“POST Regional Hangover Partner WOD”

Alright everyone was so hyped over Regionals…I feel like I'm Hungover. So let's Kick the hangover with an Epic Partner WOD this Saturday.

Partner WOD
Chipper style (Complete each phase before moving on to the next)

Phase I

Cumulative switching every rep
50 Clean and Jerk (135)(95)

Phase II

9 Rounds of Cindy each (18 total)
Both can work @ the same time. A weight vest (20)(12.5) must be worn for 9 of the 18 total rounds. (Break it up anyway you wish)

Phase III

1000m Run Relay [Same weight vest must go 1000m of the cumulative 2000m] (Break it up anyway you wish)

Phase IV

6 Rope Climbs [Same weight vest must go up the rope 3 times] (Break it up anyway you wish)


Post results to comments.

Hangover 2

9 Responses to ““POST Regional Hangover Partner WOD””

  1. Sirun

    I might be a spectator again tomorrow morning to this great box! Having an inflamed wrist sucks,but I will be back soon!

  2. bryan g.

    Phase IV — weighted rope climb? HOLY SHITAKE!
    i’m going to try that today just to see if i can even do it. assuming i have gas left at the end of the wod….

  3. Matt H

    This one looks epic! Too bad I’ll be working @630 in the morning. Anyone hiring M-F??

  4. G

    @Speedy, do you think I’m a good rope climber??? 🙂 I need a badass…..

  5. Speedy J

    Great job Victor! Thanks for carrying the weight on the rope climb…missed ya Grace – next time!

  6. G

    @Speedy J, Sorry I missed ya! Would have loved to be your partner on this Epic WOD! My body is screaming for a rest day.