Back Squat
1-10-1-20-1-30 (30 minutes to complete)

Compare to 110408


AMRAP in 9 minutes:

400m Run


Post results to comments.

Back squat anatoly knees out rom High Bar Back Squat

Back squat low bar Low Bar Back Squat

Box Squat

10 Responses to ““Sir-Mix-A-Lot””

  1. Jim

    No comments today? back squatting that uneventful?

  2. Nicol disco d

    115-85-125-75-135-65 (4 laps)

  3. Speedy J

    I know..being an addict as I am and checking the site multiple times in a day, I am beginning to wonder if anyone went to class today???

  4. The Nomad

    Rest day got me. After this week, I need it.

  5. Jackrabbit

    Rest day after 4 days in a row.
    Nice job Disco D!!

  6. George

    yes – comments are rather low at 3:55 on a Friday.
    Don’t remember lbs on squats but I felt good.
    6 laps plus about 200 m.

  7. G

    Only 937 page views so far as of 4pm. That’s low considering, our site had an average of 1,260 page views everyday last 4 days. While we are talking statistics…..fyi, we have 892,227 lifetime page views to date.
    8:30 peeps were crowded as usual. Awesome job on some who PR’d on their Back Squat with the 830 and 530 crew! Some folks also PR’d with a mile run in under 9 mins.
    Good to see you stop by Famelicious!
    @FPR, B.Eggroll & JRabbit – thank you, my students =)

  8. Keith F

    5 + 100 m

  9. Ramrod

    Great work to everyone today! Alot of hard work on the squatting.
    Special thanks to FPR, jackrabbit and Toe, you girls make this all worth it and I’m proud to call myself your coach.
    And good luck to speedy j, G, and FPR tomorrow!

  10. Barbella

    And Good Luck to Arnold & JRabbit at the MetroDash =0)
    I was intending to sign up…but didn’t.
    It looks like fun!