“The Beautiful Rainbow”

Junk Yard Dog – Burgener Warm-up

3 rounds For time:

15 Medball Clean + Wall Ball (20)(14)
20 Hanging Power Snatch (75)(55)
25 GHD Situps

Post results to comments.

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We love how Katie aka "JackRabbit" or "Mrs. C-Note" got really creative yesterday in getting ready for the burpee wall-jumps.  C-Note is now officially missing a pair of his white tube socks!


Nicole H aka "DiscoD" (left) and Lisa H (right) climbed our 6' wall.


Chi (left) and Ralph aka "Slim" (right) flipping tires.


Michael aka "MP" (left) and some of the 4pm crew (clockwise from bottom), ZenJen, Kate, Sirun and Renae aka "SouthPaw" were hitting the tires with seldgehammers.

15 Responses to ““The Beautiful Rainbow””

  1. Keith F

    Did the 11.6 wod this morning:
    AMRAP in 7min:
    3 Thrusters(100/65)
    3 Chest 2 Bar
    6 Thrusters
    6 Chest 2 Bar
    12 Thrusters
    12 Chest 2 Bar
    15 Thrusters
    15 Chest 2 Bar
    (keep adding 3 reps per round)
    50 reps (Rx)
    Thanks Grace!!
    Thanks to the morning crew for the support and encouragement too!!
    I still have lots to work on, and lots of “goats” to conquer, but the open has been quite an experience. I’ve pushed things to the limit, set PR’s, and have done way better than I imagined I could do overall.
    I want to thank all the coaches and the ACF family for being there and providing a box with great energy! My life will never be the same!

  2. Matt H

    20:03 14#, 65#, and situps.
    Just realized I wrote 55# on the board and my binder if someone could fix the board, thanks πŸ˜‰

  3. Jackrabbit

    16:33 (45#, 2Rds of GHD)
    That was a lot of wall ball stuff!! Good Times!
    Great job 830! Keith awesome job…static C2B was awesome!!

  4. S*Nash

    17:10 (35#, butterfly/regular situps, 10#)
    Snatch was not as bad as I thought it was going to be πŸ™‚ med ball cleans + wall ball, should not have a plus sign, there was no merging of the two, wall ball just happened to occur after the clean…just sayin…glad I came to work out after dragging yesterday and today

  5. chrissy c

    18:07 (10#/35#/Reg Sit ups)
    Needed to find me some energy – it was quite elusive this morning!

  6. Speedy J

    Love the pictures!
    Great job Keith!
    Scaled WOD – 1st MUSCLE UP, post WOD!! Thanks for the grip tip Daniel!

  7. The Force (Kendra)

    19:56 (rx). Started out alright but it got fugly quick. Thanks for the pointers Bobo. Just glad I got to witness the Grim Reaper’s first day back in a LONG time.

  8. Dar

    18:31 6#,40#,15ghd/10straight leg situps
    Wall ball+Cleans weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.
    AWESOME Speedy J!!! Congrats on your MU!

  9. Billdozer

    13:15(RX) Oodles of fun. Those med ball cleans to wallball were a smidge tiring. Congrats Janet, THUNDERCRACK!

  10. G

    5:52 (Modified Reps 8/10/15, 14#, 45# & GHD)
    Great pacing with Speedy J for a change! Loved every second of it!!!
    5pm Ladies rocked this WOD!
    Awesome job on your baseline WOD tonight Tony F and Lorena!
    Good job on your first WOD, Brian M!
    Welcome back Grim Reaper =)
    Welcome to our visiting CrossFitter, MacKenzie, who dropped in today!
    It was good to see Lamar, Tiger, O’Malley and Craig back in action
    Milestone: Speedy J with 1 Muscle-Up! It was awesome to witness it πŸ™‚
    Btw, Ramrod….thanks for the tips…almost got it but still can’t keep the rings tight as I get up there…will keep trying.
    @Keith, well done today on the Sectionals WOD 11.6!! I have to agree with Arnold and JRabbit….those strict chest to bars looked really tough!
    Super Fran…..here we go!!!!

  11. G

    Good to see Toddski back in action! Those shoes look edible, btw! HD’s wore her new pair also!

  12. G

    One more, be sure to take care of those calluses tonight or early in the morning. Be ready! Fran is waiting for ACF.