CrossFit Games Open 11.2


03.29.2011 to 04.03.2011

MEN / MASTERS 45-49 & 50-54:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
155 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps, 24" box

WOMEN / MASTERS 45-49 & 50-54:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
9 Deadlifts (100lbs / 45kg)
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (20")

Masters Men 55 & above: (145lbs / 65kg), (20")

Masters Women 55 & above: (90lbs / 40kg), (20")

Paige Nutt 10 rounds + 9 deadlift (100lbs)(20").
Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments and/or register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.  Check out the video on movement standards.

Push-ups:  hand release at the bottom (air distance between entire hand and floor must be visible), arms must be at 90 degrees at the bottom, nipple to above the chest must be in contact with the ground and the entire body must come up in one unit "sagging, snaking, worming or waving on the way up is a misrep".

Update on the Open: Week 1 and Update on the Open: The Launch of the Games Site.

ACF shirt models
What a bunch of good looking crossfitters with their good lookin ACF shirts on!

Above, Left to Right:  Hernan The Barbarian, The Irishman and LTerminator (HeMan)

Today is Joe F's aka "The Irishman" birthday.  Joe is a strong power lifter and olympic weightlifter pound for pound.  He is shown above bench pressing with Toddski.  Happy Birthday Joe!

48 Responses to “OPEN SECTIONALS WOD 11.2”

  1. Macho

    Happy B-day Joe!
    8+25 rx Go get it guys!
    I predict RamRod will be the man to beat on this one. hmmm. 13 rounds rounds for him?

  2. Billdozer

    Ramrod is tough, no doubt. But I’m getting hopped up on Coconut water all day to give him a run.

  3. Macho

    Dozer. I am trusting all of those complaints about CF push-ups over the past months are now answered 😉
    I know you will do outstanding, but when you watch RamRod do Box Jumps it is like Poetry, and considering he can do Push-ups for weeks and the Deadlift weight is basically a speed bump…advantage RamRod

  4. heatherd

    Happy Birthday, Joe.
    BTW, don’t forget to have your coolers up at the box tomorrow by 2:30 if you placed an order with YWF. Also, if you ordered raw milk, make sure you have some ice in it.

  5. Lingo

    I like this Macho’s way with words.
    Happy birthday Joe! (Wouldn’t have guessed you were of Irish ancestry, but what the heck do I know.)

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Happy Birthday, Joe!
    7 rounds (RX)
    Great job, 9:30!

  7. Toddzilla

    I strained the bleepity-bleep out of my shoulder. I will be at box to judge, but not to compete. See yall there.

  8. Billdozer

    I must say, Ramrod does look like a Greek god with his shirt off, I can’t compete with that.

  9. Macho

    Of course the ladies will dominate, our girls could kick ass at men’s weight\height on this one.
    They get to move 100# and jump 20″! All that training at 24″ is going to give them an edge!
    Plus we’ve been training CF Push-ups…should be a nice result for team ACF!

  10. Toddzilla

    Although some posted videos on crossfitgames site showed athletes guiding bar down on the ninth DL rep, Tony Budding did not say that the athlete could not drop bar on last rep.
    Note: he did say dropping the bar throughout wod is okay, so it would be safe to assume we can drop bar on the ninth rep. Just an observation.
    See yall at 6.

  11. Holly

    Happy Birthday, Joe!
    Ingrid, you are The Best! Thank you for your
    encouragement…. would not have done the
    95 lbs without you! Toe, your box jumps were awesome!
    Ingrid, yours too! You’re incredible!

  12. Special K

    6 + 34 (made it through the 3rd round RX but then had to go to KPU)
    Had to go the the noon class today, great group! Thanks Cheryl, Cheif and Bobo for the help with pull-ups post WOD. Y’all are awesome!!!

  13. Coach Jim

    If you intend to judge this evening please make every effort to be at the box by 5:30 for movement review. This one has two movements that can be tricky.

  14. Ramrod

    guess i let eeeeeeeeeverybody down now
    but i do appreciate the kind words gentlemen
    saturday body will be rested

  15. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy bday Joe!
    Will do this WOD @ home.

  16. Barbella

    it’s Sheryl with an “S”, special K =0)
    always have to correct that.
    6+24 85lbs
    Happy to see Grace & Special K today…even got the Coaching from Bobo!! Hump day.
    FPR your car was there, I was so excited…but no you…

  17. mario c

    mario c
    7 rds + 3 scaled to 6 DL (65#) and 10 step ups (16#) per round.

  18. Special K

    Sorry Sheryl, I apologize, my name is always misspelled, and it drives me crazy…

  19. Jen W.

    Happy Birthday Joe!
    Good luck to everyone on tonights WOD.

  20. Irishman

    Thanks everyone for the warm Bday wishes! Good luck on the WOD tonight!

  21. Alice S

    Happy birthday Joe!!!
    6+5( #85)
    Great job 0830 peeps!!!
    Way to go Toe!!!
    See you Friday “Thundercats”!!!

  22. BJULES

    Happy BDay Joe!!
    Good luck tonight on the WOD peeps!

  23. The Nomad

    HBD Joe! My gift to you is a Lady Aggie final four appearance.
    Did sectional today @ 210 Crossfit. 8 rounds + 9 DLs

  24. The Nomad

    Jim or Grace,
    I am assuming 210 cf will validate?

  25. DirtyD

    HBD Irishman!
    7rds +35 (105#, plates)
    note to Jim: not OLD people, but people with OLD knees step up onthe box. And you’re right, DLs are just a speed bump on this one. Grace would have no-repped many of my PUs. Exciting action tonight. ACF women rule 🙂

  26. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    5+10 RX muscle fatigue on CF push up came on quick!
    800m run with Tara post WOD!
    Thanks for the push Coaches Jim and G <3!!!
    watch part of the Sec WOD at the open gym, definitely felt the adrenaline in the air !!!
    Good job Dirty D!!!!

  27. Steve

    Happy Birthday Joe!
    8 +28
    135# deadlift
    24 inch box steps

  28. Kathy M

    Happy Birthday Joe!!
    8 Rounds + 28(70#/kpu/3-45#weights step ups)

  29. Taramisu

    It felt good to be back. Now if I can just stay consistent. Thanks for the post wod run Jen, and the push G and Jim.

  30. Keith F

    6 + 21 rx
    Looking forward to giving this wod another shot on Saturday
    Great energy at the box tonight!

  31. Billdozer

    9+14(RX) Gonna have to do this one again, went out the gate too fast. I should have noticed what C-Note was doing behind me a little more, because it paid off.

  32. G

    9 + 9 (Rx) – special mention to Bullhorn for the extra reps on the last 5 seconds 🙂 There were two bullhorns tonight, the hand-held bullhorn with Coach Jim and Bullhorn himself!
    Fantastic energy at the box today, especially during Open Gym with all the Sectionals athletes giving it their all! Thanks to everyone (too many to mention) who was there for the support.

  33. Jen C

    7+19 (RX)
    What a great atmosphere during open gym! Everyone did an amazing job!

  34. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD this morning Gary C and Vilma!
    Good to see Rossi, Shelly, Dawn, Taramisu, Ian M, Tosha, Lamar, Lawrence, Jared M and Dub back in action.
    @Toddski/Toddzilla, hope you recover just in time to do the Open WOD 11.2 on Saturday.
    @Bitchy Eggroll, awesome milestone! We knew you had it in ya! So good to see our athletes realize they could do things that they would have never imagined doing before. Boom!
    @Beast, good to see you chime in!
    @Ramrod, yeah you should have set your equipment a lot closer together for more logistics advantage and not stop 5 seconds to gasp for air because your 11 rounds + 16 reps is merely the highest score for the affiliate team 🙂 You are the guy to chase!
    @The Nomad, way to represent! 210CrossFit will need to validate your score but it will count towards your affiliate team, Atomic CF.
    The apps are not iPhone friendly on the submission and validation, though.
    @Barbella, great to see you, too!
    @Speedy J, it was great trying to keep up with you tonight! Loved the rush of the chase!
    Many were able to this WOD as rx’d. Very nice! You all make this fun and no words can describe how rewarding it is to see the progress (even the little ones, they all add up)!

  35. T-REX

    8 rounds (RX). I wish I recorded those last few reps when Cal was yelling at G, good stuff!