July 4th WOD




July 4th WOD:  "Home Sweet Home"

Partner WOD ~ Complete the following Chipper with a partner for time. Parts of this chipper must be completed by a single team member. These sections are labled below. All other sections can be split anyway the team wishes. However, excluding the runs, only one team member working at a time. Scale as necessary.

Phase I

You and your partner have 10 minutes to establish max Front Squat. Your team will subtract this number (total) in seconds from your chipper time.


Phase II (Cutoff 40 Minutes)

30 Jumping Squats (65)(45) ~ Partner 1 (P1)

                 P1 ~ Do a Math Problem ~ 10 Burpees ea. for a wrong answer

400m Run ~ Both must run

25 Power Clean (115)(75) ~ Partner 2 (P2)

                P2 ~ Do a Math Problem ~ 10 Burpees ea. for a wrong answer

200m Run ~ Both


50 "Junk Yard Dog" Hops

50 CF Push-ups

50 Pull-ups

50 Wall Ball (20)(14)

50 KB Swings (53)(40)


200m Run ~ Both

25 Ball Slam Getups (20)(12) ~ P1

               P1 ~ Do a Math Problem ~ 10 Burpees ea. for a wrong answer

400m Run ~ Both

30 OHS (75)(55) ~ P2

               P2 ~ Do a Math Problem ~ 10 Burpees ea. for a wrong answer

16 Responses to “July 4th WOD”

  1. DirtyD

    had to cancel this. no jumping for me! Congrats to all who brought the Heat,
    have a safe Happy and Honorable day.

  2. G

    You don’t have to jump, everything is scalable! Have a safe holiday!

  3. Babs

    Everyone have a great 4th and be safe!
    Well, that WOD was a fun way to start the 4th.
    Thanks Eileen for being my patner.

  4. ingrid

    Happy 4th of July,Be safe everyone…if you must drink…don’t drive!!!!
    T-Rex,you really are T-REX. Thanks for being my partner and pushing me thru…I’ll be working to pace with you.
    Doing math after is a brain teaser, my synapses are broke. It took me a while and my brain and hands did not coordinate,had to do burpees, sorry T-Rex.
    Doing this is a wake up call for me. Brain activity is just as important as the physical…dementia take a hike!!!
    Nice to meet the new as well as the old faces all in one roof.
    More Power ACF!!!!

  5. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Murphed @ crossfit waxahachie
    53:43. With 100 bonus squats because apparently I can’t count Cindy.

  6. Eileen

    Everyone have a safe and happy July 4th! Now, that was a fun WOD. Where was the excel? I had a great Partner…thanks BABs.

  7. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB Johnny
    30 Jump Squats(65) = none -30 reps
    400m = 400m -400m
    Power Clean(115) = 25reps -none
    200m = 200m -200m
    50 JYD Hops = 30 reps -20 reps
    50CF Push-up = 25reps -none
    50 Pull-ups = 25Reps -15Reps
    50 WB (20) = 25 Reps -None
    50 KB(53#) = 25Reps – none
    200m Run = 200m -200m
    25SB Get up = 13 reps -none
    400m Run =400m -200m
    30 OHS (75#) = 30 reps -none
    Thanks Johnny!

  8. JohnnyB

    Johnny- thanks for teaming up with me & nice meeting you.

  9. JohnnyB

    Sorry Coach Jim & Coach G for the scaling. Not sure it’s legit… LOL

  10. JohnnyB

    Sorry Johnny, feel free to correct any mistakes on my posting. 🙂 I’m lost..

  11. Junior

    Junior & SpeedyJ
    27:31 (Rx) Thanks SpeedyJ! You are a great partner. I hope your back doesn’t hurt from carrying the team! 🙂 Day 1 COMPLETE!

  12. Speedy J

    Great WOD!! Thanks Jamie for being my partner…Happy 4th to ALL! Enjoy the day!

  13. Alice S

    Happy 4th to all!!!
    Nice to see lots of new faces!!!
    Nice partnering with you Barbara!!!
    It was fun WOD… + the math!!!

  14. T-REX

    Hey Ingrid, way to hold your own, you did good – stop apologizing! OK, maybe just for the math problem, but not for the wod!