“Forest Gump”

800m run for time

    rest 10 minutes

1 Mile run for time

    rest 5 minutes

2000m row for time

Score is total time.  Post total time to comments.



Happy Birthday Jordan M!

27 Responses to ““Forest Gump””

  1. Bryan G.

    there seems to be something wrong with the equation here. this says “run 800 meters, rest ten minutes. run 1 mile, rest five minutes.” i’m sure there’s a mistake in there somewhere. something to do with inverse proportions and such. someone should fix the error before i get there at 5.

  2. G

    @Bry, there is no error. We are talking about a non-linear equation here, wherein the output is not directly proportional to the input. See you at 5pm!

  3. Billdozer

    Feels good to have the Big24 completed. It was a pleasure smoldering with you all for the past 3 weeks. Missed 1 rep on bench due to Jim’s sausage comment, tried to focus and couldn’t. On to regional training.

  4. Silverback

    Big24 was an awesome experience thanks to all of the 5:15am and 6pm participants for inspiring me to lift heavier. Can’t say I made it through unscathed, but did finish with some PRs nonetheless.

  5. Speedy J

    PR’s are cool!! 145 Bench/95 Press
    Big24 was great..not bad being one of the “boys” in the am. Thanks Jared for “technically” sharing the bar for bench.

  6. The Nomad

    I’m disappointed I’m missing this WOD.
    Everyone have a great Memorial Day!

  7. Joe A

    Strong work Big24, you guys dominated.
    Thanks for calling out my manhood this morning Chrissy, I’ve been peer-pressured into the Murph!!! When, not if, I have my first heart attack just leave me behind 🙂
    Good to see you again Cody

  8. chrissy c

    800 m @ 3:57
    1 Mile @ 8:22
    2000 m Row @ 9:16
    I think the time space continuim with the 5 and 10 minute backwards thing screwed with all of my times…perhaps it will be better to you Bryan!

  9. chrissy c

    Hey Joe A. – you’re gonna love Murph! You’re just not allowed to beat me!! Oh, and BTW, I think I learned that “calling out stuff” from you prior to your 2000 m row this AM! 🙂

  10. KateO

    HBD Jordan!
    Got my 10 kips this morning! Thanks for cheering me on Toe, Nicole, Arnold and G!
    Good job today 8:30!

  11. mario c

    mario c
    500 m @ 3:32
    1000 m @ 5:35
    1000 m Row @ 5:48

  12. Disco D Nicole

    I was 26: 25 I think ?
    Happy birthday Jordon

  13. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Timbo was too much for me on the last 2 rds.

  14. Joe A

    Hey Chrissy,
    I had to call out Cody bc that was the first, and possibly the last, time I beat him at something!!!!

  15. Joe A

    Sorry, I also meant to post:
    What time are you doing the Murph? You doing it at ACF?

  16. Sirun

    800m – 4:13
    1 mile – 13:00
    2000m row – 7:04
    Fun times!
    People of other classes, y’all missed G’s neon-pink bra! I am straight, but you look hot, G!! Two thumbs up :-)!!

  17. G

    BP 85-95-100-105-105-110(pr)-115(1)-110(2)
    SP 50-52-55-62-65(pr)-70(*)-65-70(1)
    Really happy with Big24, not too long ago bench pressing 110lb with one rep took the most out of me. Yesterday, 3reps felt good.
    Arnold, my teammate/partner, thanks for sharing the bar as always!
    Thank you 6pm crew for sweating, bleeding, yelling, grunting and busting the weights with me! The smolder camraderie is priceless!
    Thank you Jim!!!!!

  18. G

    @Fam, way to dig deep!
    @Sirun, awe you’re making me blush! I think the neon pink top blinded you -haha!
    Welcome on your first WOD Tina, Lawren and Christine!
    Good to see the Drew Hodgdon back at the box!!
    @SpeedyJ, big24 led you to some pretty nice loads on the full snatch! “Amanda” here we come!!! Team Atomic will get to day3 for you!!
    5:15 big24 crew, way to work…..gonna miss the smolder in that back room in the morning. But I’m sure you guys will carry on with it at the front room at 5:30.

  19. chrissy c

    Joe A – 8:30 – ACF – Murph – Be there!! 🙂