“Jump Street”

3 Rounds For Time 


20 Ring Dips

20 GHD Situps

 5  Squat Cleans (175)(115)

20 Box Jumps

20 Air Squats


Post results to comments.


NO FRIDAY 4pm, 5pm & 6pm CLASSES



  Abbye Rocky Top Box Jumps C&J Bring The Heat 2
Abbye "Rocky Top" performing box jumps at CF Katy's Bring The Heat 2 Competition.  Way to represent Abbye!

26 Responses to ““Jump Street””

  1. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    21:23 (145 Rds 1&2 / 155 Rd 3)

  2. Jim

    Great Job this morning Pacemakers! Sorry I had to run so quick after class, I had a conference call to get to… Go heavy today people.

  3. Will.I.Am

    This looks like a fun WOD but sadly the push ups yesterday hit my shoulder hard so I’m off today and scaled the rest of the week. Good luck!

  4. Billdozer

    16:03(RX) Good battle with Cal today, he pulled ahead of me on the first round when all the GHD machines were taken, and I had to wait, so we probably tied. Fun times.

  5. Taramisu

    Great wod, I’m feeling an off day tmrw.

  6. BB2

    30 ABMAT situps per round – Big crowd on the GHDs today 🙂

  7. DirtyD

    chasing the Ox:
    19:47 (half-n-half boxARD/para-dips, 75#, 18″step)

  8. Gina

    21:27 (95#, BARD, 20″)
    Felt like I was getting my groove back today. Awesome job 8:30 class!

  9. S*Nash

    18:14 (75#, 20″, SITUPS, BARD)
    Did not feel good coming into today’s wod after yesterday’s wod, but squat cleans are fun and of course I love me some air squats 🙂 Things are starting to feel much better, but my gas tank kinda sucks. Loving that since I had Addison I will now jump off the box rather than always stopping at the top 🙂

  10. George

    nice WOD.
    15 mins (135#)– each month I feel stronger and more confident on lifts. 2 months ago 145# was my max.

  11. mario c

    mario c 13:06 Scaled
    3 Rounds
    8 BARD
    5 GHD Situps
    3 Squat Cleans (45)
    10 step ups – 18″
    5 Air Squats

  12. andi

    BARD, 85#
    Missed you Sheryl!!! (stupid computers)

  13. JohnnyB

    22:57 RX
    First off, Thank you Coach Jim, Coach D & Coach G, of course!
    I did squat clean 30lbs more than my BW! Thank you!!
    MP & JB Thanks for the push…

  14. Speedy J

    17:56 Rx
    Great to workout with you Grace…I would say Daniel too but I think he was done before I even started. Great job 5pm! Toughest air squats I have ever done..

  15. Alice S

    I’m just sooo excited this week…. Lots of PR’s for me!!!
    Thanks to all the support my ACF family!!!!
    Confidence is building up…. ACF ROCKS!!!

  16. Blanca Guerrero

    Second to last WOD 🙁 I did the 85# that Tammy wanted. I’m happy though. Time was 21:22 with Bard,GHD and straight leg,and 20″ box. It wa a good kind of hurt for sure. For those of you that I won’t see tomorrow: It was nice t meet you, nice to work with you, and most def nice to be pushed by you. Until next time ACF!!!!

  17. Blanca Guerrero

    Please forgive my choppy message. My phone sucks lol

  18. Silverback

    16:37 (RX)
    I felt shunned by Ramrod. Although I kept yelling to him to wait-up for me during the WOD, he didn’t…
    Getting tank back from my time off. All in all, felt pretty good.

  19. The Nomad

    27:06 (135#) – Started off with 155#. Needless to say, not my best day. Thanks G and the rest of the 5PM class for the encouragement. My form was there…just not the mental toughness…Thanks G for the coaching…you too Bobo!

  20. Tmac2 (Tammy)

    19:09 75#,paradip, 20″,slsu Blanca I am so proud of you. I told you I would be checking on you. I knew you could do it!

  21. G

    19:01 (Rx) – great working out with the 5pm class! It was a race with Ramrod, Silverback and Speedy J in the beginning. However, Ramrod took off and left us all in the dust – ri-di-cu-lus 11 minutes! I think his gangsta’ bandana has something to do with it. Finally got to work out with Speedy J again and thanks for the push and the chase. Fun times!

  22. 'Prego' Teach

    Blanca- what did I miss? Where are you going? Will you be at Club Atomic tomorrow night 🙂

  23. G

    Welcome James S, who is visiting from CF 817!
    From yesterday: Welcome on your first WOD Cole and Audrey! Good to see Prego Teach, Conor, Barbara back in action!
    Good to see Gatekeeper, OMG, Bobby, Holly L, Special K, Andi, SOS, Halee and Karina back in action today!
    @Blanca, it was great working with you and to see you grow as an athlete! Way to go on 85#! You have gotten stronger girl!
    @The Nomad, you kept refocusing and fought hard tonight! Keep working hard.
    Nice to see Tmac2 chime in!

  24. DIVA (Callie)

    19:01 – (85#, paradip, 20″, straight legged situps)
    JB – thank you for making me doing 85# and cheering me on.
    Silverback – sorry my bar almost killed you.
    Great job 5pm!