Fight Gone Bad

3 Rounds of 1 Minute Per Exercise and 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds


  • Wall Ball (20)(14)
  • SDHP (75)(55)
  • Box Jumps (20")
  • Push Press (75)(55)
  • Rower (Calories)


Compare to 100819 and check out 090622

Post results to comments.

ZILLION SUM GAME by Becca Borawski (courtesy of CrossFit LA)

We all at some point have probably heard the term "zero sum game." This is a scenario where if one person wins, someone else necessarily has to lose. More specifically, the amount of one person's gains is equal to the other person's losses.

That doesn't sound fun at all.

Instead, how about a "zillion sum game"? Recently I was in Portland, Oregon at a conference called the World Domination Summit. One of the speakers, Jonathan Fields, talked about the concept of the zillion sum game. This is a scenario where EVERYBODY wins – even people who don't know they're in the game.

CrossFit could be looked at as either — a zero sum game or a zillion sum game. You could come to class and pick out the best equipment, get the best spot on the floor, and do your best to beat everyone else in the room without a thought to their journey or their progress. You could make it all about you.

Or you could make it about everybody getting better. You could help out the new student. You could share tips on exercises. You could help out your "rival" because you know their improvement will inspire your improvement. You could let someone in on the choice equipment (I think we all know about the smooth handled kettlebells at this point, right?).

In either scenario you could succeed. But, which sounds more fun? Which sounds more like a community you want to be a part of?


  Shirtspotting MikeB

MikeB during their New Braunfels vacation

Shirtspotting Keith Fogle

Keith F in his "Data Palace"

ACF wrist band spotting Chad Blaylock Alcatraz
Featuring Chad B's "The Nomad" ACF wristband during his Alcatraz Tour

38 Responses to “Fight Gone Bad”

  1. Jim

    Starting on Wall-ball sucks. 253Rx
    If you want big number early I recommend starting on box Jumps or Push-Press. Oh well, another fight that went bad. I’m waiting for the fight that went good.

  2. Kaylynn

    217 (10#WB/45#SDHP)
    Great job on your 1st WOD Mark and Bill…nice meeting both of you!

  3. Chrissy

    Jim – wallballs anywhere suck!! Oh and I started on push press – so maybe start on box jumps! 🙂
    203 (45# SDHP, 10#WB, 2nd & 3rd rnd step ups)
    Thanks for counting for me Bill!

  4. JohnnyB

    238 RX
    Nice doing this WOD with 8:30 peeps!!
    Great Job~ Alice, MasterG, Slim, Marlon & Fam, good to see you back!
    Thanks CoachG!

  5. Speedy J

    339 Rx
    Oh my, first time at this one – ouch!
    Thanks for the counting Maria – great job today!! Fun to be at the 9:30 class!

  6. Jackrabbit

    249 Rx
    Beat my reps from last time so I will take it. Thanks for counting Alex!! And great job on your first FGB!!!!
    Janet, awesome job today!
    Good to see you FAM!!

  7. Dustin

    Nice meeting everyone at the noon class

  8. FPR

    278 (Rx)…better than last time, but still need to improve.
    Janet you’re awesome!! and of course the rest of the 930 class was awesome too!
    Great job Tara and thanks for counting my reps!

  9. logan

    292 rx – still cant get 3 spins…not starting on wall ball next time.

  10. mario c

    Actual Score 156
    •Wall Ball (6)
    •SDHP (35)
    •Step Ups (18)
    •Push Press (55)
    •Rower (Calories)
    But, if you consider the spectacular coaching job I did coaching my main man Dustin to a 245 score – as G, she was there, she saw it – and the toll that took on me, a less than freaking elite athlete would not have even been able to even line up. So, adjusting for all that by say 100 points minimum, my adjusted score is 256 at least! So that’s what I’m going with! haha

  11. Taramisu

    210(RX wanna be, jk) today was tough but great. Thank you miss Aida for counting and the extra push!!!!

  12. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    260 rx … last time 235 so 25 rep improvement.
    Harsh wod… killer.. but fun later. Thanks everyone for the push. Great job Todd and JB.

  13. Todd

    303 @ rx. Moderately happy with that. Good work by all.

  14. Gina

    217 (RX!) Huge improvement since t-day 2009 when I scaled a lot!
    Thanks Andi for the push & encouragement – you did great today! Great to be back, even if its only for one day before I’m off again for FL. As tough as this one is, I hinkbit should last me till I get back! 🙂

  15. Will M

    Thx for the push Braveheart. You did well on your round. This was killer to do for the first time.

  16. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    236(RX) –
    Thanks Arnold and G for yelling and encouraging me to NOT STOP! I love you guys!!!
    SPeedy J your a beast!!!

  17. The Nomad

    228 Rx – Nice to pair up with Toddski! I apprectiate the encouragement from Todd, G, S-Back, and everyone else…
    I’m not happy with my score. Felt I could have done better. Jim, can we do this one again?

  18. The Famous J Mo/BJules ;)

    208 RX
    Broke 200!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Blanca, Toddsky, and JB for the push!

  19. Babs

    242 (10# wall ball, 45# SDHP, step-ups,35#PP)
    Improved a lot from the first time I did this WOD!

  20. Nisha

    220 RX
    Last time was 201 so happy with the improvement but I still always leave FGB thinking of where i could/should have squeezed out a few reps (wallballs)…next time 😉

  21. KimN

    192 – Happy because I lived through it!! That was tough! Thanks for those who stayed and pushed the 6pmers through it…..G, S-Back, Todd, Chad….Thanks to P-Love for counting…lovin me some ACF!!
    Congrats to my husband….this was his first class….what a time to start!!

  22. PLove

    194 (10#, 45#, 45#)
    thanks for the support G, Silverback, Chad, and Todd!! It was much needed!!!
    Way to go 6pm!!! GREAT WORKOUT!!
    And thanks to G for the nickname “plove”

  23. Ralph/SLIM

    212 RX
    First time to do this WOD. Great 0830 crowd. Starting with the rower isn’t really the best idea either.

  24. Eileen

    212 (6#, 35#, 25#). Eric, thanks for being my partner and the push. Welcome to Crossfit. Good job.

  25. Steve

    277 (14#, 65#, 65#), These are always tough!

  26. T-REX

    248rx. My points are actually less this time, but last yr this is the wod where I got my nickname bc my form sucked on SDHP. So at least this time around my points were properly earned with good form :). Great partnering with Stacy!

  27. G

    271 (Rx) – Oh boy! ONE rep more than the previous time. Strategy of going in the same station as SOS and Ramrod helped on box jumps! Thank you SOS and Ramrod for keeping me going and making me better! Thank you Silverback for the push!
    Goal for next time is to break 300.
    We had a lot of encouragement from the Peanut Gallery. You guys rock!

  28. Bobo

    285 RX.
    i think i was in the 270 range last time i did this.
    still want to break 300 on this one. sdhp and pp were the killers. couldn’t breath enough for them.
    thanks steph for pushing me otherwise i probably would have had about 20 less reps.
    great job all!!

  29. Tim

    Callie 212 10#WB, 45# push press 45# SDHP
    Tammy 212 10#WB 45# push press
    Tim 266 RX