Team Training Camp

Team Atomic front athletic grey Team Atomic back athletic grey
Front                                                 Back

Regional Shirts Regional Tank Tops Grey commemorative
Available in Athletic Heather Grey color only.

OK…so you didn't make the ACF Regional Team…neither did I!  But hey, nothing is stopping you from training with these Fire-Breathers!

Team Atomic Training Camp is officially open.

We will be doing the Regional WODs and other sport specific training over the next two and a half weeks to get the jump on the competition!  You are invited. All skill levels, everything can be scaled.  The training schedule is 3 days "ON" and 1 day "OFF" starting on Sunday, 29 May 2011. Weekend sessions begin @ 7:30am and weekday sessions start @ 7pm sharp.  This is tough specialized programming for the team, but if you are game, sign up and bring your A – Game! Slots are limited so sign up early via our class scheduler at MindBody.

The 7pm classes that fall on the days that the Team Atomic Training Camp occurs at the box will automatically be doing the same Regionals WODs instead of the regular WOD.  Saturday morning classes will also be treated the same way as the 7pm classes.  Again, you are invited to participate because all skill levels are welcome and everything is scalable. To participate all you have to do is sign up on any of the Atomic Team Training Camp classes in MindBody just like any other regular classes.  There is no need to commit to all the "team training camp" classes and you can sign up any day as you choose.

Also, t-shirts for spectators and others will be available for sale (color: heather grey t-shirts for men and heather grey tanks for women).  Let us know if you are interested.

~ Coach Jim

53 Responses to “Team Training Camp”

  1. Loco

    That is one HOT design! I’ll take 10. All Extra small to show off my love handles.

  2. G

    I’m proud of that design. Reply here, email or call at the contact information on the top right side. The men’s shirts and ladies tank tops are American Apparel basic.
    @Loco, we may order “half shirts” for you, however, it may drive one our coaches insane. When we mention “half shirt” he goes into epilleptic convulsions.

  3. Jim

    BTW the racing stripes go the full length of the shirt from the collar to the bottom hem…

  4. rocky top

    I am so in on training with team!! See ya’ll at 7 tomorrow, and the next day and maybe the next if I can still move…

  5. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    I’d like one.. medium.

  6. G

    @Rocky Top, cool!
    @Sirun, what size tank top? We will have them for sale at the box once we have the inventory on hand.

  7. G

    @Easy Rider
    I have your names and shirt sizes on the list. Thank you.

  8. Kyle "MLB" Smith

    I would love to show my support for the Atomic Crossfitters, reserve and large for “MLB”. Wish I could be out there throwing down with you, Good luck Atomic, give em’ HELL!!!!!!


    How much are they?
    Is anyone else volunteering to help at regionals?

  10. Joe A

    Damn!!! BIG TIME workout guys….that was awesome. Thanks Jim for killing my legs only a matter of hours after feeling returned from the Murph.
    Team Atomic – you guys are animals…strong work TC, Cal, Billy, Steph…everyone.
    G – shirt, XL, gracias….thanks for the push

  11. wolverine

    Team ACF, you have all stepped it up! Keep up the hard work!A man the size of TC should not be able to pounce on a 30″ box like that.

  12. Billdozer

    Tank For Sarah- Size Small
    I tried to pull a Silverback and hurt myself during the WOD, I am not as skilled as him though.

  13. Kaylynn

    I’d like a Medium tank.
    Don’t think I knew exactly what I was getting into tonight, but enjoyed the WOD! Thanks Babs and great job everyone!

  14. AK

    Grace please add me to the list for a medium tank top. Thank u:)

  15. Will M

    I’ll have a large, please.
    A large what?
    A large can of whoopass ACF will bring June 17-19!!!!!!
    Seriously, though, a large.

  16. Special K

    Can I get a Medium tank, and a large shirt for M-‘2.

  17. Dar

    Small tank for me, please.
    I signed up to volunteer for Regionals. Can’t wait! Kick butt Team Atomic!

  18. BJULES

    Dar, I signed up too. Will you be there on Friday?

  19. G

    @BJules, the ladies tank tops are $28 and men’s shirts are $30.
    @MLB (Thor 2011), yay! Good to see you chime in!
    @Cody, I got your email request on the commemorative shirts
    @Rocky Top, also have you down for the tank tops
    I have updated the list per everyone’s request above. The shirts and tank tops are scheduled to arrive by June 13th.

  20. G

    We have ordered extra quantities on all sizes:
    Men’s shirts (M, L, XL, 2XL)
    Ladies tank tops (S, M, L)
    Please post here if you would like to have a shirt so we can accommodate you. Payments will be accepted at the box (cash or check payable to Atomic CrossFit, and if paying by cc, let me know). Thank you.

  21. Babs

    Put me down for a Ladies tank size M or L need to see how much give they have.Don’t want it skin tight.

  22. Alice S

    M- ladies tank for me
    M- men’s for master G
    Thanks Grace!!!
    Awesome design!!

  23. Dar

    BJules, yep, I signed up for the entire weekend. 🙂

  24. Jackrabbit

    G…could you please add a large for C-Note. Thank you.

  25. G

    I have added everyone above on the list of shirt orders. As of today June 6th, we only have two (2) Large men’s shirts left.
    Shirts are expected to arrive by June 13th. Thank you all.
    @BJules and @Dar, that is awesome! Thank you so much for volunteering your time for the entire weekend at the Regionals 🙂

  26. Tina Talamini Tilghman

    is it too late to order? If not, I’d like a Med. tank. Thanks, Tina!!! How much $$ do i need to get to you?

  27. Taramisu

    Is it too late to order a small tank?

  28. G

    Confirming above….
    @Victor L, 1 Large
    @Taramisu, 1 Small Tank
    @DirtyD, we don’t have a XL tank but can order it, however, it will not be here on time for the regionals. Do you want to wait and see if the Large will work? The tanks are loose fit. Let me know.
    @Tina T, we are sold out on Medium Tank…we can wait and see if anyone wants to trade with you once the order is here. Tanks are $28
    @The Force, got your check and I will mail it to Dallas, TX. You will be missed. Represent!
    We only have the following sizes in stock as of today: Men’s shirt = $30, tank = $28
    Men’s S = 3
    Men’s M = 7
    Men’s L = 1
    Men’s XL = 8
    Men’s 2XL = 2
    Ladies Tank
    S = 5
    L = 8
    Cash or please make check payable to ATOMIC CROSSFIT by Tuesday. Thank you.

  29. Sirun

    G, I will pay you tonight. I may need to see if a small tank would fit me now…are they made on the smaller side? can I try a small or medium on before I decide? Thanks

  30. Heatherd

    G, not sure when you are ordering, but if you have an extra Medium tank, I’ll buy one. If you haven’t ordered, please add me to the list.