OPEN SECTIONALS WOD 11.1 – New Deadline

Deadline Extension Week 1

By CrossFit on 03.18.11
The new deadline for submitting your result for the Week 1 workout is now Sunday, March 27 at 17:00 PDT.
We want to be 100% sure that everyone gets to compete with fair terms.

You now have an extra week to register and nail the Week 1 workout. All the rules are the same, but we are now allowing you until Sunday, March 27 at 17:00 PDT, a full extra week, to perform your workout and submit your results. As always, you are welcome to repeat the workout any time before the deadline if you think you can do better. The Week 2 workout will be announced on Tuesday, March 29 at 17:00 PDT, with the submission deadline Sunday, April 3 at 17:00 PDT (again, this is Week 2).

There are over 20,000 athletes registered to compete in the CrossFit Games Open. That is a historic number, both for the CrossFit community, and for online athletic competition in general. We want to be 100% sure that everyone gets to compete with fair terms. There have been too many problems with registering, the leaderboard, team creation, and account management. Our IT and support teams are working around the clock to respond to your questions and fix these bugs. They have made significant progress, but not enough.

This new deadline will give everyone enough time to make sure that they are registered to the site, assigned to the right team, and correctly submitting their performances. We hope that you take advantage of this time to participate fully in the Open.

(courtesy of CrossFit Games Site)

7 Responses to “OPEN SECTIONALS WOD 11.1 – New Deadline”

  1. Teach

    Is it bad that I hate this WOD so much that I’m actually thinking about trying it again? What’s wrong with me???

  2. Billdozer

    well now that we don’t have a WOD being released this Tuesday, we might as well keep trying I guess.

  3. TC

    well if you crazy kids are going to do it I will do it again as well!!!

  4. The Nomad

    I hated it the first time! DUs can kiss it!

  5. Andrea / aka Genie

    i am not even at you all’s level, but I want another crack at it too. But I don’t think its fair that they said that you can keep trying if you think you can do better b4 the deadline time. On the Legit side, a real competitor would just suck it up and post the first score, even though it sucked! That’s why I went on Friday night just to work on those nasty double unders! you guys are awesome And Teach, if only you knew how many people saw my video and are in “aw” with your speed and strength! I will have my lap top for you tomorrow Grace, unless you call me tonight and I can meet you somewhere.