“Fifth-degree Polynomial”


Bench Press

Ring Dips
OH Lunge (95)(65)


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Wednesday Night at ACF
Some of the folks from the huge crowd at Open Sectionals Wednesday Night at ACF! 

Check out our latest flickr (album).  The videos from last night will be uploaded soon.

ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel "Zip Line"

ACF shirtspotting Kelli Ashley and Dennis O

Our morning athletes (left to right), Dennis, Kelli and Ashley enjoyed zip-lining in Roatan, Honduras.

"Even on our trip, we were thinking about everyone back home and the grueling workouts we were having to miss….I think this was the closest thing to working out that we did. :)" – Kelli


ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel "Which Shade Of Orange Do You Prefer?"

ACFshirtspotting Tiger

Nice shirt "Tiger" !

31 Responses to ““Fifth-degree Polynomial””

  1. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Not really sure what I’m doing in that picture…but for those of you who don’t understand…that means that I am from the REAL UT, which would be TENNESSEE! GO VOLS! Grace you have to quit stealing pictures from facebook…thats awful! 🙂

  2. Bullhorn

    good WOD, Great job yesterday everyone, we need to keep this wave of energy rolling!

  3. Billdozer

    Definitely a good crowd last night, great energy. Lets keep it going on Saturday people.
    We all know how I feel about the mighty Volunteers, all I will say about Texas is that for a team that has the top recruiting class every year, they sure do know how to underachieve!

  4. Will M

    KT Upper Arm
    Band ring dips, then box
    My arms are so damn sore. Sunday took it outta me. Thanks for all the congrats
    Glad to be back in the groove of things.

  5. Silverback

    So U of Tennessee finally received their accreditation & they’re now a 4-year university??

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    8:07 (GHD Sit Ups, CF Push Ups, Weighted Lunges-65#)
    Thanks Coach D for modifying the crap out of the conditioning for me on this one. Awesome job, 9:30!

  7. CANO

    Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back from my surgery. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’ll get there. Thanks Grace for letting me do my own thing to help get my knee back in shape.
    I did 4 Rounds:
    500m row
    15 KB Swings

  8. Mike B

    Great job today 9:30!
    11:59 almost Rx (95#, banded ring dips)
    Nice to finally meet Lingo, I don’t know if all the stories are true but he didn’t try anything funny today that I saw.
    However, there are a LOT of stories from different people!
    Jared – nice to meet you on your 4th WOD great work today

  9. Tiger

    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    All the live long day.
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    You can not get away.
    Do not think you can escape them
    At night or early in the morn-
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you
    ‘Till Gabriel blows his horn.
    Hook’em TEXAS

  10. JackRabbit

    Sorry just have to throw a little Gig’em in here! WHOOP!
    65-75-85-(95 with the legs!)
    13:28 (purple band for ring dips)
    Good WOD today! Had fun with AShley and Sheryl with an “S” on bench press today!
    Great job nooners! Thanks Coach D!!!

  11. Lingo

    13:09 (blue band ring dips)
    65-55-45 Overhead Lunge – better to get the form right.
    Welcome to the box, Gary. Also nice to meet you Mike! Unless they’re awesome, all those stores are mainly false. (Not all, but mainly).

  12. JohnnyB

    1 mile run with 20lbs vest after WOD~ Thanks Speedy J, Hernann, Southpaw, & Mike for running with me..
    Thanks CoachG!

  13. Gina

    75-85-95(2)-100(M). WOD DNF due to knee.
    Overall, just not my day

  14. Ramrod

    Great job to all the morning classes! Had the privilege of joining the 4pm crew today. Way to fight through those dips and lunges guys.
    Metcon: 6:18

  15. Speedy J

    Enjoyed sharing the bar Beth, Hernann & JohnnyB – good job on PR, light weight!
    1 mile vest run post WOD..glad we did it!

  16. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    17:40 rx
    And yes, that’s 1 extra lift since teach and Billy said I sandbagged on 165.

  17. Keith F

    16:58 (75#)
    OH lunges are slightly better than last time….work in progress. In hindsight, shoulda gone heavier on the last two sets of bench press, the weight just feels lighter than it used to.

  18. The Force (Kendra)

    85-90-95(2)-100. 13:27 (55, purple band assisted ring dips, knees to arm pits). Thanks for the push Teach and Hernan. I wanted to do the lunges without any weight at all because my quads were so sore but glad I attempted it and made it through it.

  19. Babs

    8:58 (k to air, with thin white band, 25#)

  20. chrissy c

    Hey Will – the pic I was talking about this morning is from April 5.

  21. chrissy c

    12:47 (Knees sometimes to bar, to elbows, to armpits, to air…/Blue Band Ring Dips/45#)
    Good WOD this morning!!

  22. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    \m/ Hook ’em!!! Tiger! As UT alumni & now UT Houston faculty I have to say I’m impressed by your repeating the words to the song! Nicely done, sir!
    I would have to say that this was not at all my best day. But thanks Coach G for the pep talk. It helped. (Still hate posting this).
    9:21 (parralets, 35#)
    The good news is that it can only get better. Way to go 4 pm crew! Great working with you!

  23. BJules AkA J Mo (Thursday nights only nickname)

    Hookem’ Horns!!!!
    7:19 (45#, band ring dips)
    Great group at club ACF tonight! All the men were taking their clothes off for ladies night!!!! Fun sharing the bar with HD, ATL, and Danielle! Thanks for spinning my jams tonight DJ Teach!

  24. Teach

    Awesome fun tonight!
    It was the all male revue at 6:00pm, followed by a fist-pumpin’ Club Atomic at 7:00!
    Great to see Aimee and Danielle visit us from the ATL tonight.
    Glad to see that Fight Club might have a good shot at pole dancer if that whole financial planner thing doesn’t work out 🙂
    Nice to meet you Trae, Randy and Robert!
    Babs – great job on the Bench Press! That last rep looked way too easy.
    J Mo – it’s always Club Atomic when you’re there 🙂
    We even got a cameo from the Wolverine himself! He was bench pressing with his fingertips (yea – he’s that strong!) 🙂

  25. Teach

    10:41 (Rx)
    Thanks for sharing a bar with me Speedy J, JohnnyBAAADDD, and the Barbarian! Thanks for not letting me take TOO easy of a day 🙂 Peer pressure works wonders.

  26. Eileen

    11:03; 45-50-55-65; KTA; para dips; 25#; thanks for the push, Beth.

  27. G

    Late post…..
    Rocky Top, but you look good in that pic!
    Sorry I missed the Thursday ladies night! But glad everyone had fun!
    Welcome back Cano and good to see Dr. Peter back in action.
    Southpaw, I completely understand where you are coming from!