“Grudge Match”

For Time:

21-15-9 Reps of:

Power Snatch (105)(75)

Followed immediately by 1000m run

Time stops after the run.

Post results to comments.

DSCN9468Front Row:  Ingrid, Josh M aka "McIntosh", Fam, Gina, Taramisu, S*Nash, Alex E aka "Xander"

Back Row: Will.I.Am., MasterG and Slim

20 Responses to ““Grudge Match””

  1. Bullhorn

    Y’all have fun in Cali , don’t forget to buy me a shirt!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:02 rx
    I thought I was ahead of Silverback but he was actually a round ahead of me…
    Cinderella story here at Augusta……….it’s in the hole! it’s in the hole!
    Have fun in California to all going. Good job 8:30.. power snatches were fun.

  3. S*Nash

    17:14 (45#)
    So happy to have a rhythm in my kips! I just feel stronger up there for some reason…I guess the preggo break did me well 🙂 Power snatches were all good except my bar was broken so G and I had to keep putting it back together! The run killed me…I officially suck at running…never thought I’d say that!
    Janet, Friday sounds good. Do you want me to come at 9:30, after the 8:30 wod?
    Going to practice DU’s this weekend at home 🙂

  4. mario c

    mario c 12:52
    scaled to 11-8-5; green band pull ups; #40; 1000 meter shuffle.
    Hey G and Jimmy, when are we going to start working Iron Crosses into a WOD? Of course, Scott and I will do them inverted.

  5. Jim

    Follow-me on twitter for random wierdness during the games! @CoachJim_ACF

  6. Will.I.Am

    I’m having a rest day today… Sorry I won’t be able to catch ramrod n billdozer/mega ab off.
    Macho, G, Ramrod, Dozer, Arnold y’all have fun! Be careful, and don’t get stuck in the land of fruits n nuts!! Lol…. Crack my Panda-ass up!!!

  7. Southpaw

    12:39 green band (35#).
    Thanks Coach for your encouragement. I was delighted to stay upright & not fall flat on my butt today!
    Great job 4:00 pm crew! It was a pleasure to work with you again after so long.

  8. Speedy J

    10:20 Rx
    Thanks Daniel for giving me that chase, glad you joined the 5pm. Good job on the run Grace, way to finish strong!
    Sarah, not sure yet about Friday…Will is probably going to do the 5:30am so I will be at the 8:30..we are trying to figure out where and how we are going to watch the games too..plan on whatever class works for you and Addison.

  9. Ruel(the situation)

    Almost missed this one… Thanks silverback for waking me up in my car… LOL!!!

  10. Xander

    12:45 Rx
    1st post! it was good to finally work out in the heat with the 5 o’clock crew. Thanks Pat for pushing me and fixing my bar. Totally diggin the heat, you’ll see me in the later classes more often 😛

  11. Speedy J

    Safe travel Atomic…have the times of your lives in Cali!!

  12. wolverine

    12:28 rx
    Have fun at the games everyone!
    I think it’s time for Xander to go to college before he beats me.

  13. The Nomad

    15:57 rx – happy belated HeMan & Junior!
    Back felt better today