“Fan The Flame”

3 Rounds For Time

Row 250m
15 Ring Dips
10 Front Squats (135)(95)
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24)(20)


Post results to comments.


  Jamie C Junior OH Lunges
Happy Birthday Jamie aka "Junior"!


  Matt L HeMan
Happy Birthday Matt L aka "HeMan"!

40 Responses to ““Fan The Flame””

  1. mario c & chrissy c

    Hey!! HBD Jamie aka “Junior” and Matt L aka “HeMan”!

  2. mario c & chrissy c

    Hey!! HBD Jamie aka “Junior” and Matt L aka “HeMan”!

  3. chrissy c

    14:18 (Blue BARD/65#)
    Good job this morning Cal!

  4. mario c & chrissy c

    Hey!! HBD Jamie aka “Junior” and Matt L aka “HeMan”!

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    10:19 rx
    Forgot to deload.. it’s my deload week. Great effort by 8:30.
    Happy Bday to Jamie and Matt.

  6. George

    HBD you two.
    My WOD
    4 rounds
    400m Run
    30 SU
    20 Box Jumps
    30 Air Squats

  7. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Jamie & Matt!! Great to see you this morning Jamie!
    10:53 Rx
    First trip to Lululemon today – thanks Steph! Sorry Jim, can’t pass up free! Have to admit, extremely comofortable…

  8. Andrew J (aka Old Hickory)

    17:27 (Black band, 75#, 20″)

  9. PLove

    75# FS
    Parallel bar dips
    G it was great inspiration o see you squat at the same time as I was! Ha it pushed me that little bit more!
    Silerback thanks for the yelling at the end! Those burpees were getting to me :/
    Thanks mom for the support!
    Sheryl and Andi were great cheerleaders also! Sheryl I heard you go Woah when I threw the bar and it kind of made me laugh! Ha
    Wonderful group at noon!! Thanks so much!
    awesome workout!!!!

  10. G

    12:12 (Rx) – Thanks for the encouragement and push, Barbella and Coach Daniel! Great pacing with Silverback and SOS and the rest of the nooners!
    @PLove, fun working out with you, too! Congrats on being #1 or having the most check-ins at FB’s Atomic CrossFit..and FB gave you the Mayor title for it :).
    @Andi-An, never doubt yourself! 95lbs is now a staple of your WODs – ha! Barbella, you are next, girl!
    The noon athletes rocked it!
    Good to see you back Wingman, Steeler Matt, Taramisu!!!
    Welcome on your first WOD Lesley G, Jeff D and Shaun!
    @Speedy J, now you know why we like LuluLemon. Comfy and looks good! Can’t beat that. I still like the Combat Nike tights on ya πŸ™‚ and I’m sure the boys would agree – hehe!

  11. Andi-An

    Happy Birthday Jamie & Matt!!
    14:42 (95#, BARD)
    Great job nooners, nice meeting you Kim, join us at noon more often! Very inspiring working out with the Patenaude family!!!
    Janet, please don’t say LuLu & free in the same sentence :o)

  12. Kim

    14:24 …. I think
    75# FS
    Parallel bar dips
    G thanks for all the tips as I begin my journey called Paleo!
    Sheryl & Andi, great to meet you both! Hope to meet up again soon!
    PLove, always love working out with my girl!! Gonna miss my partner in a few weeks! I will be keeping tabs on you at school! πŸ™‚
    Any tips on Paleo send them my way….day 2!! Goal is 6 weeks clean. (I am putting it out there so you can all hold me accountable)

  13. G

    Happy Birthday Jamie “blue eyes” Junior! Missed ya this morning!
    Happy Birthday Matt!

  14. Special K

    14:50: (BARD,#85)
    Great work 0930!! Thanks for doing WB with me after KD. My WB time wasn’t too hot at 6:04, but after todays WOD amd 1000 meter swim before CF, Ill take it!! Welcome Jeff!! HBD Junior and He-Man!

  15. JohnnyB

    16:04 RX
    Happy Birthday Junior & Matt!
    I have to catch up with MP…
    Goo job, Ruel (The Situation)
    Thanks Coach D!

  16. S*Nash

    14:25 (green BARD, 65#)
    Luckily, I got to workout today πŸ™‚ Good wod, just could not breathe!
    See Jim, I think you may need to “Jim approve” Lululemon. Everyone’s doing it, join the cool kids πŸ˜‰
    Great to be Martha’s partner today on her 2nd wod at ACF!
    Great job Special K on the wall ball challenge! It just wasn’t going to happen for me today.
    On that note, is there anyone willing to watch Addison for a bit at the box Friday so I can do the wall ball challenge???

  17. T-REX

    75reps Karen @ 3:21 pre-wod. 13:50 (purple bard, 95#, 20″). Ring dips suck it

  18. The Dark Knight

    17:20 Rx
    WOD#3…got some work to do.

  19. wolverine

    11:04rx and 3:04 on WB
    Everything was “and four seconds” today.
    HBD Jamie and Matt!

  20. Speedy J

    Thanks again for coming with me Steph..had fun!!
    Sarah, I plan on working out Friday am…probably the 8:30..happy to run clock for you.

  21. Babs

    Happy Birthday Jamie & Matt!!
    13:10 (parallets,45#)

  22. Nisha

    16:00 (thin yellow band)
    4:58 Wallball Challenge, 75 @ 14#

  23. Ruel(the situation)

    Hit the wall real hard on my last set of burpee/box combi… Thanks Johnnybad for the push and coach Daniel for keeping me up on my toes.. U guys were great… And of course coach Jim … My eyes were closed but I sure know your voice .. Thanks for the push…., Really appreciate it…. And thanks Johnnybad for partnering with me… U did awesome digging deep on this WOD……. Awsome job 430 peeps….
    Happy birthday to the celebrants , hope u enjoyed ur day!!!!

  24. Bullhorn

    9:59 rx good seeing my life coach today!

  25. Taramisu

    Great wod today. Thanks Garrett for the push. Noon was fun:) happy birthday Jamie and matt.

  26. 'prego' Teach

    I think I know that girl! Happy Birthday little sister πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday Matt! It would be great to see you once and a while πŸ˜‰

  27. SheRa

    Happy Birthday Twin Bro!!
    SheRa πŸ™‚

  28. G

    Hi Kristina! We miss you! Hope all is well in Colorado!
    @Eric F, good to see you posting consistently!

  29. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD on Tuesday night Wendy!

  30. Paige H.

    16:50 – Thanks Coach Jim! This was tough.
    Daniel and Cal – I’ll bring extra gum next time.
    Take it easy on your back Tiger!

  31. Will.I.Am

    Never posted.
    12:12 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push at the end Jim. Glad to “race” Ramrod and good to work with The Dark Knight.