“Style Points”

For time Complete:


3 Power Cleans (BW)

3 Front Squats (BW) 

25 GHD Sit-ups


6 Power Cleans (BW)

6 Front Squats (BW)

25 GHD Sit-ups


9 Power Cleans (BW)

9 Front Squats (BW)

25 GHD Sit-ups

Atomic CrossFit's competitors brought the heat last Saturday!

Congratulations!  We are so proud of all of you!

"Bring The Heat 2" @ CrossFit Katy (View Bring The Heat 2011 Results)

Bring The Heat II (courtesy of Gatekeeper) (View Album)

Bring The Heat II (View Slideshow)

   Billy Shuttle Carry Oly lifts
Billy "Billdozer" took 1st place in the Standard Division.

Speedy J DL
Janet "Speedy J" took 1st place in the Standard Division.

Wolverine Shuttle Carry Oly Lifts
Pat "Wolverine" took 2nd place in the Scaled Division.

Also congrats to the winners from other surrounding CrossFit affiliates: Sara Urban 2nd standard, Susie Tannery 3rd standard, Bailey Rowe 2nd standard, Michael Fudge 3rd standard, Jake Hernandez 1st scaled, Cody Miles 3rd scaled, Jennifer Heitman 1st scaled, Kelly Espinosa 2nd scaled and Brandi Poulsen 3rd scaled!

22 Responses to ““Style Points””

  1. Junior

    Congrats everyone! Way to represent Atomic!!!
    Tough one this morning. Great job 5:30
    14:28 (135#, GHD)

  2. Chrissy

    Good going this weekend!
    10:46 (75#/regular sit ups)
    Hey, I did manage to get one in at 85#!

  3. S*Nash

    7:01(75# Straightleg situps)
    Good wod, just couldn’t GHD’s yet and definitely can’t do BW yet…actually ever! Slowly getting back to lifting more weight 🙂
    Great job at Bring the Heat ACF!! Wish I could have been there but our lil one is not a fan of the heat.

  4. Junior

    Thanks C-note and it was NOT a disaster! 185# is definitely not a walk in the park! Awesome job!

  5. DirtyD

    25 GHD postWOD to see if I still can.
    Time to move up.

  6. Speedy J

    Great job Atomic!
    My back asked me to take the day off today..

  7. Billdozer

    9:34(200#,GHD) Bobo was on fire today, good job everyone at Noon.

  8. G

    13:18 (Rx 115, GHD with exra 6 reps of V-Ups in the beginning) (BW 117)
    Thanks for the encouragement nooners and Coach Daniel! Just glad to be able to power clean all reps without having to resort to squat clean! Tough battle with myself on the PCs but loved this WOD!
    @B Eggroll, glad you like my Toe shoes 🙂
    @C-Note, I have to agree with Junior. 185lb is definitely not a walk in the park!
    Good to see Junior, Barkley, Alex E, Josh M, S*Nash, AJ, Andi and Toe back in action!
    Welcome on your first WOD Jade!

  9. JohnnyB

    Well done…. Billy, Speedy J & Wolverine!
    12:28 RX @145# BW
    Thanks Coach D & Coach Jim, I can clean better..

  10. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    15:38 (165 bw=180)

  11. Kim

    Thanks for all the pointers Jim!
    Great job in Katy ACF!!
    9:34 (85# – scaled sit-ups)

  12. Will.I.Am

    10:55 (210# as Bullhorn & Silverback would tell me, “Lose some damn weight!!!”, tried GHD for the 1st set then rolled to str legs)
    OWC success ALREADY!!!! Big improvements from all of you, & so SOON! Great job OWC!!

  13. BJules

    Congrats to everyone who competed! Wish I had been there to cheer you on.
    Don’t know my time, (95#, GHD/SLSU)

  14. Nisha

    14:09 (115#, 2 GHD/1 SLSU)
    Have a lot to work on with heavy cleans..get frustrated and then my form goes to hell…was at 11 min on my last squat when I dropped the dang bar and took about another 2 minutes to successfully reclean it after several failed attempts…uugghhh…
    Jim, I will start going to open gym in order to practice the hook grip 🙂

  15. PLove

    I definitely need to work on my PC’s.. Today was tough :/
    13:40 (90# scaled sit ups)

  16. FPR

    Congrats to all the ACF baddasses who competed this weekend!!
    Feeling all empty inside but will soon be back! Not soon enough though!

  17. Wolverine

    Thanks for the loan of the shoes Jim, I like em! HtheB u kept me going!

  18. The Nomad

    14:02 (150#) My BW is 170. Liked this one.