“Fur Mittens”

Enlarge image (CrossFit is getting some love)

Brian MacKenzie, Competitor Magazine.





AMRAP 10 Minutes of:

5 Scotty-Bobs or Renegade Rows

50m Farmers Carry (53)(35)

30 Double-unders


Post results to comments.

Memorial Day "Murph" 2011 (Flickr Album)





22 Responses to ““Fur Mittens””

  1. Fjord

    Good WOD, way to go hard C-Note. Jim, thanks for big 24, I can tell it has made me stronger.

  2. Junior

    Good WOD today.
    Very exciting, 275 was my 1 rep max a few months ago…now it’s my 3 rep max! 🙂
    4 rds (20# DB)

  3. chrissy c

    Junior – you kicked butt!!!
    3 rounds + 5 + carry (15#/26#/singles)

  4. George
    7 + 1 row (lat jumps no double unders yet)

  5. Lingo

    I think the Texas shorts were too sexy to be captured on film.

  6. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Nice meeting you Josh P
    Awesome work 4pm! Thanks for the cheer Nomad!
    Thanks Coach D.

  7. Richard aka Braveheart


  8. logan

    WOD’d in Minneapolis today at CrossFit MSP.
    It is 69 frick’n degrees with 30mph winds here. Can’t WOD in June without hot, thick, wet air. I am so confused.
    400 Meter Run
    30 Wall Ball (20)
    30 KB Swings (53)

  9. 'Prego' Teach

    3 rounds
    750m row
    7 Deadlifts (135)
    15 CF Pushups
    Time: 14:27
    Had to workout quickly today at 4:00. Thanks Ramrod for help with the impromptu WOD!

  10. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    300-305-310-315-295 (form issues)
    3+(6+25+11) rx

  11. Todd

    Ended with 335. Felt pretty good. Prob shoulda gone heavier.
    6 rds

  12. Speedy J

    Amanda with my Teammate Billy!! With a good video and great coaching I accomplished something that I truly did not believe was possible..how was I going to get 9 when I have only been able to get 1?? I got 17!! Thank you to all for your support and believing I could do it more than I did. Shy of 4 but we will get it!
    Great to have so many bodies at 7pm!

  13. Gina

    205-225-235-245 – only got 4 rds in somehow, but I think that was enough for today….got to get my butt down!!
    3 rds + 18 du (knees)

  14. Nisha

    Awesome atmosphere at 7pm…nothing like doing 24″ boxjumps after heavy deadlifts 😉
    oh, and suicide sprints for a “warm-down”..fun times….

  15. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Sarah M and Katie D!
    Good to see Junior, Young Blood, SOF, SOS, Sunil, 007, Jo, MP and Kansas back in action!
    Lots of PRs today! Good job guys and gals!
    Great energy, speed and lots of heart at 7pm! We can never have too many sprint work. It makes us better. Bring it!

  16. The Nomad

    5 rds + 1SB
    Worked on form today…good to share the bar with Dustin

  17. The Nomad

    Oh, anytime ZenJen! And thanks to Gina for the push on the AMRAP! Love me some Scotty Bobs!

  18. Billdozer

    My teammate is a badass! That was fun after I stopped dropping the barbell on my lower back. We will destroy that next time, i’m sure of it.
    Great energy, great training. Thank you Sensei Jim.

  19. FPR

    Only worked on DL today…Thanks for sharing the bar Toe…you are awesome!!!
    Janet, you are a beast!!!