Wednesday 110406

CrossFit Games Open 11.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
165 pound Squat clean
165 pound Jerk

Women will use 110 pounds.

Masters 55yrs and older (M 135lbs/W75lbs)

Squat clean and Jerk
In this movement, the barbell goes from ground to overhead with the athlete passing through a full squat position while the barbell is racked on the shoulders. This can be a full-squat-clean-thruster, a power-clean-front-squat-split-jerk, or anything in between as long as the three key positions are reached. The barbell begins on the ground. Touch and go is permitted. No bouncing. The athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below knees. The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the heels and heels in contact with the ground (see photo below).

Please be sure to watch the entire workout instruction video for full details. One round includes a squat clean and a jerk. You must complete the squat clean before moving on to the jerk and you must complete the jerk before moving on to the next squat clean. If you miss a jerk you may power clean the bar to set up your jerk attempt. You will enter your result by the number of rounds completed, plus an additional squat clean if the final round is incomplete.

Heather Bergeron 29 rounds (58 reps), Pat Sherwood 22 rounds + 1 clean (45 reps).
Post rounds and reps completed to comments and/or register and submit your results as part of the CrossFit Games Open.


Enlarge image

For a rep to count for the CrossFit Games Open, the barbell must end in the stable position over the heels. The left image is close but not quite complete. The bar is forward of the toes and is not stable. The right image meets all standards.

If you are a registered Open Sectionals athlete attending a regular class other than the Open Gym, a judge will be assigned to you.  Judges and registered athletes must watch the video.

Read the full workout description and watch the video

Update on the Open: Week 2.

21 Responses to “OPEN SECTIONALS WOD 11.3”

  1. Junior

    22 rounds
    Aida, thanks for “letting” me use your shoes! πŸ™‚
    Definitely working on some strategy for this one.
    Post WOD 10 squat clean thrusters. Going to have to throw those into the mix throughout the 5 minutes.
    5 minutes goes by fast! For everyone doing it tonight, get on the bar ASAP. The time is up before you know it!
    Good Luck!!

  2. JRabbit

    Good Luck everyone!!! I will be cheering for you!!!

  3. Billdozer

    C-Note….if you do the wod at 6 we can have The Clean and Jerk off Part Deux. Just a thought.

  4. Silverback

    9.5 Rds (Rx)
    Don’t know yet if this was practice. Had a judge (Coach G) in case I want it to ultimately count. Had 2 fails. My advice to everyone is if you clean it, you better jerk it cuz a fail on the jerk robs you of way too much energy and sanity…

  5. JohnnyB

    Coach Silverback, I’m sorry I need to rectify myself on that one!
    Nonetheless, Thank you for counting & coaching me!
    20 Reps ~ 135#
    Thank CoachG!

  6. The Force (Kendra)

    10 RDS (95). Ouch. Lots of hard work in the box today. Good luck to everyone competing.

  7. chrissy c

    23 Reps (65#)
    Tried 75# after the WOD, wouldn’t have gotten too far with that weight!

  8. Keith F

    1.5 rds (Rx)
    This one was frustrating, but at least I set a PR for overhead (165) — and I’m no longer scared of the weight….I might be crazy enough to try it again on Saturday.
    Too bad all those power cleans didn’t count πŸ™‚

  9. T-REX

    15 (rx). + post wod 15×2 GHD. Great energy! Thx to the tribe for the encouragement! G, thx for the blue steel glare, that’s what’s up!

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    25R+1 (65#)
    Awesome 4pm group!!!
    great job with the sectionals ACF athletes!
    thanks for letting me try your bar HD, happy i was able to power clean 95# woohoo!
    thanks for the push n cheer Logan!
    See you next weeks AK!
    thanks G!

  11. G

    13 Rounds + 1 (Rx) – WOW! Great crowd tonight!
    Having FPR in front and watching her repping it and The Other Irish yelling from behind kept me going. Thanks to everyone!
    Will definitely give it another try on Saturday, why not?!!

  12. G

    Welcome on your first WOD, Luisa!
    Welcome back Cano!
    Good to see TripleB, Matt H, Gary C, Ox, Oshey, Jared M, Logan, Lawrence, DNeely, Dub, C-Note, Jen C back in action!
    @T-Rex, it’s the Yoda effect. Teach knows what we are talking about πŸ™‚
    @ZenJen, 95# Power Clean!! What a milestone!
    @Macho, overhead 165 is above your bw, way to attack it!
    @Silverback, Saturday crowd will provide good energy for you to beat your score today. Solid movements today!
    @The Force with 95#
    @HD with 95#
    @JenC as Rx’d
    @RockyTop as Rx’d – I am so proud of you ladies for getting headstrong on the load!
    @Fam, rest and massage will get you ready for Saturday!
    @Arnold, thanks for offering your biceps. Perhaps next time I’ll bite harder – j/k =)
    @Toe, way to practice on the squat cleans Toe. Wish we were there to coach and encourage you through it.
    To mention a few, JohnnyBaaad, MasterG, Slim and many others – your “catcher’s ground to squats” look solid during the warm-up! We got 1 out of Chief today!
    @Keith, awesome on the PR!
    @SpeedyJ – it was an honor judging you tonight.

  13. G

    Oh and FPR, 2 Open WODs in 1 day! Both with just 1 rep difference from each other! You are something else! Bestia!

  14. Beast (aka JA)

    24 rounds in the AM and 26 in the evening. Only did 75# though. Maybe I’ll try the RX weight later in the week. It’s hard to do a WOD by myself…it was too quiet!

  15. DirtyD

    Fun times, great work everyone! Wouldn’t mind trying this one again.

  16. FPR

    For some reason I felt the need to do this WOD twice today
    Thanks for the push Steph, Fam, G! Awesome energy at the box at 6!
    No problem Jamie!!
    Janet, you’re a beast for sure! Awesome job everyone!
    Going at it again on Saturday!

  17. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    8 +1 (RX) I was scared of the weight; not anymore!
    Thanks Todd for coaching and everyone else for yelling at me so I wouldn’t quit! We truly have a very special box…it was awesome tonight! So thankful! Wish I could do it again saturday but momma and daddy are flying down from tennessee!!!!!!

  18. FPR

    haha…thanks G!! The energy tonight was awesome! Love it!

  19. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    16 rx
    Lots of fun tonight. The open is unbelievable and doing the WODs at the box is great. I’m really proud of our team and everyone competing. Way to kill it Bobby and TC.