“Struck Out”

Setup 3 bars and perform the following for time:

   400m run
2 OHS (135)(95)
2 Push-Press  (155)(105)
2 Squat Cleans (185)(125)
   400m Run
4 Push-Press  
4 Squat Cleans
   400m Run
6 Push-Press
6 Squat Cleans
 12 HSPU
   400m Run

Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday TC!

40 Responses to ““Struck Out””

  1. BB2

    Happy-B-day TC!
    20:34 (115,135,175)
    Bobby turned on the afterburners on the last run! Great Push!

  2. Chrissy

    17:50 (50#OHS/50#PP/71#SC/20#DBSP)
    next time I’ll go heavier on the OHS & PP 🙂

  3. Babs

    Happy Birthday TC! Hope it is extra special!

  4. Todd

    Tough rx for me today, but managed to get through it. Oops, had to add an ambat on last round of hspu. Squat cleans were tough, ain’t no lie.
    28:40 I think
    Hbd, tc

  5. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday TC, sorry we missed you Saturday.
    18:05 Rx

  6. Andi-An

    65# OH
    85# PP
    95# SC
    HSPU 1 1/2 ab mat

  7. Gary

    That’s talent TC! HBD
    23:23 scaled fun! Good work 9:30.

  8. Black Knight

    Holy cow, still trying to figure out what I did wrong, who I pissed off…shout out to Cal for dragging my fat ass to the finish line!

  9. mario c

    mario c 21;07
    3 rounds
    200m shuffles
    2 OHS (35)
    2 Push-Press (35)
    2 Squat Cleans (35)
    4 DBSP (10)
    200m shuffle

  10. Robert Hammond

    Happy Birthday TC! Nice handstand walk too.
    18:52 (115,135,135)
    Nice pacing with Speedy J for a while. Great job 8:30 class.

  11. Will.I.Am

    HBD TC!! Hope it’s a good one.
    21:20 (almost Rx except my last rep. I asked RamRod about it before I left the box and he said that I came off the wall too soon.) Did everything else Rx tho, so that’s gotta count for something…
    Way to go finishing hard Toddski, good chattin’ with Rammer and Speedster J.

  12. TC

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes, just another reason we have the best box around!!!!

  13. Keith F

    23:00 (65, 140, 140, pike)
    Thanks for the push Grace!
    Happy Birthday TC!!!

  14. The Nomad

    23:53 (105,135,135) Pulled my back out on second round of squat cleans…Big Thanks to Nurse Grace for being on the spot and helping me!!! Refused to DNF…so like a dumb a$$ kept going. Will see how i feel tomorrow. What sucks is I had a great pace going.

  15. Babs

    35# OH
    55# PP
    55# SC
    HSPU (20# DB push-press)

  16. B

    Great work out! Thanks to the team for getting me thru that last 400m
    20:22 scaled
    65# ohs
    95# pp
    115# squat clean
    Pike push ups

  17. Nisha

    20:08 (75, 85, 95, 1 abmat)
    Had a semi-decent time on the runs, about 2 mins for each one (which is decent for me)
    Warm-down: put away 3 bars, 6 clips and 10 plates….oh, and did 5 consecutive kips post wod!!!
    Happy birthday TC..was great to see u Saturday..miss you in the evening classes

  18. Disco D Nicole

    Happy birthday TC love the walk….

  19. Dar

    Happy birthday, TC! Hope you had a great day!

  20. Plove

    55# OHS
    65# PP
    75# SC
    the running part of the WOD killed me (as always)!!!!

  21. G

    23:02 (95OHS, 95PP, 125SQCL, used the Regionals standard for HSPU) – thanks for the encouragement from the Peanut Gallery!

  22. G

    Welcome on your first WOD, Martha!!
    @Keith F, you bet!
    @The Dark Knight….my bad for writing “Black Knight” on the white board. You were dubbed at The Kettle round table as “The Dark Knight”.
    @The Nomad, hope the ice compression helps. Way to fight through it! Your mechanics look good, just hold the belly breathe a little longer to keep body tension for the entire lift.
    Welcome back Racing Ray, Lauren T and Peng!
    Good to see Barkley, Rossi, Poseidon, ‘Prego’ JenC, Kim N, PLove and Chalkman back in action!
    Awesome energy from everyone today! Way to work hard on keeping the intensity!
    Hope you had a blast today, TC!

  23. G

    Just saw that the games (CrossFit Games) are going to be on ESPN3 at 9:00 Fri,Sat and Sunday.
    Arnold, yes….WE’RE GOING TO CALI!!!!

  24. G

    @Martha, kudos to you for joining in on the blog right away on your first day. Rest well!
    Almost forgot, it was good to see Chris S. aka “Doc” back in action. We will cheer on Dan at the Masters Division.

  25. T-REX

    20:50 (95/95/125, 1 1/2 Abmats). Sqcl kicked my ars big time, thx Billy for yelling at me! Games bound too, stoked! Hoot! Hoot!

  26. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    23:58 (95,95,115, 1 1/2 ab mat)