20 Sit-ups – 10 Push-ups x 3 Rounds

Sandbag Weight (70)(50)

15 Sandbag Get-ups
15 Sandbag Steps-Ups (24')(20')
15 Sandbag Cleans

50 Hammer strikes (on Tire)
200m Sandbag + KB Carry (53)(35)

15 Sandbag Cleans
15 Sandbag Steps-Ups (24')(20')
15 Sandbag Get-ups

10 Burpee Wall Hops/Jumps
10 Tire Flips
1 Mile Run



33 Responses to ““Industry””

  1. Matt H

    I have yet to do the hammer strike, wall climb and tire flip. Can’t wait until this afternoon!

  2. SpeedyJ

    28:25 Rx..this was WORK! First time for the wall – good times!

  3. Disco D Nicole

    Thanks Chi for the help!!!!!!!
    41:13 (25# sb, 26# kb, 20″ step up )

  4. mario c

    mario c
    ? Never got my time cuz I stopped to watch everybody climb over the wall.
    Scaled this way: 6 reps of all the sandbag stuff; 21 hammer hits; 6 wall climbs; Wasn’t allowed to flip a car tire so I teamed with Lisa to flip a big tire; 500 meter shuffle; 25# sand bag; 18# KB on the carry.

  5. Jackrabbit

    35:41 Rx
    First time to do the wall…good thing I had my arm protectors on! HA!
    Great job 830!

  6. Silverback

    Had a great time with today’s WOD. All of the swinging, flipping and wall jumping reminded me of a secret mission Chief & I were on together during WWII.
    Jackrabbit, have you fessed up to C-Note that you cut up a pair of his tube socks to make your arm sleeves for today’s WOD?

  7. Chrissy

    35:11 (only did 50# on the first set of GetUps and the Carry with the KB – all other SB stuff was at 25#/Burpee Pull Ups – need to attack that wall when I have a little spring in my legs)

  8. Special K

    37:25 (#40 SB)
    Felt really good about this WOD till I hit that damn wall, we got into a big argument and then the damn thing came alive and beat the s**t out of me, haha!!
    Fun stuff!! Great job nooners!!

  9. Gina

    36:31 (40# due to lack of 50# bags)
    Fun WOD!!!
    G – thanks for the hand up over the wall. I now have one more thing I want to do on my own some day.
    April, hope your back is ok!!

  10. Sirun

    42:36 (#25SB, #26KB and 5 Wall jump)
    Thanks, Coach G for the hands up over the wall. And late thanks to Coach Daniel for moving me army men last Friday during the walking lunge!
    I had fun with this WOD today!

  11. Don

    32:45 (50# SB, 35# KB)I will sum it up with WOW. I think I need a life alert. I’ve fallen down and I cant get up

  12. Barbella

    Hate I had to leave early on this one –
    Got to 4 wall jumps (40# sandbag)
    Thx Juan for the WALL (if you still read these)
    Special K, you looked great your 1st & 2nd wall jumps ~ I liked that armrail assist thingy you did..lol
    I forgot to get you ph# too!

  13. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    46:22 (40SB, 18 box, wall assist by stepping on that blessed bracket that holds the wall up–10 times)
    okay, so again, I have the slowest posted time, BUT again, I’m delighted with it. I have never climbed over a wall in all my young years, & when I saw that we were doing that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it over. But I did 10 times, which means, I left the ground 10 times. I’ll eventually kill those WODs that direct me to become airborn. You’ll see!
    Sandbags were kind of new, especially at 40#, but I’m a tire flipper from way back & have the blisters to prove it.
    Awesome WOD! I’ll sleep well tonight & be sore tomorrow & love every minute of both!
    Great working the with the Monday 4pm crew.

  14. The Force (Kendra)

    32:40 (40). Today was my first time to really make it over the wall so I was happy. Once I got over the fear of running smack into the wall, it was easy. Way to stick it out with the 50# sandbag Abbye! Impressive.

  15. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    39:58 rx + 400m

  16. Steve

    I had no idea what to expect with this WOD, but enjoyed it.
    50# bags
    44# kb
    20 inch box

  17. mario c

    Hey Scott, I remember that secret mission we were on back in WWII. I would describe it here but it was so harrowing and we faced certain death so many times that anyone reading it would think I was making it up as I was typing. But we know the truth!

  18. BJULES

    Don’t know my time…did the 40# sandbag. I was some where around 41:00-42:00. The mile at the end was the easiest part.
    Got 11 KPU’s before the WOD!

  19. T-REX

    37:10(rx), mind over matter w/ the wall, thx G for giving me no other option but to go over, even though it compromised my time and ripped my barbell 4 boobs shirt. I’m ok w/ that 😉

  20. Andrea / aka Genie

    37:43(40#SandBag) 1st time on the wall and we got along just fine. An old friend and we left off like we had never been apart! Army Days LONG LONG LONG time ago! Thank you wall for being so kind! Sand bag, alwlays disliked my stuffed duffel bag!! It is what it is and I’m home and showered!!! Thanks Billy!! Eileen – you did awesome girlie!!

  21. Andrea / aka Genie

    I must have really liked that damn wall because I just realized I did an extra 5 burpee’s wall hop overs! Not a happy camper now!!!

  22. Babs

    33:24 (25#Sandbag, 26#KB)
    Tried, but the wall won. Did 20 burpees for scale.

  23. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    41:45 (40#SB, 5 wall some asst jump over)
    Fun,fun,fun!!! Im sporting a good lookin bruised arm:)
    A.K. Hope ur ok! Thanks G!

  24. Dar

    30:31 25#SB, 26#kb
    Freak’n wall. 20 burpees scaled.
    I have to say, good wod again, Jim. (I wasn’t quite so complimentary BEFORE the wod! =))

  25. G

    Great energy on Monday!
    Welcome back Tom G!
    It was good to see Tank, Rossi, Josh B, Holly, Mike M, Cano, The Force, Ashley, Randy, Dar and Boycel back in action!
    Milestone for quite a number of athletes on the wall! Great job guys!
    JRabbit dug deep on creativeness for the work at the box today with C-Notes socks but managed to still look “so-fashionista” 🙂
    Arnold and ZenJen hope you guys are icing those. ZenJen, I must say you got on the wall mostly with no assist.
    NChurch, LOL!!!
    SouthPaw, Gina and Sirun, there is a way to scale it and still get the experience!
    T-Rex, you just needed the extra push.
    Congrats on the milestone, B-Jules! A coach just needs to witness the entire set of 10 consecutive kips; your beanie will be waiting for ya on Thursday =)

  26. G

    Good to see you back in action 007!
    Also wanted to mention that HeMan or LutherTerminator and 007 managed to make a burpee wall hop an actual burpee wall hop over. It’s looked like a technique thing or they are amphibians in their super secret life.
    Please check out our newly updated Flickr Ablum Sets

  27. The Nomad

    35:05 (Rx)
    Thank you ZenJen for the assist with the 70# sandbag when my 1st busrt! First time with the wall…liked it.
    Sorry I missed everyone at the competition…got to Bayou City at 12:30 and my ACF peeps were gone! Congrats to everyone!

  28. Eileen

    This was a fun WOD. I got beat up pretty good. A speed bump jumped really high during the run and I fell over it. Thanks, Gina for buddying up with me. 39:44

  29. Schubert

    42:07 (40lbs SB, 35lbs KB, 24″ box, light tire)