“Stay Tight”

Warm Up: 

800m Run For Time



21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 Reps For Time Of:


Box Jumps (24")

CF Push-Ups

Ball Slams (20)



Warm Down:

800m Run For Time

IMG_2044 Aida K, aka "FPR", with a 20lb vest on at the Final Event in the standard division at CF Houston's 2nd Annual Women's Challenge this past weekend took home 1st place.

Women Challenge Action Shots #1 (Charles)
Women Challenge Action Shots #2 (Mali)

P1030762 Download 2011 Women Standard
Download 2011 Women Scaled

32 Responses to ““Stay Tight””

  1. chrissy c

    Wow, this one was ugly for me!!
    23:23 (Thin white band/20″/12#)

  2. Jim

    Aida rocked it!!! 1st day BIG24 “The Smolder” is back! big crowd working hard!

  3. Billdozer

    Well Done Aida! Thundercrack!
    Great energy for the 1st day of the Big24, lets keep it up.

  4. Speedy J

    Smolder!! Loved it..great job Aida! Great to see you Jamie..missed being side by side.

  5. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    Nice work, Aida! Congratulations!

  6. Junior

    Great job Aida.
    Missed it too Speedy J! You’re a beast! 🙂

  7. heatherd

    Great job to all the ladies who competed this weekend–you’re an inspiration!!!

  8. The Nomad

    Congrats Aida, as well as to all the other weekend competitors!

  9. Jackrabbit

    DQ on the first run…went around both buildings…don’t know what I was thinking.
    18:48 Rx
    Pullups are a weakness but glad I got to work on them. Even got a big tear as a reward!
    3:48 last run.
    Gary-Way to stick it out! Nice job FPR and Special K.

  10. FPR

    Thanks!!! It was a great competition….Thanks for all the support!! Awesome job Janet and Grace!!
    Thanks Katie…haha. Awesome job yourself on the Metro Dash!
    12:33(20 in. box)…legs are still sore from Saturday
    Great job 9:30!

  11. Silverback

    1st run – 3:07.
    Metcon – 13:something (Rx), maybe 13:20.
    2nd run – 3:20, a lot slower.
    I was just glad that I was able to keep Pat in my line of vision during the runs (although he was so far out in front of me that he looked like an ant).

  12. mario c

    mario c
    13:32 (scaled to rounds of 10-9-8-7-6 green band; 16″ step ups; 10#; did 200 meter walks.

  13. Shelly

    Awesome Aida! Congratulations.
    My wod: 4+ hour zoo trip with 19 kindergartners. I’d rather have done “stay tight”.

  14. Special K

    Great job to everyone this weekend!!
    3:58, 23:04 (BAPU, KPU), 4:24?
    Today was tough, certainly feeling my weekend. Great job, Jackrabbit, FPR, and Gary!!
    Shelly, I agree with you, I’ve done that field trip, TORTURE!!

  15. JohnnyB

    Congratulations, Ladies!!
    2:57- 1st Run & 3:48 – 2nd Run
    21:11 (RX)
    Thanks, Mike P.!!
    Thanks, CoachD…

  16. wolverine

    Body felt like a Monday, but great to see and work with everyone this morning!Congrats to all the weekend competitors!

  17. Keith F

    1st run 4:03, 2nd run 4:47
    22:54 (Rx)
    Congrats to all the competitors!

  18. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    21 or 22:32 rx. Hit a biggo brick wall on the 1st pull up. Not the 1st round. 1st pull up. It was all down hill from there.
    2:50/3:30 run

  19. T-REX

    23:21rx. 4 something pre, 5 something post- too freaking hot to remember

  20. The Nomad

    17:27 Rx
    I liked this WOD! Thanks for the push Daniel.

  21. Babs

    Well done Aida!!!
    16:38(green band,18″step-ups,10#)
    Running kills me!

  22. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    20 something
    4:07 pre/ 1million post
    running sucks

  23. Gina

    4:12 / 4:28 / 20:29 (band, 20″)
    thanks Ramrod for making me do less band pull ups!

  24. G

    “THE SMOLDER !!” WOW! – Thanks Jim!
    Way to represent Aida!
    CF Houston has posted the photo bucket links and the results on their main page today!
    Welcome on your first WOD Jordan!!
    Good to see Fam, T-Rex, 007, The Situation, Callie, Dble D, Rocky Top, Keith, Steve W, DNeely back in action!
    Running is definitely a skill. We’ll get some clinic with Brian MacKenzie or something going here in the near future. I wanted to see if there is enough interest. Let me know guys!