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Please join us in welcoming Will Maloy to our team as an intern coach.  He comes from a strength and conditioning background and currently holds a USAW Club Coach Level 1 (check out his bio under "Coaches").  His background in strength and conditionaing, and proficiency in Olympic Weightlifting will contribute to our team's success in delivering a solid coaching package. 

8 Responses to “Announcement”

  1. Jack Rabbit

    Welcome Will!!
    15 Wall balls 14#
    7 clean and Jerk 75#
    15 kb 35#
    5 ring dips
    Thanks for joining me Matt! Great job!
    Lots of energy this morning…great job everyone!

  2. G

    Welcome Will! Coach Tim Swords will be proud!
    I agree with Jrabbit and Macho! Awesome energy at the Open Gym this morning! Lots of hard work!
    Btw, we will be opening up a Sunday afternoon Open Gym session very soon!

  3. DirtyD

    Good News! Afternoon open gym on Sunday Yeah!
    Welcome Will!!

  4. Speedy J

    Awesome addition! Afternoon on a Sunday would be great…much better than my garage.