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Five rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters
20 Deadlifts (145)
20 Push-ups
10 Deadlifts (145)
10 Push-ups


Post results to comments.


NO FRIDAY 4pm, 5pm & 6pm CLASSES



 ACF Gearspotting – The Sequel

Shirtspotting gearspotting marteena subia
Alice & Master G's daughter, Marteena, wears her favorite cap!

Shirtspotting Gearspotting Bob
Bob L aka "Croc Face" features ACF's wristband while surveying his company's project overseas.

26 Responses to ““Main Site Original””

  1. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    27:47 rx

  2. Silverback

    24:51 (Rx/C2G)
    Fun race with Dozer & G. Was able to untie Billy’s shoe thru Jedi Mind Trick, on first run. That allowed me to pull ahead for good.

  3. Billdozer

    25:27(RX-C2G) Silverback’s skills know no bounds, his shoe trick cost me at least 2 minutes, but I did false start by ten seconds on the first run. G, was flying today and she still managed to yell at me during the workout.

  4. T-REX

    25:51 – modified for lunch break @ the globo by rowing instead of running 400m, and 135# DLs. post wod foam roll. Tried giving tips to a guy doing air squats all wrong, he was nice enough to hear, but not listen since he went right back doing them on his toes. I guess bc Im a GIRL, I don’t know better #crossfitchicksrule

  5. Speedy J

    24:34 (100#) Fun to join the nooners…HOT!! Low back got tight fast, had enough to get past JB..thanks for the run tips George & JB and Daniel for my two post WOD MU’s.
    Toe, you have time…you will be amazed how much better and easier running will become once you are in your program – you got it!

  6. Gina

    28:51 (kpu)
    Love me some deadlifts after Curtis P’s yesterday. I might be able to walk up stairs by Fri!
    Toe, you’re one tough crossfit chick…you can do it!

  7. Will.I.Am

    I hated myself during this wod. Kept hearing that nagging ass on my shoulder (the good one) saying , “Will, you know it’s ok to quit on this one. It’s just a WOD.” I bitch slapped him and proceeded to run every 400 completely and only break up the DL’s twice. Li’l bastard knows his place now. Unfortunately the bad shoulder kept me from Rx (prick).
    24:42 (box PU’s)

  8. Taramisu

    Toe, you did awesome! Today was harder than yesterday. The heat was awful!!!

  9. Bobo

    25:57 RX. some chest to ground, some just belly to ground. hehe.
    didn’t have enough in the tank to hold off Speedy J.
    this was an interesting one. round one i was a bit terrified and thought, ‘this wod was going to crush me’.
    after round one i started thinking, ‘i got this one. i can keep this up’.
    after round two, still felt like i could keep it up.
    after round three, doubt was beginning to creep in.
    round four the wheels started coming off and push ups were beginning to become impossible.
    round five was complete collapse. speedy j caught me as we were coming in from the run and then blew past me as i lay on the floor in total panic breathing mode.
    kung fu panda. that little guy was hanging out with me too. he likes to tell me that i did good enough on the first few rounds and that i can take it easy now. unfortunately I didn’t have it in me today to bitch slap him.
    Toe, ya just gotta think about your breathing and you will do fine. i’m sure you have heard me say it a million times, if you don’t control your breathing, it will control you.

  10. Speedy J

    Walk/Run programs have been proven to work for elite marathoners – when tested, runners ran their fastest marathon. The walk portion allowed for consistacy on pace per mile…

  11. Sirun

    @Bitchy Eggroll The latest issue of Runner’s World magazine has a 10-week plan for preparing half-marathon, you might want to check it out. I am running these days since now both of my hands are out of commission, now that I think it is more due to the stress of this new job…oh well, should’ve listened when about one month ago, Jim saw me struggling with 45# and yelled across the gym – Take care yourself, Sirun!!
    And BTW, did ya’ll know that pineapples have anti-inflammatory feature???

  12. George

    Great WOD to come back into. I needed to get beat down and I did today and it felt good.
    28 min (RX/CSG).

  13. Todd

    Dnf via quitting after three rounds. No excuses. Spent 15 minutes with lacrosse ball and foam roll. Sorry, tribe. I feel I let the whole box down.

  14. 'Prego' Teach

    29:18 (115)
    Yep- running officially stinks! Had to walk/run due to the baby crush in the lower half of my abdomen 🙂
    Great trying to keep up with the pacemakers this morning!

  15. chrissy c

    27:13 (85# DL – 7 & 3 each round instead of 20 & 10) and it still kicked my ass. Damn push ups!! 🙂

  16. G

    24:29 (100#) Awesome pacing with Billdozer, Silverback, OX, Gina, S*Nash and Kilani at 9:30am today! Training with this humidity is a b!tch but it makes us better. Also, invest some time with the POSE method, even if it’s slows you down. The return on investment is worth it. Way to finish strong Kilani!
    @Toe, I’m with C-Note and Speedy J. I sent you an email on the Jeff Galloway method of run/walk training. CrossFit Journal’s Romanov and Brian MacKenzie are the gurus on running mechanics. Just like our movements in a WOD, technique and mechanics RULE. Stay focued….half marathon isn’t until Jan2012. You have plenty of time!
    @Toddski, as goes the saying “Live to fight another day”! Not finishing a WOD doesn’t mean you let the tribe down! That’s rubbish!! We are proud of you and your hard work!
    @Will.I.Am / KungFu Panda, you are way too hilarious!!!

  17. Babs

    WOW! That’s all I can say. WOW!

  18. wolverine

    17:48 rx
    nothing to dislike about this wod.

  19. Brett

    28:08 (RX)
    holy hate my body tomorrow batman. gotta work on my push ups. nice work everyone. @iheartthistorture@

  20. The Nomad

    25:36 (RX) – should’ve gone faster….too many breaks. Kept up with Ramrod till round 4. Then got past up by A&MZach….not sure what happened to my killer instinct?

  21. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    30:40 (100lb)

  22. Robert Hammond

    27:40? RX
    Harder than it looked.. sweated profusely even 30min after wod.