Crawfish Megafest 3 @ Bayou City CrossFit


Thundercrack first place std 3
Congratulations to Team Thundercrack for winning 1st place at the standard division! (Left to right) Billdozer, Ramrod, FPR and SpeedyJ

Flashbang 2nd Scaled division
Congratulations to Team Flashbang for winning 2nd place at the scaled division!  (Left to right)TC, Ace, Rocky Top and BJules

Tiger Blood
Team Tiger Blood took home a few PRs from the competition!  (Left to right) Cody, G, Arnold and Bobby

Group 4
Group 3
Group 1
G JB Jim trophies
Thank you all.  Many thanks to Bayou City CrossFit for hosting the event.  The WODs were challenging and fun!  Everyone had a blast! (Crawfish Megafest 3 Album, photos courtesy of BCCF)

8 Responses to “Crawfish Megafest 3 @ Bayou City CrossFit”

  1. Matt H

    Great job to all the contestants. You make ACF PROUD!!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Congratulations to everyone.. way to represent.

  3. Barbella

    Way to go ACF Superheros!!!!!
    Looks like you all had a blast doing it too!