“Menthal Money-Maker”

5 Rounds for time:


50ft Weighted Overhead Walking Lunge (45)(25)

12  T2B

7    Burpees


Post results to comments.


Atomic CrossFit's Smolder Soldiers Grads Spring 2011

Front Row (Left to Right):  Coach Jim and Fjord

2nd Row:  Will M, Speedy J, Ramrod, Rossi and Silverback

Back Row:  C-Note, Bullhorn, Billdozer and Easy Rider

(Left to Right):  Jared M, Arnold, G, Toddzilla and TC (Logan not in the photo)

T H E     S M O L – D E R !!

13 Responses to ““Menthal Money-Maker””

  1. Chow

    Whoa! Definitely don’t want to mess with those mean Smolder Soldiers, b!tche$!

  2. George

    11:07 – It was hot and lonely at the noon class. Thanks BoBo for hanging around.

  3. Bonnie B

    Random note – just wanted to say how awesome it has been to be back at Atomic. I was really hesitant about coming back after taking a such a long break, esp knowing what great athletes are at the box. Everyone has been so welcoming and motivating though! So thanks to all of the coaches for putting up with my whining and pushing me 🙂 appreciate yall!

  4. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    15:15 rx

  5. Special K

    15:13-Almost RX- my toes hit the bar probably 80 percent of the time and came close on the other 20.
    Awesome run post wod Garrett! Nice work 0930.

  6. The Nomad

    Had fun with the Team Atomic Training. Thanks JP, Alex, & Steph! Great pairing up with ya’ll!

  7. Prego Teach

    Forgot to post last night!
    10:01 Rx
    Great working out AFTER the 4:00 group 🙂