Kari S
Happy Birthday Kari!


ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel “CrossFit Invictus”

HTB acf shirtspotting CF Invictus
Hernan The Barbarian at CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, California.

Toddski's vacation part 1
“ATOMIC” siting at one of Toddzilla’s travel stops.

10 Responses to “Announcement/Greetings”

  1. Jen C

    Happy birthday!
    Did the sectionals WOD this a.m….Thanks Silverback for judging. I have never done an OHS at 90# and I got more than the 1 I hoped to get. 0 rds + 70 reps.

  2. Kari

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I’m almost well and hope to be back this week! Happy Sunday!

  3. Schubert

    Glad to make it out on a Sunday. Thanks Grace.

  4. G

    Good to see Toddski, O’Malley, Michael S, and TimboSlice back in action today!
    Michael S, glad that the Sunday OG works for you. A lot of athletes showed up this afternoon. Great energy!
    Arnold and Abbye, way to give WOD 11.4 another try today!
    Hope your birthday was fun Kari! See you very soon!
    HTB, way to represent!
    TOddski, I like that sign!