“Scavenge The Bottom”

3 Rounds for time:


7   Sandbag Demons (70)(50)

11 Deadlifts (225)

7   Burpees



Sandbag demon = Sandbag squat clean to thruster to backsquat to thruster to ground


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Nisha !

Nisha and Wolverine
We can't help but post the above picture as well.  We believe Nisha won this face off against her other half, Wolverine, during the side contest at our Hammer & Chisel Competition Event last fall.  GO GIRL!

40 Responses to ““Scavenge The Bottom””

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t want to take any attention away from Nisha, but who is that hot judge with the clipboard??

  2. Silverback

    Although I may do the Sectionals WOD #1 again, I submitted my current score. It still has to be certified, but once it is, I’ll be on the Leader Board for Men’s Masters (@ 38th place at the moment)…

  3. Junior

    Small group this morning but GREAT work!
    Thank goodness I did not break a nail on those sand bag demons. Those were a first for me! 🙂
    HBD Nisha and I LOVE that picture!


    Happy Birthday Nisha!! And I do believe I called Pat “Chuck Norris” to help Nisha get the win because he started laughing!! 🙂 It was an intensive face-off!

  5. Genie

    Happy Birthday Nisha!!! I love the pix!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!!

  6. SpeedyJ

    Happy Birthday Nisha..you make it look easy!!

  7. Sirun

    It was great to see the 8:30 and 9:30ers again today on my day off!!

  8. Silverback

    Here’s a laugh, I’m currently #1 in our region for Sectional Masters…that will obviously change as more folks do WOD #1 and/or we get deeper into the future WODS.

  9. Special K

    Happy birthday Nisha!!
    Way to go silverback!

  10. Special K

    6:55 (40#, 135#)
    Great group this am, great to see everyone. BTW.. Just so everyone know, my sandbag didn’t have handles, love that Tara!!

  11. Mike B

    11:54 (Rx sandbag, 165# DL)
    Cut back on the DL weight since I was doing rx demons. (Note to self from my back- don’t do that again!)
    Thanks for the push today as always.
    Special K – I think you should increase your weight next time as you killed the time today-good job though.
    Silverback – way to represent!

  12. JohnnyB

    CoachG, I’m really sorry…!!! I knew I counted wrong on the first & second rounds!! Thinking—->7-7-7 hahahhahaha
    I paid it with unbroken 225#… Not happy at all!!! 🙁

  13. Kelli

    8:33 40# sandbag , 115# DL
    Feels good to be back in the box after a great spring brk.

  14. Speedy J

    7:28(165) Fun to work side by side Beth, if only the bag did not rip. Thanks for the help with MU’s, Nate too…got some homework to do.

  15. Billdozer

    Did the mainsite wod
    5 rounds
    15 med ball cleans
    15 wall balls
    Silverback, It is possible that everyone else in the masters division gave up as soon as they saw your name.

  16. Gina

    11:35 (135 due to ripped hands & arm muscles that are still toast from Mon!)
    loved them sandbag demons!!
    HBD Nisha – way to go heavy!
    Thanks G for the stretching advice – it’s helping

  17. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    Again I had to miss my Atomic Thursday because of the day job. I really hate to miss! Maybe get 2 Atomic days next week!
    Great job, Silverback!
    Howdy to the 4 pm group!

  18. B JULES

    Dear Party Peeps who used to attend Club Atomic on Thursdays at 6p.m.,
    I miss you! 🙁
    Club Atomic is just not bumpin on Thursdays like it used to. Where are all the ladies for ladies’ night?? Muscle Milk even stopped by to see the party tonight.
    Your lonely friend,
    12:26 (40# sb, 115#dl)
    Thanks DJ Teach! At least you were there tonight, that’s all that matters. 😉

  19. Nisha

    12:37 (155#)
    Thank you for all the b-day wishes!!! Best gift ever is getting to do 50# sandbag demons..thanks G!!!!!
    seriously, those were no joke..quads were toast by the time the DLs came up…
    Good job 5pmers….and was nice to stay and watch the 6:00 trio class of Bryan, Julia and Cal…

  20. Teach

    It was a battle with Speedy J and I was too strong for my sandbag and busted it open on the last round. Good thing G was on top of things and quickly grabbed me a new one, but I had given up too much ground to Speedy….thus she beat me by like 2 burpees. But fun times as always!
    Like the post WOD muscle up and plyo work! Did a couple full turn out, strict muscle ups!

  21. Teach

    Ummm… I second what B Jules stated…..where was Club Atomic peeps tonight? I had to really piss off Bullhorn and Playboy with the bumpin Club ACF music, which was kinda fun, but not as fun as all my ACF ladies being there!
    Great job Bullhorn, BJules and Playboy! Thanks to the peanut gallery for sticking around to cheer them on! I even got to see my teammate…the mighty Sledge!

  22. G

    Rest Day/skill day for moi.
    Worked on repeats with two different cadences per Brian MacKenzie’s homework. Ouch!
    Then at the box, MU skill work with Coach Nate along with Teach and Speedy J.
    Welcome on your first WOD, Leslie!
    @Southpaw, see you next week
    Congrats on the three consecutive full turnout kipping MUs and the strict MUs as well! WOW!
    Well, Bullhorn was jammin’!
    Good to see Lloyd, Tony, Ian M and B-Jules back in action! Also, good to see Sledge stop by.
    @Gina, we’ve been there before. Glad those stretching drills helped!
    @JohnnyBaad, post WOD 20 consecutive 225# DL was enough penance for miscounting 🙂
    Glad to see Bday girl tackle the sandbag demons!

  23. A.O. (Dolenga)

    Happy Birthday Nisha.
    First workout with the bumpers in the garage. Shoulder press 95# x 5 x 3
    Deadlift 285 x 5 x 3

  24. Taramisu

    It was so great to see everyone this morning. Thanks for the push Easy R. And yes ms special K, handles would have helped a lot. Again, your hair looks awesome, perfect look for u:-)