)
    ‘Wish I could be like you.

  3. Speedy J

    11:04(Rx)..I heard Billy’s feet, then his breathing..to close for comfort – got me! Great to join the 8:30 class this morning..thanks for the coaching tips Ramrod!

  4. Sirun

    I really appreciate everyone’s help and encouragement!

  5. DirtyD

    @Ben: “Come and Take it” used to have a canoe race. Does it still?
    Yoga today. No joke. Shaking it up and lining up my shakras.
    Also running the dogs. A full body experience.

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Started the WOD and popped my clavicle. The thruster part became painful after that so I ended up rowing a slow 2000m, 9:39. Thanks Daniel and everyone who stayed to encourage me along.

  7. Sid

    Can’t wait to get back one more week and I should be healthy and ready! I look at the WOD’s every day and itching to take it on….patience is the key.

  8. Ben K

    @DirtyD nope no canoe race in this one just straight running…that sounds as if it may have been a fun element….One more day of Zpack and my battle with this stupid cold will be conqured. Cant wait to get back to the gym on Monday and get back on it! Thanks G for the photo and props!!

  9. Kelli

    12:49 65#
    Great noon class and post wod work on our Pu’s w/o the band…still .trying. Ashley O’s got em’! Thx juan for the training tips.
    What a beautiful sunny day! Nice coming when the sun’s overhead and warm.

  10. Jackrabbit

    11:5something 65#
    Nice job everyone! Thanks for tips on the working the hammies Daniel!

  11. FPR

    12:46(Rx)…I knew that I was going to get my ass kicked by Speedy J before I even stepped into the box…haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the push even though I wasn’t even close…
    Of course Juan and Billy did too!!
    Great job…Definitely need to work on my running!
    Awesome energy today at 830 as usual!!
    Double unders were terrible at 830…took another shot at noon and got 150 in 2 min.

  12. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    I was really sad to miss my Atomic Thursday but the day job prevented the workout this time. Maybe I’ll get to have Atomic Friday this week instead. Hey to the 4 pm class & Coach G.

  13. Barbella

    11:41 (75#)
    Mutant-Makers, Man-Makers, Mutant-Man-Maker(?)…is there a Woman-Maker?

  14. Special K

    12:14 (75#)
    Great change of pace hitting the 4 today, sorry I left you alone Triple B. Great work 4 o’clock!!

  15. Disco D Nicole

    15:28 (55#)
    My weight was feeling really heavy……
    Good job 8:30 lots of fun!!!!!!!!

  16. chrisb

    12:14 105#. Think I heard Ox’s feet for most of the 800! Thanks for the push. Great job nooners! (S)heryl, there may be a simple explanation for Mutant-Makers…

  17. JohnnyB

    17:32 (135#)
    Bill, thank you for sticking on me from start to end!
    Toddski, you should consider it & thank too for pushing on that weight!
    Thank CoachG!

  18. TC

    Good work to night 5 pm!!! Ramrod always a good time, Timbo Slice runs like the wind blows.

  19. G

    New members of the Muscle Up Club are BRev and Monte. Congrats guys!
    Good to see Bobby, Will, DNeely and Jessica N back in action.
    The Breeden’s joined in the fun at 4pm today and Ramrod joined the 5pmrs.
    @JohnnyBaaad Nuts, WOW!! 135# Mutant-Makers is a huge milestone! Billdozer sure stuck with you the entire time ๐Ÿ™‚
    @SouthPaw, nice to see you chime in! See you for you tomorrow
    @Triple B, hope you’re okay
    @Ben K, that challenge would have been tough if one man ran the entire route! Great job on the pace!
    Rest day for me ๐Ÿ™‚ and Teach ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Toddzilla

    15:39 (rx). I couldnt catch jim’s better half, April, today! Too tough! She got me by a second! ;). Good work, april, and rest of 4pm’ers.

  21. Mike B

    Thanks for the push Billdozer and Coach G.
    Toddski thanks for the tips with the DUs. Nice working with the 4pm class today.
    Sorry to hear you were by yourself today Triple B.

  22. Monte

    11:14 (95#)
    Thanks to everyone at the 4pm class for tips on the Muscle ups.

  23. Teach

    Great work tonight by the night classes!
    Nice to finally meet Lingo! Lingo – I hope it was worth the wait ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great to see Wade in the box for his 3rd WOD!
    Jo – good too see you go with the lighter weight and post a fast time!
    Sunil – fantastic improvement on your squats! It really showed on your squat cleans!