“DreadLock Sundae”


5 Rounds For time*


45  Pull-ups

50  Walking Lunge Steps

55  KB Swings


*Decreasing all reps by 10 each round


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Karina!

44 Responses to ““DreadLock Sundae””

  1. Junior

    29:36 (35# KB)
    The bar won this battle and left me with ripped up hands. Ouch.
    Great job 5:30!

  2. Macho Ranger

    24 and change… 53#KB
    Great work capacity gut check!
    Oh yeah..better tape up for this one.

  3. SpeedyJ

    Ouch..missed out this am, woke with an awful headache.

  4. Chrissy

    23:48 (26# KB/pull ups scaled: 25-20-15-10-5 thin white band)
    Thanks G!!

  5. Special K

    30:27 (band, 35# KB)
    My hands are shot, I’m hoping there are no more pull ups for a few days, ouchies….
    Arnold, likewise, and thanks for your DU tips.
    Thanks Coach for our persoal training session..haha!!

  6. Billdozer

    22:34(RX) Did 55 pullups in round 1 because I was distracted by Flying Fred Curry and his witty comments. Good job Aida!
    Arnold, I’m glad I could be there to give you my nuggets of wisdom.

  7. Silverback

    18:23 (Rx)
    Dozer, FPR and I had a hell of a race going until Dozer decided to perform extra PUs in first round. Guess my Jedi mind tricks worked. FPR and I were within a couple of reps the entire WOD until last round when she kicked in another gear and I couldn’t respond cuz I didn’t have any more gears…

  8. Disco D Nicole

    30:34 (35#,blk band)
    Thank G for the push!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go Toe I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!
    Good job 8:30…….and Arnold & Special K

  9. Lauren

    13:41 (scaled to last three rounds, 26#)
    Coming back from so much sickness is hard. That said, I still managed 10 consec. kips which is hopefully a good sign. Great job nooners, and way to push through after those wounds Barbella and Summer.
    Always nice having Coach Jim drop in on us, too. πŸ™‚

  10. FPR

    Great battle Silverback!! Good job Billy!
    18:12 (Rx)
    Awesome 830 class…missed you Fam!

  11. mario c

    mario c
    12:45 (scaled to 5 rds of 5 green band pull ups; 10 lunges; 5 swings 18#)
    For what it’s worth. I found that the new shoulder stretches that start out in the child’s pose really keep my shoulders loose especially when I do them before and after a WOD. If they help my shoulders at my age, they should help anyone.
    Plus it sure beats spraying WD-40 on my shoulders like I had been doing.

  12. karina

    thanks for the birthday love crossfitters much appreciated!!!!!!

  13. Jackrabbit

    31:52 35#kb greenband
    That hurt…a lot. Glad it’s over. Great job everyone…Judy awesome on your pull-ups.
    Jim…so happy to see you!
    Thanks for the push at the end G and JB!
    HOpe your son feels better Fam!!
    HBD Karina!

  14. Gina

    38:53 (bands, 35)
    all I can say is that I’m glad I finished. I owe ACF a roll of taped for all the times I taped/re-taped my hands!
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement to finish!!

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    33:48 (44#)
    major stigma going on. Spent more time thinking how much it would hurt than I did doing the WOD.

  16. Barbella

    30 or 31:?? (35#/green)
    Thx Lil’ Lauren – so good to c you! And OMG/Summer!!
    Nice ‘Man Hands’ forming again today – that WOD needs a new name….like, “Man Hands” ha

  17. T-REX

    28:11 (35#, KPUs). Way to push through Jackrabbit, Johnny B, Ruel, and the rest of 4PMers! Thx G, switching my grips helped!

  18. Babs

    Mario, it’s Windex that helps, not WD-40!
    26:15 (2″band, 26#KB)

  19. Alice S.

    Can’t remember my time…. I’m just glad I made it to this WOD…
    Really nice to see you Toe!!
    Great job 0830 peeps!!!
    Thanks Coach G!!!

  20. Ruel(the situation)

    Tough work out .. Ripped my hands even with gloves on… Thanks G for the push as always… Good work JohnnyB… Awesome work 4 pm

  21. Andrea / aka Genie

    32:24(RX) Moved up to the high bar! :o)
    Thanks Coach Jim for the push like always! I may have looked nervous, and i was because I wanted to bring it up a notch on that higher bar! Thanks everyone! Great job all you Vamps!! Robert – that was a rough one and you hung in there!! Great job!!

  22. Alice S.

    Happy birthday Karina… Have not bumped into you… Enjoy your day!!!

  23. The Nomad

    32:17 (44#, last 9 pull ups were ring rows)
    So after 10 months of CrossFit, I finally ripped my hands….thanks Jim! I knew it was only a matter of time. Thus the ring rows at the end. Maybe should have done 53#kbs…but I’ll take it.

  24. Will M

    33:32 (had to semi-use the green band on 7/8 reps) Otherwise, Rx 53# KB. Also, added 4 tire-flips of various weights (there was more than me out back).
    My hands are SHREDDED… Like GONE!!

  25. Teach

    19:05 (35#)
    I think I spent about 45 seconds dealing with the 3 rips on my hands…grip..no grip…tape..no tape…grrr. Ended up just dealing with the rips (what I should have done in the first place!)
    Great job 4:00 group! Thanks G for keeping me moving at the end. Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat longer, had to get the baby!

  26. Kaylynn

    30:11. (26#, grn band)
    Great job on the high bar Genie and way to get it done Robert!
    Thx Coach Jim!

  27. Teach

    I did manage to do 25 butterfly kips in a row today! That’s the most I’ve done in a row!

  28. G

    24:54 (35# KB) Good energy with the 5pmrs!
    Way to fight hard till the last rep, Contra!

  29. G

    Packed pacemakers today!
    Great to see Brant, Dble D, Chrissy, Melanie, Felix, Ingrid, Matt B, “Chip”, Jackrabbit, Big Mike, Karina (bday girl), Gina back in action!
    Good job on your baseline WOD Randy and Lamar!
    Bry, funny how that works -haha! But you wont the battle, anyhow! A few more days of this…..
    Speedy J, hope you got a good rest day!
    I know that the gymnastics taping help, if not…check out the leather hand grip from Rage Fitness (this has been brought up several times in the last 2 years).
    C-note and some of you didn’t rip because of the leather grip.
    Great job everyone on being able to dig deep to finish through!

  30. G

    @Teach, I saw that! That probably caused the ripping, huh?!
    Great to see Toe back in action!

  31. G

    Lastly, Karina….good to see you do your bday WOD! I like the attitude! Nice!

  32. Bobo

    late post.
    24:30 RX.
    ouch. was hard to stay mentally in this one.

  33. karina

    thanks coach g and thanks coach jim
    had a great workout on my bday ready
    to for next workout to get back on track