“1961 250 GT California”


AMRAP 20 minutes

Row 500m
Max reps Front Squat (185)(125)

Count reps as your final score.


Post results to comments.

John OMalley

Happy Birthday John O'Malley! (photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

We all know O'Malley's famous testimonial via our Open Sectionals announcement:

"The battle for my inner strength and the fight for possibilities without limits is real – and my opponent is within. The person I want to be is worth fighting for.   In one year at Atomic I have changed. My limits are tested daily.  Atomic has given me an arena to battle my demons and have equipped me with the tools to make it a fair fight."

42 Responses to ““1961 250 GT California””

  1. Junior

    Walking 36 holes of golf today. Can that count as a WOD?!? πŸ™‚

  2. Lisa H.

    I have been working out at the box since July. Did 5 kip pull ups in a row today! The movement finally clicked for me.

  3. Mike B

    Happy B-day John!
    Way to go Lisa with the KPUs!
    Great job today 8:30 and 9:30 groups!

  4. logan

    Who is doing the Open workout tonight?
    Good luck to everyone.
    HBD John!!!

  5. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday John!!!!!!!!!
    31 (85#) 343 m row
    Great job Lisa!!!!!!

  6. Silverback

    Way to go Lisa! What’s great about this stuff is that you’ll have many more milestones to hit.

  7. Special K

    59 (85#)
    Great job Lisa!!! Thanks Billy for the pointers with double unders, one day I will conquer them!! Great job everyone.

  8. Keith F

    Great job Lisa!! Good to see you post πŸ™‚

  9. Bobo

    60 (135#) 5 rounds + 285M.
    sorry for all of the drama. just thought the nooners needed some extra entertainment today. hehe.
    was hoping chief would join in with me.

  10. The Nomad

    Happy birthday O’Malley!
    48 (135#)
    Save Ferris!

  11. Jackrabbit

    Won’t be able to make it tonight to watch you guys! Good Luck on the Sectional WOD!!!!!

  12. Karina

    I’m lucky I finished. 1st day back to atomic since Oct I think
    Here’s to the pain ahead looking forward to it!!!!

  13. The Force (Kendra)

    62 (75#) 158 m row. 1 mile cool down Should have tried for 80#. Congrats to all those who stepped up to the sectionals challenge tonight. Good luck to everyone.

  14. Matt H

    (8:30 a.m.) 30(95#)+200m
    (6:00 p.m.) Open Gym – never happened. I could not help but watch all the participants tonight give it their all. I’ve never seen anything like it before and the effort from all the participants inspired me to at least attempt the WOD this Saturday. /salute

  15. Will M

    48+change on the row.
    By round 3 my back was fried. Made F Squatting that much harder.
    Thank you Fam, Billdozer, G for the push needed it.
    Ramrod, great pace, man, great pace.
    Nice to meet y’all 8:30!!

  16. Billdozer

    Happy birthday Johnny!
    Way to come out and leave some sweat on the floor Team ACF. Great job to everyone that came out, I like the way our team is shaping up. And thank you to the peanut gallery for cheering us on!

  17. G

    Hope you had a great birthday celebration John! Melissa probably cooked up a storm πŸ™‚
    I second Billdozer’s comment. Nothing compares to the fantastic energy from a lot of athletes coming together for an all heart and all out effort on the workout like tonight! Great job everyone!

  18. G

    Welcome back Brennan and Karina!
    Good to see Will back in action….just in time to be reminded that the frog thrusters are still around. Aren’t you glad we used it in the warm-up =)
    Nice milestone Lisa H! I see a black beanie in the near future!
    @Matt H, thanks for putting off your extra skill work to cheer the athletes on tonight!

  19. Andrea / Genie

    I totally agree with Matt! It’s so crazy that I want to see, this person, that person, him, her, them, and your so excited, that everything else that is going on in the world outside of “The Box” doesn’t matter at the time. Don’t get me wrong, had to check in on the family to make sure everyone had eaten. I prepaired ahead of time that I cooked our supper the night before for this!! I really enjoyed watching our front runners! It’s great to see the Coaches in action!!!

  20. T-REX

    I was real hesitant to sign up for sectionals because I knew I am not where I want to be as an RX crossfitter, and I would just be hurting my pride when I needed to do some skill I suck at (i.e. Dbl-Undies). oh well, now that that don’t kill me – Can only make me stronger..great job everyone!

  21. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    WOD at Crossfit Arlington Heights
    Deadlift 3 Reps (275). Went looking for my three rep max, but ran out of time.
    100 Squats to ball, 800m run, 50 Wall Ball (20#) – 10:30