“Hansel and Grettle”

5 Rounds For Time

500m Row
20 Pull-ups



Post results to comments.



(video courtesy of SicFit and CrossFit Games)

29 Responses to ““Hansel and Grettle””

  1. G

    Almost forgot…..
    From last week:
    Welcome aboard Carmen! Good job on your baseline! See you when you come back from your trip.
    @Bernard, good to see you post a comment on our blog. Posting results here is part of the accountability and the community aspect of crossfit. Keep working hard!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Good to see Fam, good job Zander and the rest of 8:30 class.
    I think I’m going to scale it back a bit and focus on technique instead of intensity, when it comes to deadlift or other back intensive movements. Lower back issue is still lingering..been about 5 or 6 weeks now.

  3. George

    18 mins.
    3 rounds
    400 meter run
    10 DLs 135#
    15 PU
    15 Box Jumps
    25 Sit-ups
    30 Air Squats
    I will be away from the box WODs for the next month or so – ligament damage in wrist. I will post garage workouts (no wrist action and no more PUs & DLs after this one).
    See you all soon.

  4. Speedy J

    Love the video! Found myself smiling and tearing up at the same time…what a great experience Team Atomic!

  5. Gina

    26:28 (3-rr, 2-band pu)
    I’m going to miss the am classes – back to pm classes next week. Thanks Grace & Daniel for great coaching!

  6. todd

    Sorry I missed seeing Famelicious today, but fun to work out alongside a good group of stud-muffins at 5.
    18:19 (rx). Thanks to all who extended his/her right-hand of friendship to my little Chinese friends today. They think “Americans very nice!”

  7. The Nomad

    22:01Rx – another good 5 pm class as usual!

  8. TC

    Just thought I would say hi, and let you all know I cant wait to get back to my home (ACF)!!!

  9. T-REX

    22:40(RX) the min I see the rip I started dropping F bombs! Thx Nisha for staying during 6p to push me! Also glad to see JAC’T in the box!

  10. Speedy J

    Miss ya TC!! Your name was brought up many times at the river…we all miss you!

  11. Nisha

    24:02 (10 kips/then black/then green)
    Had a major pullup degression…tried a few kips (10)then switched to the black band for the sake of being able to eventually get back to the rower; then switched to green band for last 2 rounds for the sake of being able to finish!!!
    Thanks Nomad for staying on me during the row and for changing my band!!!
    Way to push through your rips Brett and Judy!!

  12. wolverine

    Silverback is killing the WODS this week!

  13. G

    21:34 (Rx) – 3 rips today and haven’t done that in a long while! Too much moving around different bars. Thanks for the great coaching on rowing; always need it when I’m on the rower.
    Awesome energy with the 5pmrs! It was good pacing with SOS, Brett and Rocky Top!
    We miss you TC! Hang in there!
    @Gina, see you in the afternoon!
    @Fam, light/moderate/scale and staying active will help you on your recovery
    Welcome back Erin!!! It’s always cool to see couples workout together. Good to see you and Cody side by side! Also, Wolverine and Nisha 🙂
    Good to see PLove, Kim N, Will C, Josh B, Shamrock, Lorena, Toe, Ox, Victor J, Paige, Karina, SOF, Robert L back in action!
    It was nice meeting your guests Todd! Good to see you push through your gas tank tonight!

  14. Bobo

    17:12 rx
    Was hoping for sub 17, almost made it. Had a strategy of all two min rows and one min on pull ups each round. Didn’t make the latter. Prolly shoulda tried to make up that time on the rows. Found focusing on shoulder tension during the row instead of allowing bicep tension really helped. Still don’t have the butterfly rhythm down.
    Great group at noon today! Way to crush it silverback and bullhorn!

  15. Will.I.Am

    Silverback n bullhorn put this wod to bed and kissed it goodnight. Rips on my hands kept me down.
    22:31 (Rx)

  16. MP

    21:49. It was nice working with 5:00 group today. Good job Ramrod, wolverine, and Todd. It was fun trying to keep up with you guys. Emphasis on “trying”. Good job G. Good to work out with you. It’s been a while.

  17. MP

    Oops. 20:49. My first post and I put the wrong time down.

  18. Eric F.

    23.51 (Rx)
    My hands hate me right now. And by the way, new skin hurts like hell!!

  19. G

    @MP, finally got to work out with you again! Last time I worked out at 4pm was 6 months ago, I think. You are doing well with your current work capacity!! Your consistency is paying off. Glad you are posting in our blog!
    Hope the hand rips heal soon you all! I know there are a lot of remedies out there…from salt water, nuskin, pumice stone to neosporine. Consider coaches’ tape or grips from Again Faster/Rage Fitness for next time.

  20. Gab

    19:25 Rx I sub the rowing with 50 SDHP 45#. My hands are ruined and I think my forearms will explode. Good WOD again.