Memorial Day Hero WOD “Murph”

Memorial Day Murph

For Time:
Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull-Ups
  • 200 Push-Ups
  • 300 Air Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

Scale (A)Β  1 Mile Run, 50 Pull-Ups, 100 Push-Ups, 150 Squats, 1 Mile Run

Scale (B)Β  800m Run, 50 Pull-Ups, 100 Push-Ups, 150 Squats, 800m Run

Compare to 100531

Post results to comments.

Class times for today only:Β  8:30am and 9:30am

31 Responses to “Memorial Day Hero WOD “Murph””

  1. tim

    Tammy 46:41 (bands assist, knee pu)
    Tim 51:02 RX

  2. J Mo/BJules

    61:11 1/2 RX
    Had to use the band around 53 pullups. Wasn’t getting my chin over the bar on my Kips. That was rough. Now, I’ll be recovering by the pool.

  3. Gina

    Thank you to all the men & women who have given their lives so that we have the freedoms we enjoy every day. Freedom is never free, let us never forget this.
    Awesome job everyone! Loved the packed box & energy there today.
    48:55 (bands, kpu)

  4. Peter

    51:31 RX with armour.
    Happy Bday Scott!
    Happy Memorial Day everyone!
    God Bless America’s Heroes.

  5. Sirun

    54:30 (RR, Knee pu)
    God bless America’s heros!
    Nice working out with Special K, Kate, Sarah,Lisa and boys, nice to see Alice and Fam, etc. too!

  6. Silverback

    45:22 RX with body armour. Tough, but nothing compared to the sacrifices made everyday by our men & women in service of our country. Thanks Pat for being the rabbit.

  7. chrissy c

    57:15 (thin white band) 2nd mile just killed me.
    Great to see all my old WOD buddies today!!
    Bryan – your ride suits you!
    Babs – what can I say…
    Joe A – see ya tomorrow at 5:30 πŸ™‚

  8. Todd

    Wow! First tine with a vest. Killer. 66 min, I think. 14th round was a doozy for me.
    Thanks, fam, for keeping me going. I hate you for it! πŸ™‚
    Jim’s face never looked so beautiful rounding that last building down the alley on the second mile. So, I was obviously delusional. Haha
    Great coaching. Happy birthday, Scott.
    Thank you, soldiers.

  9. Renae aka "Southpaw"

    I did Murph at a diferent site today but I miss ACF & I wanted to join in the posts at least. I’ll be back soon.
    53:13 green band.
    RIP sir. Thank you to all currently or formerly serving. You have my undying respect & gratitude. I will never forget.

  10. S*Nash

    39:50 Scale A with RR
    Day of firsts, first time I ever felt like I was seriously going to throw up and first day I have ever taken my shirt off. It was soooo hot out there!! Everyone did a great job today! Thank you for the stroller Alice πŸ™‚
    Special thanks to our current soliders who sacrifice for us every day and endure MUCH more than I can ever imagine! And to those who have served their time, your hard work will never be forgotten.

  11. Jim

    50.53 (RX+20#Body Armor)
    Huge Props to all athletes today!
    A small way for us to remember the sacrifice of so many for the amazing opportunities freedom allows us as proud Americans.
    Murph – “Roger that sir, thank you” Back at you brother. You speak to me every time I do this WOD.

  12. Keith F

    62:24 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Lisa and Grace!
    Not a great time, but I beat my pre-atomic Murph time by 17 minutes — progress!
    Deep appreciation for all those who are currently serving and those who have given their lives for our freedom!!

  13. T-REX

    44:13 (RX). Great job everyone! Glad to see the tribe in full force! Thanks to all those serving our country – past, present, future!

  14. Wolverine

    Tyler 41:48
    Pat 41:50 w/body armour
    Nisha 59:10 (black)
    Alex 34:36 (A)
    Happy birthday Scott…Happy Memorial Day everyone…God Bless the USA!!!

  15. Babs

    55:02 (green band)
    Chrissy – Good to finally see your smiley face again, it has been a long time.
    Thanks everyone for all the encouragement!
    Special thanks to all the service men, past and present who make this all possible for us!

  16. Jackrabbit

    Protecting the knee so I didn’t to a full squat today.
    Great job everyone!! So awesome to see everyone!
    Happy Memorial Day!!!

  17. george

    38 mins.
    Hey looking for some ACFs who enjoy mountain biking.
    Looking to put a team together for a couple races.
    Have a great Memorial Day but remember to approach everyday here after with the same gratitude and love towards our country and troops as you did today.

  18. G

    FYI: ACF Flickr has a new album, Memorial Murph 2011. Photos from today…check it out under our Pix N Vids Link to the left.
    Remembering the fallen heroes and the ones who are currently serving (Military, LEO, firefighters, EMS and all first responders)
    Hard working crossfitters today!!! You are all my heroes as well.
    Team Atomic – kicking it up a notch – YEAH!!!

  19. Joe A

    55:08 (RR)
    Happy Birthday Scott
    Great energy and hella athletes today at the box. What fun that was. Thanks for the push from everyone….
    Chrissy C: if I get feeling back to my arms and legs then i’ll be there πŸ™‚
    God Bless our Troops.

  20. dirtyD

    Happy Birthday Scott!
    Thanks for posting picture-welcome Julian Joseph.hope I got the name right?
    Thinking of all who came out in the heat today and our men and women serving our country!
    God Bless.

  21. Logan

    51:03 with vest.
    First time with vest. I remember seeing guys last year with vests and wondering how that was even possible. There is something to this whole CrossFit thing.

  22. Ralph/SLII

    This one is for you LT and to all the fallen heroes.
    This was my very first WOD last year when I started crossfit @ ACF, I recall doing 3 rounds only. I fainted, could not breath, and my chest was tight. After the first round I was ready to walk out and never to come back. But I thought would be a fucking loser if I quit. So I came back the n

  23. Ralph/SLIM

    Next day and I’m still here until now with no plan of stopping. Credit goes to all the coaches at ACF. You guys are excellent!
    Today I’m so glad to endure the whole WOD.
    Happy memorial day everyone

  24. Ralph/SLIM

    Beer…beer…beer…and more beer…burff!

  25. G

    @Slim, Haha! Are you “la-sing”? Don’t be Hungover like the movie, especially Hungover 2. You need to remember everything.

  26. Ralph/SLIM

    @coach G, I’m not sure it’s only 8:50pm…but my brain and my finger are no longer coordinating…LOL!

  27. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Bday Scott! Happy Memorial day to all.
    45:02 rx
    Beat my previous time by 14:59. Next time will wear vest. Thanks to the crossfit community, I have learned to have a much deeper appreciation for the sacrifices the individuals in our armed forces make every day, those who have served and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
    God bless the families of our fallen solders as well, the pain of losing a brother, sister,.. and especially a son or daughter…
    saddens me.

  28. The Situation

    my very first Murph…Glad I came today..and be with you all fine men and women who dedicated this WOD in honor of our service men who sacrifies their lives in order for us to enjoy the luxury of freedom… this WOD is a reminder that they will never be forgotten and we will always be grateful of their serivice….
    Happy birthday Silverback…

  29. G

    Another post here for Memorial Day Murph:
    Welcome on your first WOD Alex and Jef!
    Good to see Taramisu, Tyler, S*Nash, Bonnie, B-Jules, HTB (newest dad) back in action!
    A couple of you donated some cash at the box and we will include that with our own donation to the Memorial Murph website tomorrow. A few went on line to donate directly to the Memorial Murph website directly. THANK YOU!