“Fascist Anarchist”

3 Rounds For Time:


30 Wallball (20)(14)
20 KB Swings (53)(35)
400m Run


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Lingo!  Have fun celebrating your birthday in the Carribean!

45 Responses to ““Fascist Anarchist””

  1. Macho

    I must say C-note that is a pretty nice “view” in the morning. Good Work BRO!

  2. Teach

    What a group this morning at 5:30! got to workout with FPR, Speedy J, and C-Note! It was a fantastic push working out with everyone.
    Loved the post WOD skill session with the girls! Need to work on my FPR style HSPU πŸ™‚ Junior, you’ll get the smooth KPU soon! Thanks for tips this morning G!

  3. Speedy J

    11:24(Rx) Great am, if only we could make crossfit our full time jobs. C-Note, you kept me moving. Great to have the ladies in this morning…G, thanks for showing me the window – feels good!

  4. MLB

    As some of you may or may not know, I have been asked to help open a new Crossfit gym in Katy, Crossfit Elevate. We opened our doors last week and are looking at a grand opening in early April, Fight Gone Bad style!!!
    Last August I joined Atomic CF and had no idea what I was getting myself into, my body hurt for a 2 months straight but something kept me coming back day after day. It was the coaches and the people I met and the ones who pushed me through the WODs everyday. I just want to say thank you to everyone at Atomic, the friends I have made and especially to the coaches (Grace, Jim, JB, Billy, Daniel, Beth, Nate & Silverback), you all have changed my life. After walking away from baseball in 2006 I have been looking for that element of fitness that challenged me daily and Atomic gave me that and so much more. I wish everyone the best of luck in the CF Open and look forward to popping in for a throwdown at Atomic.

  5. Coach Jim

    Nothing is more rewarding than running a solid CF Box\Community….It definitely eats up all your free time and money!
    It sounds like you are working with some good people; make sure to deliver a quality CF product and contribute to the CF Community as much as possible and good things will happen.
    Like everything in CrossFit, it’s harder than it looks! Best of Luck and thanks for your hard work and dedication to ACF over the past 7 months!

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    MLB, Good luck in your new endeavor at Crossfit Elevate.

  7. DirtyD

    Happy Birthday Lingo.
    Post us a link, MLB.
    Happy St Paddy’s Day Everyone!
    Let me know about that gluten free green beer,G!

  8. FPR

    Fun times for sure!! Of course I knew before I started that I was going to get my butt kicked today. If I could only wake up that early in the morning more often.
    Nice to see you C-note
    12:35 (Rx)
    Fun working with the girls after the WOD!

  9. Mike B

    Happy B-Day Lingo!
    MLB – Congrats and good luck!
    Happy Anniversary to my Special K!!
    Thaanks for my gift of letting me beat your time today πŸ˜‰
    18:30 (14#, 40#)
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

  10. G

    MLB, thanks for the post! Best of luck to you, Stephanie, Luke and Danielle!
    See you in a few weeks!

  11. G

    DirtyD, maybe UK’s St. Peter Brewery Beer but be weary of any “gluten-free” labels. Lots of european products are supposed to be gluten free. In the Philippines, we actually have beer made out of coconut and it is the best & purest gluten free beer in existence but, of course, I am biased.
    Coincidentally enough, we may want to consult with our nutrition registered specialist, Dr. Peter.

  12. Junior

    12:53. Loved working out with the girls. C-note, awesome job! Lloyd way to push the last run! You’re amazing.
    Great work with the girls after the WOD! Thanks Teach, FPR, SpeedyJ and G for your constant help and encouragement! One day I want to be like you girls!! πŸ™‚
    I love ACF!!
    HBD Lingo and good luck MLB

  13. Special K

    18:43 RX
    Very rough today, from the 5th WB I thought I was done for…oh well, tomorrow is a new day.
    Off to celebrate my 10th at Lucky’s with green beer, bagpipers, and friends, I’m sure that’ll make tomorrow loads of fun!
    Great job 0930!

  14. Jackrabbit

    17:57 RX
    That was tough but so AWESOME! I couldn’t breath when I finished I knew then I had a great workout! Good to see Silverback!
    Great job this morning 930. Thanks Daniel!
    Thanks Tabitha and Justin for putting my weights away you guys rock!
    HBD Lingo

  15. Teach

    MLB! At least now you don’t have to “sign up” for class πŸ™‚ I’ll miss seeing you around the box, but best of luck with the new place! You know we’ll be out in force for a FGB πŸ™‚

  16. OMG (Summer)

    20:15 first WOD with 14# ball I still dislike wallball.
    Happy Birthday Lingo.

  17. OMG (Summer)

    If anybody is looking for a girl to join a team for bayou city megafest let me know I’m available. 281-793-2422

  18. Billdozer

    11:53(RX) Power hour with ramrod was fun today.

  19. Babs

    17:12 (6#WB,26#KB)
    The heat outside snuck up on me.

  20. Disco D Nicole

    19:17 (10#,30#)
    Happy Birthday Lingo!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck MLB !!!!!!!

  21. Lingo

    Hey-o. The wall ball and I have a date planned, but for now I did a workout at Flamenco Beach.
    100 jumping jacks, 75 air squats, 50 pushups, 25 burpees.
    9:25 (friggin burpies)
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

  22. The Force (Kendra)

    14:27 (rx). Yikes. Once again G got me – it was the last round that makes or breaks you….. It broke me a little today. Nice
    Socks Nisha πŸ™‚
    We were graced with a leprechaun at the 5:00 class…..TC (green shirt, plaid socks, and SHORTS). Happy st patty’s day indeed.

  23. Nisha

    18:04 (RX)
    That was no joke..thought I was either going to hyperventilate or cry on the last round…but then decided either one would take up too much energy πŸ˜‰
    Thank you to TC who ran the last 400 with me even though he was long done already..and to Kendra for sharing some of her DU secrets with me..was starting to string 8-10 pretty consistently..sort of πŸ˜‰

  24. T-REX

    14:51 (RX). + post wod 400m jog, 3 rounds of 5 HSPUs, 5 KPUs

  25. Taramisu

    HBL. Hope you have a blessed one! Thanks for your help Billdozer on the doubleunders, although I didn’t get it! Hehe.

  26. Andrea aka Genie

    18:47 (RX) Ugh!!! Way to go 6 pm’ers & Vamps (7 pm’ers)!!
    Thanks for the push Billy! 1st time pushing that 14#’er was rough! Rough in a good way!!

  27. Andrea aka Genie

    18:47 (RX) Ugh!!! Way to go 6 pm’ers & Vamps (7 pm’ers)!!
    Thanks for the push Billy! 1st time pushing that 14#’er was rough! Rough in a good way!!

  28. B Jules

    15:38, I think…scaled.
    Billy thanks for coach the packed evening classes tonight! I wasn’t disappointed that Beth wasn’t there. Thanks for the DU help.
    Nice working out with Playboy and Wolverine.
    Thanks for cheering me on Genie!!

  29. G

    14:06 (Rx) Thanks for the push Billdozer.
    Bill Glass, you were right, the logistics would have given me a few seconds off my time – haha! Next time!
    More girls at 5:30am was a treat, for sure!
    @Junior, keep at it….you are always improving in many skills every time you step in the box.
    @SpecialK and
    @Mike B —- Happy Anniversary!
    @Speedy J and
    @Teach, head through the back window really works on finishing HSPU.
    @FPR, what are you talking about? Your time is awesome!
    Welcome to our visitors from S.A.TX, Tabatha and Justin W!
    Good to see Tony, Maricel Lyvia, Jerry, C-Note, Ian M, Lisa G “Chip”, B-Jules and from yesterday, Lauren, back in action!
    Good job on your baseline WOD, Russel!
    @The Force, way to battle!
    Have fun on your whole week of birthday celebration, Lingo!!

  30. Teach

    Awww, B-Jules…not even a little disappointed that I wasn’t there tonight? πŸ˜‰ Although if you needed DU help, Billy is definitely the guy get pointers from!

  31. Andrea aka Genie

    18:47 (RX) Ugh!!! Way to go 6 pm’ers & Vamps (7 pm’ers)!!
    Thanks for the push Billy! 1st time pushing that 14#’er was rough! Rough in a good way!!

  32. The Situation

    18:30 14WB
    late entry…belated HBD Lingo..