“Head Shot”

"Head Shot"
Most of the time our Hero WODs are for our fallen Warriors. This one is for SEAL TEAM 6 and their supporting units that had the courage, perseverance, professionalism and patriotism to rid this world of a mass murderer.


6 Rounds For Time

6 Burpee Toes-to-Bar (8')
6 Deadlifts (275)(185)
6 C2B Pull-ups
6 Dual KB Squat Cleans (53)(35)
6 Dual KB Push Jerk (53)(35)


Post results to comments.


Seal Team 6New York Times Coverage of Seal's All Star Team (read article)

40 Responses to ““Head Shot””

  1. Jim

    Great Work Pacemakers! This one is special.
    24.43 (225, 3HSPU/3CFPU, 35#KB) Shoulders are trashed, but had to do this one…so checked the ego at the door and still got crushed.
    Fitting tribute to the badasses of SEAL TEAM 6. Congrats boys, I sleep well at night knowing your are on the watch.


    This one was a great one to end the week on. my body is shot, Good work everyone, Ben way to stick it out and get it done.
    27:? RX

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    30:22 (225, 35#/40#KB)
    Very challenging even scaled.

  4. Ramrod

    Cal left alllll his stuff out.. Yes cal, here is the bus, and I just threw you under it 🙂


    Ramrod that is no way to treat someone you asked for a loan so that you could have an enlargment surgery done now is it?

  6. Jim

    Cal has lost focus. He is consumed with the BIG242 Right now. No Excuses. 50 Burpees is the sentence, to paid the next time he sees me.

  7. Will M

    39:?…. Rx, barely. I almost got an abmat but decided against it. Cal c-note Bobby, Chrissy, Jim, Joe, Josh, thank y’all for pushing me to finish. Ramrod, all the encouragement helped a ton bro.
    All in all, this WOD was awesome, effing hard, but awesome. I’ll suffer tomorrow morning.
    Jim, should we scale tomorrow for the Big24 next week?

  8. Jim

    If you are going Rx today. Definitely rest tomorrow, scale Saturday or Active Rest(Running) rest Sunday and hit it on Monday!


    Yes i will do the burpees, and yes i am excited about Monday like a little school boy!!

  10. Andrea aka Genie

    Miss my CrossFit family! I enjoy reading all your posts!!! I will be back next week!

  11. Andrea aka Genie

    Miss my CrossFit family! I enjoy reading all your posts!!! I will be back next week!

  12. DirtyD

    SpecialK you have grown into an awesome athlete!
    Way to grind it out 0930–all out effort by evryone.
    24:39 (KTA,135#,pike pu, BAPU, 18#db)
    started out way to heavy and had to adjust.
    still an honor, even scaled.

  13. G

    You owe Babs and me BURPEES as well! So, your warm-up for BIG24 for the whole next week will include MANY BURPEES!


    NO, Grace i did my burpees for you.

  15. G

    Interest….compound interest to date =)

  16. DirtyD

    re Big24: can I watch? or isit top secret?

  17. Andrea aka Genie

    Miss my CrossFit family! I enjoy reading all your posts!!! I will be back next week!

  18. Gina

    31:38 (only RX part was deadlift – band, tta, pike, 26#kb)
    great, grueling WOD!!

  19. chrissy c

    25:18 (R1DL=125; R2-6DL=115/CFPU/Thin White Band on C2B/18#)
    You blew through those HSPU Will-good job! Nate – how’s that finger buddy? Cal – you left you stuff out AND forgot your clothes?!?!

  20. Kaylynn

    Enjoyed this one!

  21. Nisha

    37:48 (1.5abmat, green band C2B)
    Was really doubting my choice on the standard weight at about round 2 but glad I stuck with it…after all, Hero WODs are supposed to hurt, right?? I think this one will hurt for a few days though…thanks Coach Beth for talking me through that last set of KB squats
    Great job 5pmers……

  22. Speedy J

    Thanks for the vest practice G, enjoyed the run/row WOD. We will have to hit this WOD on a Sunday – tough to even watch. Great job 5pm and all who attacked this one.

  23. wolverine

    31:06(rx) Will feel this tomorrow.

  24. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    29:55 extremely scaled! Holy Cow!! Proud to say I got 6 rounds of this bc it was questionable about round 3 whether I would make it through the whole thing.
    T2up as high as possible; 135; 2dbell seated OH press 20#; green band; KBs 18.
    I forgot to write this on the board. 🙁
    This was hard. I loved every minute of it!
    Thanks coaches & 4 pm crew for your encouragement. Great job guys!
    Thanks & respect to Navy Seal Team 6!

  25. Babs

    22:24(85#,15#DBPress,green band,18#)

  26. Special K

    32:49 (155-135, 2 Abmats, BAPU, 26#KB)
    Loved this WOD! First day to do HSPU, yes I used 2 abmats, but this is still progress, love that!!
    Thanks Dirty D! Your the best! Great work 0930!!

  27. The Nomad

    34:04 – (205/26#) Scaled my weight because my body was already thrashed from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday WODs. I don’t think my shoulders will ever be the same.
    This was my rest day…Thanks SEAL TEAM 6! Oh, and Club Atomic…or the Bon Jovi Tribute nite!

  28. OMG (Summer)

    26:? Scaled almost everything.
    Great Job to everybody in the noon class!!!

  29. The Nomad

    Bullhorn, you are not alone…Bobo left his stuff out as well. It’s like you would think he was part owner or something….
    Yes, JB…you got called out as well.

  30. Keith F

    33:19 (205#DL, pike, 35#KB)
    This one was tough.
    Thanks for the push Beth!

  31. Dar

    31:30 115#,20#dbpress,purpleband c2b,26#squat 2rnds, 26#pushjerk

  32. Teach

    Fun night tonight! Everyone left it out there on this WOD!
    Dar- great job pushing yourself on heavier weight!
    Keith- great finish! Looked like you almost made a deposit in the drain 🙂
    Trae- great job! Keep working on your range of motion. I can see improvement in many movements already!
    Lingo- good to see you 🙂
    Great group at 5:00!
    And yes, JB left equipment out…

  33. Teach

    Did a little scaling today. I now dislike KBs 🙂
    Thanks to SEAL Team 6 for their bravery!

  34. G

    Good to see Gary W, Maria B, Southpaw, Wolverine, Dub, Fight Club, HD and Grim Reaper back in action!
    @Southpaw, good job on moving through those overhead presses!
    @SpeedyJ, that was fun rowing/running with you! Good times practicing whatever we could think of what might be thrown at us! Getting ready for Saturday’s Girls Challenge at CF Houston! FPR, I know you are!
    Marie, you’ll get the wall jumps before you know it! Keep practicing.
    Lots of milestones on rope climbs and wall jumps this week!
    Good to see all the hard work on this brutal WOD in honor of the Seal Team 6!

  35. Seth H.

    25:42 as rx’d
    Seal 6 and 5.56 – a winning combination