“Grass Roots”

Pistol Practice (25 reps)

6 Rounds for time:
7   Static (strict) Pull-ups
14  Sit-ups
21  Air Squats
400m Run


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Reagan, aka "Contra"!!  This is Reagan's 3rd year of birthday celebration with ACF.

Visitor Jonathan
Jonathan, a CrossFitter from Lafayette, LA, dropped in to do the Sectionals WOD at ACF yesterday.

39 Responses to ““Grass Roots””

  1. Junior

    HBD Reagan.
    27:10 (Rx)
    Static pull ups SLOWED me down. Great work Chrissy! Glad we could both get 1st place this morning.
    Thanks for the coaching and the protection this morning, Ramrod! haha

  2. dirtyD

    HBD Reagan!
    I’m stuck @work today but still feeling buzzed from WODS 2 days in a row–finally logging some w/o’s!

  3. Chrissy

    25:16 (scaled to 3 static per round)
    Junior – you kicked butt with statics!! Way to go! Agreed – great that we each got first place – can’t beat that!!
    Thanks RR for the pistol tips! I’m still a spaztic with them, but I got 1 in!!
    Just glad we didn’t end up in a dumpster! 🙂

  4. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    28:13ish (RR)
    This was not nice after the 90 GHD sit ups I did yesterday in place of toes to bar. Wow. Awesome job 9:30!

  5. Matt H

    23:46 with a few kicks on some of the pull-ups.

  6. Contra

    I don’t often read/post on the message board; but, I noticed that my mug was plastered on the home page. Thank you everyone for the happy birthday’s – look forward to seeing a few of you this afternoon.

  7. Barbella

    28 even (band PUs)
    Thx Ramrod for lighting my cigarette after each “run” — MY GOODNESS today felt awful!

  8. Special K

    27:15 (band PU)
    I’m with you Barbella, today felt awful. The re-adjustment to humid air I think is harder than adjusting to the cold air. Great job 0830!!

  9. Monte

    22:37 (7 rounds, lost count…mixed static)
    Happy birthday, Reagan!

  10. Andrea / aka Genie

    Did the Open Sectional WOD #5!
    5 Rounds + 26!
    That was no joke!! Only about the 2 or 3rd time w/14# w/b. Me no like!! Thanks Coach Will for taking your time out to Coach me and thanks to Playboy for also getting me through and for the rest of the peanut gallery! I could hear ya, but my dizziness didn’t want to respond!! Atomic Box is the Best!! I miss my home away from home!

  11. Kaylynn

    26:58 (small yellow band)
    Great job Teach and Genie…wish I could’ve stuck around a bit to cheer you on Genie!
    HBD Reagan and welcome Brian!

  12. Speedy J

    Great job Beth and Genie!! One and done on this one..unless you are Aida and do it twice on the same day ;).
    500 row
    20 sit-ups
    20 back extension
    500 run
    Getting ready to kick it on Saturday…Thundercrack!!! Still not even sure what that means…

  13. Billdozer

    Janet, nobody knows what it means, but its provocative.

  14. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    Happy Birthday, Reagan. You were coming in this afternoon just I was leaving so I sort of met you.
    31:55 (jumping pullups).
    I noticed that this is the slowest time posted, but I am thrilled with it, because 1) I had to leave the ground which I had never done until I started ACF, and 2) I didn’t have to get tangled up in a band which always make me feel goofy & slows me down. Thanks guys for the encouragement.
    I enjoyed working with the 4 pm crew.

  15. Speedy J

    Perfect…keep them guessing..all they will know is THUNDERCRACK was there!

  16. Ramrod

    THUNDERCRACK is the sound you hear when batman punches a bad guy. Just like POW 🙂
    20:10 rx

  17. G

    Way to go on your baseline tonight Bryan M!
    Welcome on your first WOD, Kathy G!
    Good to see Monte and 007 back in action!
    @JohnnyBaaad, you have come a long way on those strict pull-ups!
    @Southpaw, good job on those since the jumps were small and you definitely got the training effect.
    Glad to see Reagan do his bday WOD today!
    @Genie, good thing the target is 9ft right?! 🙂 Nice hard work!
    Teach, I want to kip the T2Bs like you when I grow up! You made those look easy.

  18. FPR

    You only do the WOD twice in one day if you’re stupid enough to think you have two weeks to do the WOD and then you find out it has to be judged by Sunday night….ha
    Awesome job Beth! and yes, you made T2B look easy…
    THUNDERCRACK will definitely be remembered after Saturday!!

  19. Teach

    Great job tonight everyone!
    Great to meet Jessica this evening! She dropped in from the morning group.
    Kathy- way to fight through your 1st WOD! You didn’t give up 🙂 you’re definitely a crossfitter!
    Babs and Eileen- it was a race to the finish! You ladies were fast!
    Good to see Steve W. back tonight!
    Trae- keep working on those squats. I can already see you making progress!

  20. Teach

    I did the sectionals WOD tonight. Thanks FPR for judging! Thanks to Toe and Genie for being the cheering section!
    9rounds +27 reps. Had a great rhythm going and then I ripped 🙁 boo
    Oh well..