Wednesday 110420


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Power cleans (145lbs / 65kg)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20lbs to 10' target)

*Women: (100lbs / 45kg) and (14lbs to 9' target)


Open Sectionals judges and athletes must watch the CF Open WOD 11.5 Instructions and Demo.


28 Responses to “OPEN SECTIONALS WOD 11.5”

  1. Jackrabbit

    7Rounds+7Reps (95#)
    It was so awesome to go below the orange line today on wall balls and not get yelled at! 😉
    G, thanks for helping me on my form.
    Good Job 530!
    Great to meet you Carolyn, Jamie and Craig!
    Good luck to everyone tonight!! KILL IT!!!

  2. Junior

    Switched at the last minute to an alternate WOD.
    2000m row
    45 WB (14#/9 ft- agreed on the awesomeness of going below the orange line)
    20 burpees
    toes to bar practice after WOD

  3. Macho

    I’m getting sleepy reading that receipt. Maybe that’s just the WallBall kicking my ass a second time.

  4. Teach

    That receipt makes me want to throw up 🙁
    Kind of excited about getting to toss a wall ball below the orange line! I feel like such a rebel!

  5. Schubert

    6 Rounds + 3 reps
    75lbs bar, feet hopelessly attempting to make it half way to the bar.

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    8 rounds + 21 Reps (65# PC, GHD Sit Ups, 14# Medicine Ball Cleans)
    Great job, 9:30! Nice to meet you, Jonathan.

  7. Special K

    7 Rounds + 15 (75#, toes?)
    Great to be back after a long stretch at work. Great job Fam, Arnold, Daniel and Wheezy on your sectional WODS.

  8. mario c

    mario c
    7 + 2 (scaled to 5 reps of everything per round. 85#; 14#)

  9. SpeedyJ

    Doing my best to make it tonight..swim practice and daughter duty.

  10. The Force (Kendra)

    7+10 (85). Toes to bar………arghhh. Good showing tonight. Lots of hard work from everyone.

  11. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    6+15 (75,10WB)
    good job 4pmrs!
    Thanks G!

  12. HeMan

    5+5 (115#, 14#)
    Grace – I counted right and did a 14# WB 🙂

  13. Keith F

    6 rounds (Rx)
    That was a rough 20 minutes…thanks for the push Grace!!

  14. Speedy J glad I could make it tonight. Great job everyone, thank you for the support and encouragement…the power of TEAM is awesome!!

  15. chrissy c

    Man, I didn’t get to do this one today. To make up for it, next time we are lucky enough to do WB, I’ll be a rebel too, and toss it below the orange line! Woo HOO!!

  16. Logan

    Thanks for the judging HTB and the yelling Robert. This WOD is diabolical. Abby, your improvement has been phenomenal. The way you pushed in the last round was inspiring.
    Cal – way to dig deep.
    8 +20 reps.

  17. Heatherd

    4+3 (Rx)…pretty sure that’s only my second wod with heavy weights to do Rx, so I’ll take it:)

  18. T-REX

    7+16(RX). Check out the last 2 mins of the second wave, love how Jim yells in the megaphone. http://www

  19. G

    8 Rds (Rx) – darn those Toes to Bar!!! Gotta love CrossFit, it makes you come back for more to work harder on your weaknesses. Thank you for judging and for pacing me Arnold, especially when I started going balls to walls in the beginning. You were a big help! Need to work on not being greedy on the reps!
    TEAM spirit was high at the box tonight! Thank you all for encouraging each other and thanks to the spectators, especially to our special guest Ken Clark from California and CFG top leaderboard in the Masters Division.

  20. Gina

    6 + 26 (80, knees to above head & a few to bar, bloody 14# ball)
    great energy tonight!!

  21. G

    Welcome back Boycel!
    Welcome to our visiting Crossfitter from La Fayette, LA, Jonathan!
    Good to see JRabbit with the Pacemakers very early this morning!
    Good to see Craig, Sniper, Gary C, HeMan, Braveheart, DirtyD, Ian M, Jimmy N, YoungBlood, Jeremy K, Eric W, Leslie, Sid and Drew back in action!
    @HD, doing 100 power cleans is a super milestone!
    @Rocky Top, way to be headstrong tonight!
    @Ox, glad you were able to catch the noon class
    @Chalkman (ahem, David Henley), you reclaimed your nickname today…I spoke too soon last week to somebody about you not having to use the chalk that much anymore.
    @T-Rex, most of the time Jim doesn’t need the mega-phone….which reminds me…I think I will need his voice recorded so I can listen to it on my headphones at the Crawfish Megafest this weekend.
    You are all special athletes in your own unique way…keep the energy rolling!!!!

  22. G

    @HeMan (or LutherTerminator), I could have sworn that you did more than that! You need to grab the toy soldiers or the cones next time! Good to see you back in action by the way!

  23. Billdozer

    Great job tonight everyone, good energy.
    One word for Saturday. Thundercrack!

  24. G

    @T-Rex, thanks for posting the video.
    @Billdozer, you forgot the other word….

    T I G E R B L O O D ……