“Hand Crafted”

Dumbbell Bench Press (25 reps)

Back Squat
5-5-5-5-5 (20 Min)

Shoulder Press
5-5-5-5-5 (20 Min)

AMRAP in 5 Minutes

15 KB Swings (53)(35)
10 Box Jumps (24)

Post results to comments.

Beanie B-Jules
Congratulations to Julia M aka "B-Jules" for earning her black beanie with ten consecutive pull-ups and having competed in a crossfit competition!!  We knew it was just a matter of time!  Great job B-Jules!!

16 Responses to ““Hand Crafted””

  1. dirtyD

    Congrats BJules!
    I have been looking up to you for some time now.
    Happy Belated Birthday G…you are the BEST!
    it has been along week @work.
    can’t wait to get back to the box.

  2. Will M

    Way to go B-Jules!!!
    Today was AWESOME!!! Love strength WODs. (Who knew?)
    Back Squat
    185-225-275-305-325 probably could’ve hit 330/5 but, still was rough.
    Shoulder Press
    95-105-115-125-125 just not strong shoulder-wise.
    AMRAP 4 rds on the dot. Tough box jumps after bsq.

  3. Bobo

    nice wod to finish up this tough week.
    BS: 135-155-225-245-255(3)
    SP: 95-115-125-130(3)-120
    Metcon: 5-12 RX.
    Congrats J-Mo!
    ACF Ladies ROCK!!

  4. mario c

    mario c
    BS: scaled to 3 reps: 45-50-55-60-65
    SP: 45-50-55-60-65
    Did not do the metcon

  5. Dar

    Woo Hoo Jules! I’ve seen you work so hard since I met you last summer. ROCK ON Chic!
    Congrats Standard Ladies!! You make us proud! And big kuddos to all the coaches for providing a box that produces such awesome athletes! You guys are the best!

  6. JohnnyB

    185-205-225-245x-225 BS
    65-95-95-105(1)-105(4) SP
    4 rx
    Thanks CoachD!

  7. Chrissy

    Jules – You did it!!! Way to go!
    BS: 85-95-95-95-95 (Squirrelly knees on some)
    SP: 45-50-55-57-60(PR) with a bonus round of 3 @ 62
    4+3 (20′ box)

  8. Nisha

    BS: 115-125-135-140-145
    SP: 45-55-65(3)-60-65
    3+13 (RX)
    Thanks Coach Daniel for all the tips on the strength work…definately helped

  9. T-REX

    4+7 (RX). Congrats ladies! Nice catching up w/ my old pirate teammate 🙂

  10. The Nomad

    175-185-190-200-215(3) BS
    95-100-105-105-115(4) SP
    4+16 (Rx)

  11. G

    Late post here….
    BS 135-145-155-155-155
    SP 60-65-70(2)-70(3)-70(2)
    Congrats B-Jules!! Very nice!