“Dry Ice”

5 Rounds for time:
500m Run
12 Hanging Power Cleans (95)
12 Box Jumps
12 Push Press (95)


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Oshey!

33 Responses to ““Dry Ice””

  1. Junior

    23:13(65#, 24’box)
    Post WOD…first ever MUSCLE UP!!!! Thanks Ramrod for the pointers! You liked the nice sweaty hug! πŸ™‚
    Lets see if I can do it after 60 burpees and 30 OHS!
    HBD Oshey

  2. G

    W O W!! Congrats Junior! Yay! Muscle-Up Club’s newest member! I’m so proud of ya! Well done Ramrod!

  3. Chrissy

    26:56 (45#/20’box)
    Geeze, sorry I missed the MU Junior, but I had to run. Congrats girl!
    Hope you get to feeling better Ramrod.

  4. Speedy J

    Great job Jamie!!! Wish I was there to witness..
    Happy Birthday Oshey!

  5. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Happy birthday, Oshey.
    Congrats, Jamie!!
    27:58 (3 rounds: 65# HPC, decline CF push ups; 2 rounds 500m Run & 12 Box Jumps)
    Frustrating day. Trying to shake it off though. Great job, 9:30!!

  6. Special K

    Congrats Junior!!
    HBD Oshley!!
    28:18 (65#, 20″)
    Felt good, I’ve been feeling a little beat up post marathon this week, but today felt good, actually helped work out some of my kinks. Yay! See y’all next week!!

  7. JackRabbit

    22:14 (65#, 24 box)
    Great job everyone! Worked hard to stay with FPR…she really pushed me today and I loved it! Thanks friend!

  8. FPR

    21:42(65#,24 box)
    Awesome push from JackRabbit…you’re Fast!
    Great job 930!

  9. Nisha

    29:36 (65#, 20″)
    The runs weren’t pretty but I did manage to do all the bar work with unbroken reps πŸ™‚

  10. Speedy J

    19:37(65#)..body is tired, shoulders need a rest day!! TC, sorry about all the whining and yelling at you for walking..fun muscle up crash course post WOD, thanks Beth!! Way to wreck the WOD!

  11. Kathy M

    Happy Birthday Oshley!!
    22:00 (Row,35#,stp ups)

  12. Kaylynn

    25:55 (50#,20″)
    Liking the Burgener wu’s…think it’s helping!
    Good to see you Darlene!

  13. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    33:08 (35#, 18)
    I seem to have become less inhibited since starting Crossfit 2 months ago. My apologies to the 4pm & 5pm classes for witnessing it. Believe me, when I finally gave in to heat (hot flashes??) & removed my shirt for the WOD, I was self conscious at first when my belly unfurled. But on the upside, it did create a nice breeze for my legs as I “ran”. I decided that I enjoyed the freedom & no longer cared about the show & the group’s possible premature (preWOD)meetings with Pukey. (maybe I am getting old, huh?)
    Anyway, great class today! Loved being with the 4pm crew & special thanks to Coach G for the teaching, attention, & encouragement.

  14. Babs

    27:30 (35#, 18″step-ups)
    OK,Chrissy you squeaked by again.
    Glad you are back DAR!

  15. Sid

    Holy crap what a Wod to come back to!!! Good seeing 7 o’clock crew again!

  16. TC

    Happy Birthday Oshey!!!
    Speedy J its all good I needed to push through the pain!!!
    Nice work Jr.!!!

  17. G

    23:39 (65#, 20″) – I was blinded by the Texas Flag running shorts, thanks Lingo!
    Thanks for the push Teach!
    @Teach, 1 MU shy of 1 Round and you only had 2 failed attempts :)….imagine that! Great score for WOD 11.4!
    @Kaylynn, awesome!
    @Southpaw, that’s good that you’re getting used to it because in the hot sizzling months, the shirt gets sweaty and heavy. Learning the proper sequence of the movements, muscle recruitment patterns and footwork is key! Good job today!
    @Nisha, unbroken sets is the ultimate goal. Awesome job!
    @TC, unload week is due with the exception of Sectionals WOD. Way to hang tuff today!
    Welcome back Sid, Drew and Dar!
    Good to see Sniper Josh, Chi, Darryl, Wingman, OMG, Kathy M, MP, Court and Gary W back in action! Also, Victor H from yesterday.
    Junior = first MU!
    Toe = 24″ box jump!

  18. Teach

    Did the sectionals WOD today. Thanks Silverback for judging…since you’ve been my judge each week at least once, I think you’re hired! Thanks weezy for cheering me on!
    99 total reps – 1 freakin’ MU shy of a round!!! Grrrrr….

  19. Teach

    Great job tonight everyone!
    Courtney- way to fight through that WOD, unbroken sets is no joke!
    Great to see Sid, Drew and Dar tonight!
    Sunil- a thousand percent improvement on your squats! It’s showing in other movements
    Trae- do your squat therapy and you will see the payoff

  20. DAR

    Happy Birthday Oshey! Hope you had an awesome day!
    Good to see the 7pm crew and other familiar faces again. πŸ™‚
    24:30ish 35# 20″(last two rounds was stepups) Scaled but need to take some time to ease back in.
    Congrats everyone on the milestones today…9 mu’s is no joke, Teach! Way to go!!