“GITTY UP” c/o Rob Shaul

Warm Up

4 Rounds
10 KB Swings (35)
10 KB Goblets Squats (35)
5 Deadlifts (95)
5 Pull Ups
Elevated Pigeon Stretch


1) 8 Rounds
3 Deadlift (up in weight until 3x is hard but doable)
3 Shoulder Sweep

2) 6 Rounds
5 KB Floor Presses (up in weight until 5x is hard but doable) each side
5 Renegade Rows – No pushups (up in weight until 5x is hard but doable) each side
Foam Roll IT Band

3) 6 Rounds
5 Mr Spectaculars (up in weight until 5x is hard but doable)
3 Burpees
10 Sit Ups

Ian M
Happy Birthday Ian M.!

31 Responses to ““GITTY UP” c/o Rob Shaul”

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ian!
    Nice pic! You look like a Stunt Man!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ian!
    Nice pic! You look like a Stunt Man!

  3. Gina

    O.G.E.R. Crossfit workout in Seattle:
    deadlift 2-2-2-2-1-1-1
    can’t get that dang 255 again – head games!!
    Block run + 15 kb get-ups: 3:28

  4. mario c

    What Crossfit Has Done For Me:
    Every once in a while I read a post about how Crossfit has changed someone’s life for the better. Well here is my story.
    My lovely wife Chrissy and I just came home from scuba diving on Cozumel. Now on prior dive vacations, before Chrissy started doing Crossfit on an unlimited basis, it would take her three or four trips every morning to bring all our dive gear down to the dive boat and get it onboard. This would always hold us up from speeding out to our first dive sight of the day. Invariably the dive master would look at me and say: “Matador, (that is what they call me south of the border) with all due respect, can’t you get your woman to move any faster?”
    I had to endure these kinds of remarks for years! Although known throughout all of Cozumel by the sobering sobriquet of ‘Matador’, I was also known as the gringo who could not control his woman – there is no greater insult in the Latin culture!
    But Crossfit has changed all that! On this last vacation Chrissy easily carried both our dive gear bags, plus our dry bag, plus extra hydration, plus my monogrammed robe that I wear should I surface from a dive and experience a slight chill! And she did it every day to or from the dive boat in only one trip!
    Needless to say I am thrilled at this fortunate turn of events and am now held in high esteem by the dive masters and boat captains throughout all of Cozumel. I have Crossfit to thank for it all!
    During our last dive day on the island one of the dive masters approached me in confidence and reported that he was having similar issues with his own woman and was at his wits end on what to do about it.” I mean,” he said, “Cozumel is not Pakistan or Iraq or Iran where I can claim an honor killing!” I told him,”I have only one word of advice for you amigo, Crossfit!” I told him to get his woman enrolled as quickly as possible and his troubles would soon be over.
    I cannot thank all the coaches enough for all the hard work they put in everyday.
    mario c aka “chief”

  5. Jim

    Chief, you made my day! Chrissy I don’t know how you do it…oh wait, CrossFit!

  6. Jim

    Gina, Say Hi to My buds at OGER! Good people up there!

  7. S*Nash

    First time to do one of these Rob Shaul wod’s, not going against the clock was a little different, but I am just as dirty, sweaty, and sore. I’m very excited to begin my summer muscle rebuilding acf style! Addison stripped me of what muscle tone I did have 🙂
    See you tomorrow!
    Happy Birthday Ian!

  8. Logan

    Got a little choked up at the testimonial.

  9. Disco D Nicole

    Matador, that is really funny!!!! Thank for sharing…….

  10. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ian!
    Nice pic! You look like a Stunt Man!

  11. G

    @Chief (Dude/Matador), I saw you at the noon class todsy and didn’t realize that you posted the above testimonial or I would have mentioned that we appreciate the kind words. That what it’s all about for us here at ACF. As coaches/affiliate owners, we are able to make an impact in changing peoples lives for the better. It’s all worth it! Thank you!
    PS, you always make me laugh =)

  12. G

    @Gina, way to be accountable! Phil is Jim’s good friend.
    Good to see our visitor, Charles G, come back for his 2nd WOD with us.
    Also good to see HD, Kaylynn, S*Nash, MasterG, Alice, The Situation and Taramisu back in action in the morning classes.
    @Fam, see you soon. Glad you had a fun mini-vacation!
    Way to work with this smoldering WOD a.m. and noon peeps!

  13. G

    It was also good to see He-Man back in action!

  14. chrissy c

    So the next time you people see me at Crossfit, be extra nice to me. See what I have to endure!!!
    But, I do have to say, the dive master was a lot nicer to me this year! Crossfit Baby!! 🙂

  15. mario c

    mario c
    Went heavy on the DL 65-70-75-85-95 (only did 5 rounds – when you are freaking elite, that’s all you need. Okay, that is all G would let me do!)
    I wrote the testimonial to be funny. It came to me one morning while I was sitting on the beach waiting for the dive boat to pick us up. I started laughing to myself and Chrissy asked me what I was laughing about I told her to wait and read about it on a post.
    I really like Atomic Crossfit a lot and enjoy coming to the workouts. Thanks to G and Jimmy, back when I first started, I can do any kind of lift everybody else can do, but I just use a lot lighter weights.
    I recommend Atomic to everyone on my swim team. I am really glad I can still come to the WODs and get a good training affect from them. That is all I can do now at 61. But I am always trying my best even though I use light weights and joke around a lot. Plus I like throwing the football around after a WOD with Kyle and SOS and the other kids who come sometimes – makes me feel young again. Plus I like it when they call me Dude!
    I found that 90% of success in life is about just showing up every time and giving it your best shot – however good or bad that is on a particular day. That is what I try to do at Crossfit.

  16. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    Yesterday’s WOD in my garage today.
    4 Rounds – 27:00
    Substituted SDHP 75# 12 Reps for rows
    Thanks for the substitution advice G!
    Well deserved rest day tomorrow (except for my mandatory daily pull-ups)

  17. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    Chief – I am assuming those were the one arm/one leg opposite arm-opposite leg deadlifts you’re always talking about? I can only do the bar on those.
    Well said, I’m assuming the other 10% is good grooming.

  18. mario c

    A.O. thanks for pointing out my omission. I am so used to doing dead lifts while balancing on two 10 lb slam balls that I forgot to mention it.
    But like Silverback always reminds me, we sometimes we need to hold back a bit as not to embarrass or scare off less gifted athletes.

  19. Jackrabbit

    Chief, wait to start swimming with you!

  20. T-REX

    135-185-205-205-205-215-215-215. Even though we we’re going for time, I still felt like I was – being 1 of 2 people working out at 7. Hurt my wrist, pooo

  21. Sirun

    Enjoyed Chief’s story and workout today, oh yea, and theme song for Iron Man too!

  22. Eileen

    85-85-95-95-105-105. I was #2 of 2 at the 7 with T-Rex. Billy, thanks for not letting me hurt myself with those Mr. Spectaculars on the KB weight.

  23. 'Prego' Teach

    Sorry I missed this one today! I had to move all my stuff from my house to my new school. So I guess my WOD was moving boxes, while people were telling me NOT to lift anything heavy because I am pregnant.
    I just smile and tell them they have no idea what I do for fun 🙂
    Mario- great story…what else can I say? You are legendary!