“Drop the Hamma”

5 Rounds For time

Run 400m
25 DU
Row 250m
12 Burpees


Post results to comments.


5:30am "Pacemaker" Josh B flips a tire as warm-up while Brennan drops the sledgehammer.

18 Responses to ““Drop the Hamma””

  1. Kelli

    32:31—-du’sgetting better…Glad to be a part of 5:30am for past 2 days. I’ve always looked at that list of names at 5:30 am as “crazy people” work out that early… Now I’m in that list I guess. I see why— It’s really nice, cool, workout is done and ready to tackle the rest of day….and it’s a great motivating/inspiring group! Thx Ashley O. for being committed to the early am. Thx Daniel & Grace!

  2. tim

    For the 7pm WOD at memorial park,which memorial park location. I run at two different ones. There is running trails at the Memorial park at the end of common wealth and university in sugarland that runs along the brazos river and then the memorial park in Houston. Both are very nice and I could see this work out at either. Please advise

  3. G

    T-Slice, team training will be at Memorial Park Houston (inside the loop). Meet at the swimming pool facility parking lot.

  4. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    What is an appropriate substitute for 250m rows? No rower in the garage.

  5. G

    Hey there Agent O!
    Best sub is burpees, however, there is a burpee in this WOD already.
    Next best sub is Summo Deadlift High Pull (light weight ~ 65-75lbs) around 12 reps

  6. Jim

    Here is the address for the pool
    6402 Arnot Street
    Houston, TX 77007

  7. Sirun

    It was tough…but thanks for Tara for running with me last round, and thanks Daniel, Bobo, Barbella for the encouragement!

  8. Jackrabbit

    23:41 LOVED this WOD! I love anything endurance!
    Great job 930!!!!

  9. The Nomad

    25:49 rx – liked this one! Thanks for the push Toddski & Arnold!

  10. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    28:47 rx

  11. The Force (Kendra)

    26:04 (rx). It’s getting hot out there. Todd was on fire…..no chance of anyone catching him. Nisha- those double understand are looking good!

  12. Nisha

    31:54 RX
    Hot, Hot, Hot….
    Thanks Kendra…actually like doing DUs now..sadly my running still stinks, especially when it is HOT….you did awesome though, gave the boys a run for their money 🙂

  13. Silverback

    I think my 15 yr old son beat me by 4 seconds. I’m going with he’s getting better, rather than I’m getting slower…
    Toddsky, great performance today, you’re a stud.

  14. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    25:59 Progress on the DUs… Last set unbroken. Just what I’ve been craving, a good old fashioned metcon. Good job 8:30!

  15. Disco D Nicole

    37:39 (LJ)
    I struggled with DU and had to do lat jumps… Good WOD

  16. FPR

    25:31 (Rx) I can live without running or rowing and I could have just done DU and burpees. It was HOT! At least I worked on my bronzing while I was running. Always an advantage…
    Way to go 4pm!