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Five rounds for time of:

95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Bar-facing burpees


Post results to comments.



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We would like to share C-Note's comments posted from yesterday blog.




"You know, they say you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep…was wondering what the average American would think if he saw the sights I saw this morning at 5:30AM…and I call these people my friends!

There was the group of four sweaty men packed into the smallest corner of the gym. Grunting, giggling, lifting half a ton each. The only intelligible words I heard when I walked by a couple times were "Meat Beat" and "smolder".

Then there was the conversation with Coach.
Me: Coach, my squat cleans totally suck
Coach: They sure do. There is a Chinese proverb for cleans that bad. You'll probably get worse before you get better.
Me: Yeah but how come this chick next to me is lifting twice as much as me?
Coach: Like I said, it obviously isn't your thing. I guess you need to either get better or try harder.

Lastly, there was the kindly elderly gentleman going down like a cartoon character struck by a baseball bat. The cause? Self inflicted…160lb (~170) barbell to the windpipe.

All that before your normal schmo hit snooze. What is WRONG with us Crossfitters? ;-)"

~ Ben Swan, aka C-Note

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  1. Silverback

    Week 1 of Big24 now in the books. Tough, but rewarding week. Mandatory 2 day rest coming along with a “cheat” day for the diet. It doesn’t get better than this…

  2. Fjord

    Thanks for a great week! My shoulders are trashed…….come to think of it the rest of me is destroyed too. Therefore it was a successful ACF week. I don’t think I have looked forward to some R&R like this for a while. Jim’s thought for the week: “…….You can either improve your technique, or try harder”

  3. Macho

    Fjord, wait ’till next Friday πŸ˜‰
    Great work guys\gal! C-note has a good point. Those planks got a bit unnerving there toward the end.
    Missed Dozer and Cal this morning…weird when they BOTH oversleep. Just Sayn’
    Enjoy the rest days crew, Monday we go heavier.

  4. Coach Jim

    Doing the most with what you have – What do you love?
    It seems that many of us spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others. Hell, we just finish 6 err..7 weeks of competing internationally with the entire CrossFit community. What is our goal and purpose? Do we expect to win? No, probably not. We still compete. We still measure ourselves against everyone.
    If you expand the pool of who you measure yourself against, you will probably lose. It starts with your brother\sister and slowly expands to cousins and friends, then classmates, communities, universities until maybe an opportunity to do it regionally, national or maybe even, globally. Few ever get this chance in mainstream sport, but those of us who have chosen a CrossFit Lifestyle just had the opportunity to do exactly this; GLOBALLY COMPETE. Most of us lost. Still, the perspective is staggering. When you can say your team came in 169th out of 634 teams you take satisfaction in that. Certain members of our community rated as high as 17th in THE WORLD on a particular workout. Others dominated our region in the masters age categories. WOW. So much satisfaction considering the scope of the competition….
    What about personal satisfaction? What about your potential and the things you accomplish for yourself? Measuring only against you and what you have done. This is the measurement that keeps us all coming back. This is the real deal. What is good for you? What is great for you? Often we can look at who we need to beat as an external motivator, but the real accomplishment is an internal sense of satisfaction and reward for hard work, discipline, perseverance, and heart. Sometimes we lose sight of this and focus too much on the Glory of victory and less on the real benefits of our lifestyle.
    I love that I can do muscle-ups and handstand Push-ups, Deadlift 400lbs and still run a mile in 6 minutes and change. I love that I can do Double-unders with ease and climb ropes and walls without fear. I love that I can bench press what I front squat, and do all these things with the genes of an undersized, short, 40 year old Mexican and athletic prowess of a penguin πŸ˜‰
    I also love that when I watch people getting fit it makes me happy instead of regretful as I have in the past. I love that I get to coach and encourage people through these moments of personal glory.
    I love that I feel that I am always trying to do doing the most with what I have.
    What do you love about your CrossFit journey?

  5. Will M

    It’s been a tremendous week of new tears to the hand, shoulder agony, and overall beat down of my knees, back and chest.
    I am, above all, pleased that I was asked to join this community. I really and truly appreciate that my commitment to a “lifting-like-an-idiot” mentality was embraced. Too often I hear the rebukes of people who don’t understand what it means to “do what WE do.” I am continually made fun of (in certain arenas) for pushing my body to it’s current limit (a limit I’m going to increase.) They tell me I’m crazy, and I politely respond with a resounding, “HELL YEAH I AM!!” Thanks for letting me be.

  6. G

    Coach Jim, very moving and sincere words of inspiration! People……he’s one of the best coaches out there……and we have him all to ourselves! Take advantage of it! =)

  7. G

    Welcome on your first WOD with us Drew Hodgdon! I think Fjord and Rossi were having fun watching you move through the bar-facing burpees.
    Welcome back Barkley!!!!
    Great to see Taramisu back in action!
    Watching the Big24 am crew was like watching the Indi500 during their last phase on Day 5! Smoldering bombs away! The Foxhole is appropriate name for that C-Note!

  8. Speedy J

    I love that Crossfit pushes me beyond my limits. That no matter how strong or fast I am, there is always someone out there better…there is better within myself. To find that better is my quest…what is my body and mind capable of doing? With Crossfit there is no limit. I love Crossfit for bringing my competitive fortitude alive! I love that Crossfit has a “community” to share this with. And I absolutely love that I can proudly represent Atomic…truly believing that Atomic is the best box, with the best coaches, athletes and people I consider my friends…THANK YOU!!!

  9. Jrabbit

    15:09 (65#)
    Nice work everyone.
    Fam, Happy 2 yrs! Way to get 2 woes in girl!
    So excited to see my friend Barkley back!

  10. Coach Jim

    @G Stop it. Everyone knows I’m just a jerk who likes bossing people around.
    @ Arnold you will win. All I will do is convince you HOW to win.
    Congrats Fam! Will and Speedy J, we are so glad you have found your groove with the rest of us at ACF.

  11. Teach

    Crossfit started, for me, as a way to break the monotony of going to the Globo Gym every day. Coming out of competitive track and field, the idea of running on a tredmill or doing the elliptical machine for 30 min was just torture!
    I did it alone for a while, as most of us do when we first start, but after finding G and working out with her, I started to understand the “community” that goes along with the Crossfit culture. When you sweat, bleed, cry, yell, fart, puke with a group of people that won’t care if you do anything of those things, it’s refreshing and liberating. It’s probably because they are doing one or more of those things at the same time you are, but hey, who are we to judge each other? πŸ™‚
    The competition is fun, but it’s the “other” stuff that I love about crossfit, especially ACF. I love that I can walk into the box and my mood is instantly lifted. I love that when I tell people what I do I get a crazy look. I love that when I was 8 months pregnant I could still do multiple pull ups in a row. I love that I can be gone for a little while and you all actually care when I come back. I love knowing that I can physically push myself to the limit, whether it’s 5 minutes or 50 minutes, and I leave KNOWING that I left it all out there. That’s satisfying on so many levels!
    Plus we have the most awesome coaches in the nation! πŸ™‚

  12. Monte

    19:00 (85#)
    Am glad to be back after some ruff times…some great posts today

  13. mario c

    mario c 13:26 – scaled to 5 reps per round; 35# thrusters; step over burpees.
    Coach Jimmy; the man can take his and beat yours; then he can take yours and beat his!

  14. Todd

    I like Crossfit so I can look better nekkid. Is that so wrong? Thanks, coaches, for helping me reach my goal. Now off to 6p BIG 24.
    Great, sincere posts today!

  15. chrissy c

    11:18 (10 reps in lieu of 15; 45#)
    Me – I love crossfit because it makes me work harder then I ever would all by myself at the globo gym. Always challenging yet “fun”. Working out with you guys keeps me moving through the WODS, and on those days, where you think you’ve had enough and just feel like stopping, I don’t becuase everybody around me is working hard. Plus, Jimmy always adds something to his workouts to make them extra torturous, which makes us all freaking elite (you know, compared to those normal schmucks/schmos that are still in bed pushing snooze!!). Plus I found a competitive nature I never really realized I had (now I just need to be able to beat somebody!!) πŸ™‚
    And one more reason – without ACF, I never would have gotten to see Chief (call me dude) on youtube doing that cool “jump up thing” with his shades on!
    Oh, and G – you’re the bomb!

  16. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    20.46 (75)

  17. T-REX

    14:41 (65#). Glad I came in today to destress! Thx again 4pmers and coach Billy

  18. Matt H

    20:47 (#65)
    I look forward to getting yelled at by Jim on my puny OHS than going to work each day trying to explain to a customer that their Sony Walkman is no longer the style, or that the Playstation 3 cannot play Super Nintendo games (its been asked).

  19. TC

    WOW….where to start, I have only been a crossfitter for a short time, but in that short time I have been push, poked, ripped, yelled at, passed out, hit with a kettle bell and much more I am sure. Yet every day I wake up and the first thing I do is check the blog to see whats in store for that day, and I cant wait to get my A$$ handed to me!!!! Now I know I am a big, ol’ grizzly looking guy, but on the inside I am just a teddy bear, and I have adopted each and every one of you as family, because I dont have any family for 200 miles. So at times I take things to heart especially when Jim says them, because I feel like a kid that just let a parent down, but I know that all he is really saying is TC you can do it now pick it up and try again!!! So in closing thank you to my family(ACF) and coach Jim, for pushing me to where I am and to where I am going, because with out you guys I would just be another “used to be” athlete that got fat and talks about the things he used to be able to do!!!

  20. The Nomad

    After reading all these posts, I have decided to join in the ACF Lovefest. This week was a milestone for me because May 10 was my 1 year anniversary at ACF. First, I have to thank Brandon (007) for talking to me about it. And secondly, my kid brother Reagan (Contra) for finally convincing me to take the first step, quit making excuses and just do it. Finally the coaches, Grace and Jim, I keep coming back because of ya’ll. It is amazing the community that you have built. The collection of coaches, but most importantly the people that comprise the ACF tribe. Being a former soccer player, I love the competition. I like looking across the room and asking myself if I will be able to keep up with Danial, Billy, Cal, or Todd today. I like the fact when I have completed the WOD that I did my best that day. And that if I struggled, the rest of the group was there to encourage me to finish. Atomic CF is a special place. It is why I drive down from The Heights area of Houston. It’s a place I try to represent well when I’m on the road and attending other CF boxes. It is why it holds a special place for me!
    Thanks for all ya’ll do! I know all the prep work you do is labor of love. We love it!
    Chad “The Nomad” Blaylock
    PS. To play off Todd…Crossfit is why my girlfriend likes to see me naked! …too much?

  21. Taramisu

    It was so great to be back today. I missed everyone. Working out at home is not the same. Thank you to all the coaches and everyone else there for the encouragement and for pushing me farther then I ever thought I could go.

  22. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Very nice to read every single post. Moved by your post Jim and I say Amen! as well.
    I have a real passion for crossfit. In mainstream life if the subject gets on crossfit, I often catch myself after a 2 minute passionate and animated crossfit sales speech (so it doesn’t become a 5 or 10 minute one). I can see the look in peoples eyes … their amazed, curious, scared and completely incapable of grasping what I’m saying (of course unless they experience it themselves). The energy that comes out of me in those times is like someone just shot me full of speed or something. And its almost like I have to gently back away from the topic so that I don’t completely crush some naive part of them.
    I truly believe the crossfit community is helping change the planet to a better place. It starts with health and fitness but bleeds into so many if not all areas of ones life. Personally watching my physical capabilities increase is amazing but so is watching myself have more integrity, increased energy, compassion and love for others.
    It becomes harder to be ok with being lazy or half assing any area of my life. I looked up the opposite of lazy…”active, diligent, energetic, hard-working, industrious, lively” Doesn’t this sound like the opposite of our instant gratification, convenience oriented milk toast like mainstream. That may be a little harsh or not harsh enough.
    I also believe my actual mental and emotional capabilities are increasing along with the physical. I can almost see the new neural pathways developing in my brain. The focus, integrity, perseverance and mental toughness …all this and more help improve every other area of my life. It’s like I’m a better person and I act better. Oh yeah,.. all this is fun and so is my life.

  23. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    What I love about my CrossFit journey so far is that there is always a challenge. It can be mental, physical or emotional but it’s there. Not only is this challenge present in the box but in all other aspects of my life. Like Easy Rider, I’m also finding it more and more difficult to half-ass any area of my life and that’s awesome.
    I’m currently challenged with setting my ego and pride aside for my own physical well-being and recovery. It’s keeping me from the box at the moment, but I’ll be back. I’m already itching to be at the box with all of you lovely people and I expect all of y’all to get stronger, better and faster while I’m sidelined so I can keep chasing y’all!
    But more than that, I love the community aspect. I love that, while everyone is there for their own personal workout, there’s still a sense of camaraderie that is so difficult, if not impossible, to find in Globo Gyms or even other group workout programs.
    I could go on and on but I’ll wrap it up here. I can’t express how much I want to be throwing weights around and spending the summer hitting PRs and milestones with everyone. But I also want to keep hitting my own PRs and milestones for as long as I can so the break is painfully (literally) necessary. I’ll be trollin’ the comments here though to keep in the loop so y’all do work!

  24. Keith F

    What I love about my crossfit journey is the since of accomplishment that I feel, and the sense of community; crossfit is definitely a way of life, vs “just working out.”
    I’m in my mid-40’s, and I have never felt and looked this good. I’ve never been this strong. Years of globo-gym was better than nothing, but I have made more progress in the 10 + months I’ve been doing crossfit than I ever could have imagined.
    I show up, do my best, and post my results, and occasionally, I totally surprise myself and set a personal record, or post a time that’s not too bad πŸ™‚ Last week was a good example, I set two PRs (bench, backsquat) and deadlifted 205# in a wod 36 times, and afterward it dawned on me that 205 was my 1 rep max when I first started last July.
    The community aspect of crossfit is one of the main things that keeps me coming back. The support of the coaches, and all the fellow ACF’ers is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been around this many positive people at one time.
    This all started because Easy Rider kept bugging me relentlessly about atomic crossfit (for about a year and a half), and telling me that I should check it out πŸ™‚
    I love to get up in the morning, bring up the website, and see what kind of ass-kicking is in store for me that day. I feel like a little kid, waking up on Christmas morning, wondering what Santa Claus brought me πŸ™‚
    Thanks for asking Jim.

  25. G

    Thank you all for responding to Jim’s question and for posting. They are all profound testimonials/statements. You “GET IT” or know what it means to be a “CrossFitter”! That means a lot to us and it is a confirmation that our efforts in changing lives for the better is evident here! So, if anyone else is compelled to post their thoughts please do so. They are all noteworthy!