“The Grenade”

Handstand Holds (According to skill level) x 5

For Time:

50 Cal Row
50 Double-Unders (150 Singles) – Unbroken; 3 burpees for each miss
30 KB Swings (70)(53) – Unbroken; 3 burpees if the KB stops swinging or missed ROM
30 Push Press (95)(65) – Unbroken; 3 burpees if bar drops below the shoulder
30 Pull-ups – Unbroken; 3 burpees for each miss



This is why I CrossFit. I'm not the fastest, I can't do muscle ups, and ghd's are a non-starter, but I cannot stress how much this type of training helps with real world applications. In this case, timed stressfire on a moving target at 100 yards…one of many stages from my last match.

The actual target is a 3" dot. Each position required climbing/descinding, a magazine drop, bolt back, and repositioning. I trapped the target with my scope  reticle, leading 2 mils each way. With my heart rate up there, and my breathing elevated, it makes a steady position to break the shot extremely difficult…and this is where CrossFit is key.

Thanks for keeping me fit.


Josh P (aka Sniper Josh) is a regular with the Pacemakers.

30 Responses to ““The Grenade””

  1. Macho

    13:59 Rx
    Good Stuff Sniper! Keep up the great training!

  2. Speedy J

    Body was grateful to row this morning, thanks Jim and G!
    Thanks for sharing Sniper!

  3. Coach Jim

    Good job Speedy J. Competitors remember, you are competing on Wed and Sat (Crawfish MegaFest) You should be in “competition mode” right now…Maintenance and recovery between competitions. Be smart. Avoid over training.

  4. G

    Thank you Coach Jim! We all needed to hear that, including myself.
    Also, get a deep tissue massage if you can. If not, then do the contrast hot/cold therapy; “Ice baths and steamy showers”! We can’t stress enough how important it is on your recovery.

  5. Chrissy

    16:58 (Singles/35#KB/45#/Thin White Band)
    Ya know, it sucks when you get to pull up #30 and only get your nose to the bar! Burpee, Burpee, Burpee. It’s wrong in so many ways. 🙂

  6. Jackrabbit

    Great job Josh!
    15:07 (band, 44#KB)
    Horrible job on the pull-ups…need to really hit those hard!
    Kate…outstanding job today! Great job 830!

  7. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    11:35 (35# Russian KB Swings, 20# Seated Dumb Bell Press, RR)
    Awesome job, 9:30! And congrats on your first WOD doing pull ups without the band, Ox! Amazing!

  8. Josh P.

    Nate –
    That particular stage was situated where we had a full value 15-20mph wind, but the target was moving at 5-6mph left to right and right to left. Given the “uncomfortable” and unstable support and elevated heart rate (I was racing the guy next to me), I didn’t worry about holding for wind, especially at 100-ish yards.
    Let me know when you want to shoot, I’m always game for it…I’ll even supply the rifle and ammo!

  9. DirtyD

    150 lateralsteps/35#/45#/purpleband cheat pu’s
    I did about 20reps as shoulder press. Duh.
    Almost stayed home when I saw all the scaling I would have to do–but that doesn’t make sense either!
    Thanks Sheryl and Lauren for helping me get over my fear of being upside down.
    Great nooner CoachD.

  10. Gina

    16:00 (singles, 35, 55, band)
    oh, it’s so great to be back! Frustrating to get to single #142 before stepping on the rope, BUT I was able to finally get a good handstand!

  11. The Nomad

    14:49 – (53)(65) girls weight. Didn’t want to blow it out with sectionals tomorrow. HTB, I will get you a pretty pink bow for that 44# kettle bell next time!

  12. Nisha

    17:48 (40KB, grn band)
    Was debating between singles and DUs..finally decided on DUs and suprisingly only had to do 3 sets of burpees on them 😉

  13. Babs

    Anything not to do too many burpees!

  14. Billdozer

    9:03(RX) We should do this one more often. Ready for 20 minutes of Pain tomorrow! The athletes are gonna need the full support of everyone at the box tomorrow for this doozy!

  15. G

    13:50 (Rx) – Loved this WOD!
    Huge set on the 53#KB! But he put me in my place after 24 reps :[ – eh! Great motivational consequences Coach Jim! Evil but definitely very effective.
    Thanks for the constant encouragement Toddski and HTB!
    Thank you Coach JB!

  16. Ramrod

    Shout out to the big fella TC foe getting his first muscle up!

  17. Kaylynn

    16:28 (singles, 35#kb, 45#, small blue band)
    Thanks for the intro on GHD situps and back extensions JB! Excited to start working on them!

  18. G

    Awesome job on your baseline tonight Kathy G!
    Welcome on your first WOD Paige!
    Huge Milestone tonight for our big guy, the man, TC….1 MU!! Yay, aren’t you glad Coach Daniel stopped by tonight?!
    @TimboSlice and @MP, way to tackle the 70#KB!
    Good to see Lloyd, Kathy M, S*Nash, JohnnyBaaad, Gina, Brant, Teach, Fight Club, Ox, Karina, Jared and, from yesterday-CarlosG back in action!
    Ok, lastly….6pm crew: Everyone is not allowed to leave until all the equipment is put away!!! You guys don’t expect Babs to pick up after you, right???!

  19. Toddzilla

    Hooray, I held the first place time for 30 minutes today!
    11:12 rx

  20. TC

    Not sure what my time was just pump to get a MU, this one was for everyone that gave tips and watched me swing around like a monkey for the last few days!!!! Thank you all!!!

  21. S*Nash

    Not even sure what my time was but I was the last person to finish so it can’t be very good.
    Regardless, I really gave it my all, muscles are still recovering! Could barely wash my hair! I did kips, so that’s a plus, everything else was scaled. I had a good time on the warm-up though, love handstands 🙂
    Great to see so many people, everyone did so well! Great job on the MU TC!! And for helping Billy get the freezer for us 🙂

  22. logan

    T.C., T.C., T.C., T.C., T.C.
    Way to go man…
    Twenty minutes of that not-so-fresh-feeling tomorrow. Can’t get any better.
    Anything to take my mind off the royal wedding.

  23. Sirun

    Felt great after today’s WOD as always. I think I am ready to move on to #26KB and black band!!

  24. Billdozer

    Logan, I couldn’t agree more.
    TC, I’m proud of you man but I’m still angry because I told you that you were not allowed to do muscle ups without me there to witness it.

  25. Schubert

    Not to many Burpees and I surprised myself by actually being able to do good hand stands during the warm up. Might try hand stand push ups in the next WOD, with a few ab-mats.
    21:17 (singles, 65lbs bar, 35lbs kb, thin white band on the pull ups)

  26. Dar

    WOO HOO TC! Cross that one off your list! Congrats, buddy!