“Friendly Skies”

Bench Press (Score = Total # lifted/Body Weight)

EMOTM 10 Minutes

15m Sprint
5 CF Push ups
15m Sprint
5 Power Cleans (135)(95)


Post results to comments.

  Flying barbell Easy RiderIt doesn't come in a pill.  Hard/heavy/intense CrossFit, ample rest/recovery/mobility, help from your good genes, and eating clean-(wherein food and beverage are viewed as sources of fuel) is the entire package.  This helps improve better performance and work capacity as well as improve your body's ability to recover and repair.  You can be the best that your body can potentially be if you provide it with optimal environment to sustain the workouts, discipline to grow and consistency to improve as an athlete over time.("Not-So-Friendly-Skies" photo of Robert H aka "Easy Rider" courtesy of MasterG)

Heather Bergeron CrossFit and Paleo consistency testimonial





Looks like CrossFit New England trainer and CrossFit.Com celeb, Heather Bergeron, is eating super clean and it's also obvious with her phenomenal performance. (photo courtesy of the Arnold Classic 2011)

26 Responses to ““Friendly Skies””

  1. Billdozer

    185-195-205-215-215(1)-225. I’m no C-Note or Bobby on the bench but i’ll take it.
    10rds(RX) Good WOD. Cal, how dare you not come at 5:30 when i’m there.

  2. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    rx emotm

  3. G

    GSP!!!!! MMA celeb George St. Pierre is crossfitting!!!! Check it out:

  4. Bullhorn

    Well Billy I am sorry I was no there this morning Heather Bergeron and I were up last night debating on who had the better abs. in the end I gave in to her because of the simple fact that her bronzing is at another level than mine which gives her the edge. With that said, we will be needing to step up the bronzing in the next 5 weeks in preparation for regional’s. I feel that it would not be acceptable to go to regional’s looking pale.
    Bronzing Captain of the 2011 Atomic Crossfit Team

  5. heatherd

    Speaking of Regionals, do we know yet who’s on the team representing ACF. I hope everyone can make it out to show our support that weekend!!!!
    G-let me know if I need to do anything for this event!!!

  6. Will M

    4135/205= 20.17
    10rds (Rx)
    Fun WoD, just a blast to be shown up by C-note & Bobby on the bench. Glad to have the Dozer for pacing, too.
    Welcome Joe & Ashley!

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    10rds (Rx)
    Nice lifting with Playboy and George.

  8. Teach

    Cal will have someone at Regionals to airbrush self-tanner onto his abs to make sure they look their very best.

  9. Barbella

    Arnold -my goodness – Kick A$$
    You need to come to noon on a bench press day so I can see that!
    10.3 / 85#

  10. Billdozer

    Well at least we have duties assigned for the team. Cal is Bronzing Captain, Daniel is Massive Margarita Mixologist, and I guess you can put me down for Chief of Nutrition and Assistant to Toe for Wardrobe. We are off to a good start.
    I guarantee nobody will look better or drink more beer after the competition than us.

  11. FPR

    Rx on metcon
    Great sharing the bar with Arnold, Katie and Matt…good times!!

  12. Bullhorn

    I second Billys suggestion except for the nutrition part, Ramrod i think they are running a sell at hobby lobby on
    Obnoxiously large drinking glasses.

  13. Bullhorn

    Fam, i need you to buy an air brush and learn how to detail and shade Muscles. you have 5 weeks 3…2…1…GO!

  14. Jackrabbit

    Shared the bar with some awesome strong peeps this morning!! They pushed me!
    RX on the MEtcon! Very excited to do 95# and not miss a minute. I almost did…only got about 5 seconds rest but I’ll take it! Thanks for yelling for me guys!

  15. HeMan

    10 rds (rx)
    Always fun to battle it out at the JV bench press station with Hernan.

  16. The Force (Kendra)

    90-95-100-105(2)-105(1)-110(x). Too many fails but hit PR. 10 RDS (RX). Came close to the cut off about 8 out of the 10 rounds but atleast the pace was consistent. Isn’t that what you said Jim – keep a consistent pace? 🙂

  17. G

    You guys are hilarious!! Always fun times 🙂
    2090/116, 18:02
    Fun pressing the bar with Young Blood, JeremyK and Tiger
    “I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!, TIGER” – haha!
    MetCon: 10 Rds (Rx) – 33-36 seconds left except for last round; the clock had 17 seconds left on the last minute. My partner, Rocky Top, was definitely pacing well with me 🙂 Good work Rocky!!!
    Special thanks to the peanut gallery, Toddski, TC, HTB, to mention a few. Awesome MetCon!

  18. Keith F

    3785/172 = 22
    metcon 10 rds (Rx)

  19. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Ashley G, Joe A and Tara H!
    It was nice to see Beauty, Big Mike, Logan, Paige, Alex, Ox, Ashley O, Tom G, Young Blood, JeremyK, Sunil, Lingo and Lamar back in action!
    Good to see you chime in Fam! You can be our cheer committee chairperson.
    @HD, they will formally email everyone on who is making the regionals. Some scores from Alabama haven’t made it in yet due to some areas got hit hard by the nasty tornado. For starters, maybe get volunteers on as many canopies/tents as we can get. You always know how to take care of the competitors, though. Let’s chat later. Thank you!
    Awesome on the PRs on the BP and going heavier on the PCs guys and gals!

  20. G

    Way to push yourself today Tiger!
    I noticed that TC’s post WOD handstand walk practice is paying off! So, it’s about 8-10 meters now, right?! Very nice! Nomad is doing his GTG on those as well!
    @Arnold, my teammate….you are rockin! I know what you are dialing in these last few months, ha! It is evident on your performance 🙂 Keep it up……..

  21. The Nomad

    19.18 / rx
    Nice to share the bench with TC & Toddski. Good job Tiger with sticking with the conditioning EMOTM.

  22. wolverine


  23. Steve

    3050/bw = 19.06
    10 (120#)
    Great WOD, enjoyed the strength training.

  24. Blanca Guerrero

    1020/125= 8.16
    EMOTM (75#)
    Finished short on time. I needed 5 more cleans to finish all 10 rounds