Partner WOD

One partner working at a time.


10 Tire Flips Each

5 Rope Ascents Each

800m Sandbag Run (70)(50) – both partners must go but 1 bag

50 Pull-Ups cumulative between both partners

100 Push-Ups cumulative between both partners

200 Squats cumulative between both partners


Happy Birthday Coach Beth aka "Teach" …. currently "Prego Teach"!

Celebrating her 4th birthday as an Atomic CrossFitter and expecting their second child, Teach's performance still rocks the house!

17 Responses to ““In-N-Out””

  1. PLove

    Rope pull ups
    Fun group today! I loved the “skill training” when it was all over with!
    Great job today!!

  2. Kim

    Happy Birthday Teach!!!
    GREAT group this morning!! Way to start the day!!
    Summer thanks for pushing us!! Great to work with you!
    JB good to see you and that contagious smile! Thanks for all the help this morning!!

  3. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Teach!! You’re a rockstar. Adorable video.

  4. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Teach! Sounds like the dog was doing your burpee count.
    Nice meeting you Diane…fun partnering with you.

  5. 'prego' Teach

    Thanks fort he birthday wishes everyone! Love my ACF family 🙂

  6. Jackrabbit

    Happy Belated Birthday Teach!!! HOpe you had a great one!