“Lean Beef”

Burgener Warm-Up

20 Minutes to work on Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance, Speal vs Eric [wmv][mov]» Apr 12 10

3 Rounds for time

10 Burpees
10 Wall Ball (20)(14)
10 Renegade ManMakers (25)(20)
10 Goblet Squats (53)(35)

Post results to comments.

ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel "Big D Half Marathon"

Michael and Khara Breeden half marathon
Congratulations to the Breeden couple!!  Khara aka "Special K" (far right) finished 2:21 and Mike aka "MikeB" (2nd from right) finished in 2:37.

ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel "UGANDA"

Kari in Uganda
Kari is enjoying her vacation overseas!

24 Responses to ““Lean Beef””

  1. SpeedyJ

    10:59(Rx) Enjoyed the snatch balance work..manmakers got tough!! Good job pacemakers!
    Congrats on the half Khara & Mike!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:19? (rx girl)
    Good job 8:30, shoulders fried.

  3. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    11:22 (Med Ball Cleans, 10#DB no overhead)
    Congrats Khara and Mike!
    Great job, 9:30!

  4. Disco D Nicole

    Congrats Khara and Mike!!!!!!!
    17:34 (10# wb,15#,35# kb)
    Good Job 8:30!!!!!!

  5. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    It was AWESOME to see my 9:30 peeps! Miss Dawn though!
    15:45 (10WB, 15DB)
    Congrats again Mike and Special K…looking good!!!
    Thanks Coach Ramrod!

  6. JackRabbit

    Nice job Khara and Mike!
    14:24 RX
    Those man-makers will getcha!
    Nice job everyone!
    Hope you feel better Coach D!!

  7. Barbella

    18:56 (or 19:56..can’t remember now)??
    Thx to AndiAn =0)
    Congrats Special K!

  8. Will M

    Love Sn Bal for depth work on the Snatch-Catch. 155 was a bit much, but it was all mental at that point. Nothing on those two putting 235+ up.
    Those man-makers made a boy outta me. Glad J was there to push my pace.

  9. Will M

    Oh and the 14:06 was Rx.
    PS Congrats Special K and Mike B.

  10. Teach

    Did this one in the ‘ol garage today, so I modified the crud out of it 🙂
    Snatch Balance- only could get up to 95# so I did a snatch and 2 balances for each round
    10 burpees
    10 thrusters (45#)
    10 renegade man makers (25#- I only had those dumbbells)
    10 squats (not sure of the weight….whatever Ansley weighs!)
    Man makers were heavy with 25# DBs! Plus I had a mid-WOD detour to grab a 2 year old who decided to make a break for it.
    Cool down: 1/2 mile walk pulling a wagon
    And that my friends is the joy of cros fitting at home 🙂

  11. The Nomad

    12:55 Rx – tried to keep pace with Cal to no avail. Maybe someday I will have washboard abs too.

  12. The Force (Kendra)

    14:59(rx). It’s like I told Tammy after the wod…… I was pretty sure I was doing more of a renegade WOman-maker but oh well.

  13. Special K

    16:09 (kpu)
    Those man makers made me thankful I’m a woman, whew!!!
    So good to see my long lost Dirty D and Zen Jen today!
    Thanks for all the kudos everyway, y’all are the greatest!!

  14. chrissy c

    14:01 RX EXCEPT (a big except!) for the RMM – 10# on the DB.
    Of course, it didn’t matter what weight I used on the RMM – they are just plain EVIL!
    Will – your Sn Bal is a thing of beauty!
    Teach – next time I have to do Goblet Squats I’m bringing my cat, Tony Gato with me. He only weighs 14#!! 🙂
    Babalicious – love it!!!

  15. Keith F

    OHS practice for me tonight…my form is steadily improving….thanks Jim!
    16:38 (14#WB,20#DB,44#KB)
    Congrats Khara and Mike!

  16. DirtyD

    good to work with Coach D and my 0930 peeps.
    gotta find a way to get more time in @thebox!
    16:35 kpu,12#db,26KB
    Congrats MikeB & SpecialK!!!

  17. G

    55-65-75-85-95 Love Snatch Balance!
    Thanks Coach Jim. Fun sharing the bar with you The Force. Great energy with the 5pm crew, TC, T-Rex, Rocky Top, The Force, The Other Irish, Cal, Blanca, Lisa, TMac2 and Nomad
    MetCon 10:26 (15# DBs) Kept the sets unbroken.

  18. G

    Good to see Lloyd, T-Rex, MP, HD, 007, Lisa H, Blanca, TripleB, Andi and Trae back in action!
    Congrats Khara and MikeB!
    We miss ya Kari but glad you are having fun on your vacation.
    @Teach, you pretty much did RX+. Doesn’t Ansley weigh 16 pounds? In preparing for WOD 11.4 you might want to do major foam rolling of those lats and traps!
    @HD, this was your lift 🙂
    @Chrissy, Tony Gato is a cool cat name. The only thing though is he might compete with the music….I don’t know which is really music to the ears at 5:30am? Korn….Ministry…Marilyn Manson….or Tony Gato screaming everytime he hits the orange target – hahaha!
    @Kelli, thanks for the Sozo anti-oxidant drinks.
    60 Burpees, 30 OHS and MUs…..here we come!!!!!

  19. Teach

    @G – Ansley weighs closer to 25# 🙂 plus she moves…don’t I get a bonus for that?

  20. Kari

    Thanks Grace! I’m back in town but am under the weather. Planning to be back soon!

  21. G

    @Teach, 25# moving “object” has a quasi-proprioceptive effect; bonus for sure!
    @Kari, oops, I’m just now posting your pic 🙂
    Anyway, hope you feel better soon!

  22. T-REX

    11:23 (RX), great working out w/ G and the 5pmers